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    Goodbye Neela...

    By sylviasd, Jul 23, 2010

    This is really the end... With Neela leaving, ER has definitely started wrapping up things... I can't believe this is it.

    I've been watching the show for 15 years, I grew up with it (I was 12 when it started!) and even though the passion gradually faded over the years it was still a great pleasure to check in once a week.

    I was very surprised because I had no idea that Neela wouldn't make it to the finale. I couldn't help but cry. Her goodbye to Dubenko was very emotional. And oh my God, Abby came back!!!

    On the other hand I knew that Ray was coming back and the writers really milked it. The waiting was unbearable

    I couldn't help but scream. Make him appear now, why does it take so long for Neela to go?!!

    The both of them finally get together. After all this time...

    I'm sorry we didn't get a great final kiss but that would have probably been too corny for ER.

    It reminded of when Carol joined Doug in Seattle.

    I'll miss Neela (and Ray) terribly for the last two episodes. She was my favourite character (with Abby).

    And I really need to get prepared for the finale... the emotion will be overwhelming...moreless

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    Goodbye Neela.......

    By vicky24c, Jun 24, 2010

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. We open this episode with the knowledge that Neela is leaving County, in this episode. We open the episode as she leaves the hospital, for the last ever time. We then see her in an airport, and she phones someone and leaves them a message to ring her back. Then Simon turns up, at the airport bar. We then go back to 12 hours earlier. We also learn that Neela has done 2499 cases during her surgical years, her last case will make it 2500. But alas the surgery doesn't go ahead and so Neela leaves County with only 1499 surgical procedures under her belt. Neela and Simon Say their goodbyes at the airport, with a goodbye kiss. As a goodbye, Frank organises a little get together for Neela before she leaves in the break room. He even has Bollywood dancers there. Everyone is there to say goodbye to Neela, as she sets off for a new life. Haleh then takes Neela down to the wall, where she puts her name off of hr locker. As she is taken down she has flashbacks to her life in the ER, through the years since she started there. We then learn who Neela left the message for as they are returning the phone call and it's Abby. They talk and Neela then boards the plane to her new life. Neela arrives at the airport and has a look of doubt about it all on her face. Then we see Neela driving with a map in her hand. She finally gets to her destination and we see that she is at a medical centre. We then see her entering a rehab room, and then it clicks. She is in the Centre where Ray works, and then we see him. Finally Ray & Neela are back together, just like they are supposed to be. Roomies Forever!!moreless

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  • 9.5

    ER waves goodbye to Dr Rasgotra.

    By sebkb, Mar 25, 2009

    They finally did what we'd be hoping for and brought Neela and Ray together at last. I love the fact that she was the one that gave it all up to go to him. But saying that, i was the least she could do. After all, he lost his legs because of her. Morris and Claudia were cute together. I hope nothing bad happens to them, in true ER fashion.

    And Abby's back! Woohoo! It was great to see her too. All we need now is Weaver, Kovic and Susan to return (again).

    A great episode. I shall get my tissues ready for April 2nd!moreless

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    Last Neela's day at the ER...

    By jordinajamaica, Mar 24, 2009

    They are really making me cry with almost every chapter this season. Neela's last day there was marked by Brenner's confession and possible redemption. His heart to heart talk with Neela was simply awesome. I'm glad he is getting some help and he is finally fighting his demons. Morris and Claudia had a great moment in this chapter too, I really liked them together!

    I found really cute that Frank is doing all that party thing for Neela.

    The walk to the Nurse's wall was completely tearjerker! And then Neela remembering her first day there and some moments with Abby, Gallan and Pratt. I couldn't stop crying!

    And the end? AMAZING!! I'm really really glad that she went to where Ray was! Happy endings always make me happy!! Another great chapter of this last season to show me again how much I'm gonna miss this show...moreless

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    After last week's episode, this one was a letdown

    By patchworksmiley, Mar 24, 2009

    Although losing Neela before the end of the series was a shame - she did deserve her own send-off, she has been the 'Carter' of the more recent years ~ a pivotal character.

    I never liked Ray so the ending did nothing for me but Brenner (albeit an Aussie....supposedly) is a proper pain in the posterior so just as well she didn't fall for him. I could have done without the whole airport scenario.....I think the time would have been better used talking on the mobile to Abby while she waited.

    There were snippets that were tearjerky, the walk to the wall always gets me ~ I would have enjoyed a few flashbacks then for our sake, even if Neela didn't remember themmoreless

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    It was incredible and it was one of the best episodes in ER. I knew neela would leave sometime and now was perfect for it.

    By cami225, Mar 23, 2009

    She is probably going to get married to ray and have lots of children. They are so perfect together and one of the best couples of ER. Im so proud of ER in the beginning it was just another boring medical drama but to me it was the only series worth watching. I mean icarly is just to happy and buffy the vampire slayer is just to weird even for sci fi. I guess what im trying to say is ER is something that will stay with us forever unlike any other series I have watched. All those years of ER were some of the best years of my life and I will never forget them.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Neela gets to say goodbye before the events of the finale can sideline her.

    By Page_47, Mar 22, 2009

    What is it with Neela and non-linear episodes this season? First Dream Runner, now this. As I always do, I completely failed to register who was being billed at the beginning of the episode - though I'd already spoiled myself by finding out when Abbey would return - and so Ray's cameo at the end came as a half-surprise (half in that, seriously, was there anyone else with the history, the presence and the steamy good looks to end Neela's story so satisfactorily?).

