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  • 8.2

    Something different

    By Parricida, May 13, 2008

    I loved the story here - those different layers of motion and action, the way everything developed.

    This was very char centric episode - first the whole thing around Neela and the complex situation she finds herself. She cannot say she did not see the signs - she was just blind for them.

    And Luka and Abby.. and Africa. When Luka mentioned Africa it was so like deja vu with Carter. He just disappeared there and left she when she needed the most. And for a while it looked the same but the way Luka solves it - well done. And I am very happy they are not dropping that Darfur storyline after one episode - and those Africa episodes. They have been my favorites.moreless

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  • 10

    And by flashback, I mean for me personally.. and Abby... and maybe some Luka too... and Pratt? Well, generally, all the characters were having flashbacks while this episode progressed.

    By wishiweremaura, May 16, 2006

    Though I was rather upset that Luka would even consider going back to Africa, I have to give him credit for his ultimate decision. But putting myself in the character of Abby, I can't believe how calmly she took it. She hides everything she feels, which I think is terrible, but I can't really blame her for. So I'm Abby. This Croatian Sensation dumped me a few years ago because I've been obviously crushing on the cute American. The American takes forever to actually make any move on me, and once he does, the fun we used to have together begins to fade as he is suddenly overparanoid with my drinking. So now my ex Croatian decides to take some leave in Africa to be a good samaritan. A scary thought, really, but at least my Mr. America's still here. But then, what's this? Mr. America (which for confusion purposes, we'll now refer to as 'Carter') rushes off to side-kick Croatian Sensation (which we'll code-name 'Luka'... don't ask why o.O...)

    and what happens? Well my Carter returns, but then my ex 'Luka' suddenly dies, thus making Carter leave me... again... (and let's just rub in that my life hasn't been so great before this day...) So now ex-Luka-less and current-Carter-less I sit alone in a hospital in Chicago while the two loves of my life so far are dieing away in Africa. Luka returns from the dead, only to have Malaria, and also happens to have a special letter written from a "found" Carter. The break up. Hmm... So Africa signifies for me: Dead/Malaria Luka, Carter leaving me literally, then Carter leaving me sexually... So today, after gaining several pounds to my ex-Luka's mutant croatian seed, I am confronted with Luka wanting to return to the country that symbolizes only loss and death to me?

    So, yes, it bothered me when he even considered going, but my favorite scene in the entire episode is when Abby confronts him about how she feels. I love that he doesn't cut in on her, but rather, waits until she's finished to tell her the good news. Her reaction is priceless. (One of my favorite things about Tierney's acting.) But my favorite part of the entire scene, is Abby's spilling her thoughts. I can't decide if it's the acting or the lines, but something about that speech makes me sparkle.

    And the line "to help me with the baby?" ... again, the perfectly placed, unintentional jokes.

    So the entire episode was great, but Luka and Abby were the only things I could remember enough to actually write about. (You can see where *my* mind is!)moreless

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  • 9.6

    They are making everything so perfect!

    By anyabr, May 15, 2006

    This season is ER at its best. This episode was like the good old days, with everything of wonderful that only the ER people can do. (And this review is all about the characters)

    I have to start with Abby and Luka, because that was about everything ER fans have been moaning about since the end of season 9. When Luka tells Abby Carter asked him to go to Darfur I was like "Oh, not again!". Last time, when Carter told Abby he was going to the Congo, she was upset, but not like this time. This time she was really hurt. So hurt she was ignoring Luka throughout the episode. In the end, she goes to him for a talk and tells him she doesn't have the right to be upset, as they're not married or even living together. But Luka tells her he's sending Pratt. Because he wants to be there for her and the baby. Oh, my. He is the sweetest man on Earth, or what? I love Luka, so does Abby, and that is SO great.

    For the first time since season 10, it was nice to see Sam. She moved to this huge house and is seriously doing her job, like the good nurse she is, and I think it's nice of ER to show that, the rich people, left alone by their own children, who need the help of a caring, young nurse. But Alex's participation on the episode was totally useless. They should forget Samantha (so cool to see Mr. Elliot calling her 'Samantha'!) has that son.

    Neela was great this episode, with her in-laws (so weird to see Neela as someone's daughter-in-law, I kind of forget she's a married lady now). Mr. and Mrs. Gallant are so nice, and it was so awful to see they're separating. Mrs. Gallant little passing of wisdom to Neela was beautiful. It must be an awful situation to be married to a soldier and moving all the time. Certainly love must not be enough. =(

    Ray was WOW. He tells Neela about his feelings in his own way, and it was so amazing. "I wish I didn't feel this way". It said everything, and Parminder Nagra's expression while she heard it just said the same. Really subtle and beautiful.

    And Pratt, disgusting with Olivia, disgusting with his reaction to Luka's order that he was going to help Carter in Darfur, but still good to the show. Not everyone can be nice all the time, and I'm sure Pratt's going to come back really changed after this experience.

    Truly amazing episode.moreless

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  • 8.4

    When I say \'silly\', I mean the characters!

    By Shana868, May 11, 2006