    Having seen my fair share of TV series coming to an end, one thing in particular that I've noticed about ER is the tenacity of its showrunners, in that, where an old cast member is needed, that cast member *will* return. Here was me thinking we'd never see the likes of Greene, Corday, Ross or Hathaway ever again (even Wyle was questionable to me), but, arguably thanks to the writers' strike, the notion of a definitive final season of the show has brought them all home to roost. Whether it's the "magic" of ER or simply the verbal contracts that these actors had with Zabel or Wells or whoever I can't really say, but it makes for very nostalgic, eclectic television.

    Anyway, this episode was first and foremost about Neela. But before I talk about that, can I just ask if I was the only one looking to see how much they covered her stomach up? I don't know how far along her pregnancy would have been at the time of filming, but there is very little of her belly on show throughout the episode. Not that Neela's navel normally takes the centre-stage of ER...

    So Neela's leaving, but Dubenko is confident that she'll return. The scenes between these two were sweet, mainly thanks to the fact that the episode starts with them resolving the conflict they have. It was nice to have Neela walk out before hitting 2,500 surgeries, as it ultimately meant that she walked out a better surgeon than one who would cut just to hit the big numbers. It looked like Dubenko took something away from that revelation too, creating a student-becomes-the-master moment that felt wholly appropriate for the episode.

    Seeing the wall again was a very sweet moment. It didn't feel like a poor-man's version of the scene at the end of TBOA, mainly because the use of flashbacks (always a good thing on such a character-driven show) made it clear that this was the end of Neela's experience at County, and nobody else's.

    Brenner's medical story ultimately failed to impress me (the same may be said about his conversations with Neela at the airport), but it was all part of a good story that's been developing for him. And I really don't mind that this is happening so late in the game; ER is at its best when dramatic situations develop realistically whilst remaining interesting and gripping. As long as Brenner's story is explored in this style (and David Lyons has proved he's up to the job), I'm not too fussed.

    It was good to see Abbey, but, without having been spoiled, I would be willing to bet every ER DVD I own that she'll be back. That cannot be the last time we see Abbey Lockheart. Still, her scene felt very organic and comforting to the long-term viewer, not at all unlike Doug and Carol's scenes last week.

    Between this episode and 'Old Times', there's a good balance of 'old' and new story lines. Quite frankly, whilst I've mentioned above how pleasing it is to see all these old characters returning to ER, it's good to see that the 'next generation' is getting its share of screen time too. Neela's been at County as long of Doug Ross, and longer than Susan Lewis' on either of her stays, and she deserves every bit of the send-off those characters got (and I'm actually laughing as I'm writing this, as I remember just how horrible Susan's exit in season 12 was... maybe she's not the best example).

    It pains me to say it, but roll on April 2. I expect the very best.


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  • 8.5

    Bye Neela!

    By CaptainHarkness, Mar 21, 2009

    So I'm not going to say that this episode was better than last week's episode because it wasn't. Not by a long shot, but in all fairness it would be pretty hard to top last week. This was a great send-off to Neela, I thought they would keep her around until the finale but maybe they didn't want that many characters crowding things up. I always like the scenes between her ans Lucian those two have great chemistry. I was surprised that Abby wasn't in more of the episode, but Her appearance left an impresssion. As did Ray's, to tell you the truth I never really liked Ray all that much, he just bugs me for some reason. Anyway 2 episodes left!moreless

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    neela says goodbye to county, and gets a new start with an old friend!!!

    By rush_86, Mar 21, 2009

    man oh man i'm gonna miss this show come april 2nd. this was a CLASSIC ER sendoff eisode and i loved every minute of it. i no have developed a habit of screaming at the screen when i see the names of the old stars apper. i had no idea abby and ray were gonna come back, but it was great to see that the two people who mean so much to neela had the oppertunity to be with her when she was making such a big life changing decision. frank trying to make up his behaviour toward neela by givin her a big party, dubenkos reasurrance that she would always have a job at county once she came to her senses. it was absolutely a great eisode. but the best part was that neela and ray FINALLY got their happy ending. one thing im not happy about is how come neela had to depart only 2 episodes before the end. why couldnt she stay till the very end. but im guessing thats cuz there are a billion loose ends they have to tie up b4 the series ends, so slowly and steadily theyr wrapping up..... anyway FANTASTIC episode, parminder will be dearly missed!!!moreless

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    This is a classis ER Sendoff

    By mush84, Mar 21, 2009

    This is a classis ER Sendoff, was quite an emotional sendoff, especially with all the names of the surgeons and nurses in the basement with the flashbacks, what a beautiful way sharing and recaping the connections, parminder does some solid acting, will really miiss her in the final two episoedes, also the phonecall with abby reminds us how special and important their freindship was and still is, her defining moments were her ineptitude and instinct her guts were what defined her as a very special surgeon! the transisiton to student to master showed what a fine surgeon she bcame working with debunko. debunko and neela hugging in the beginning was a highly emotional one.. its showed the deep bond they both shared, and the unspoken love and respect as physician to attending... also last but not least ray, what a beautiful ending and beginning fingers crosed for Ray and Neela.. loved it and how working for thearmy hosp.. will always keep her connected to gallant.. too much to say i'll leave noww... will missyou neela we hope to see parminder nagra soon in something gr8!moreless

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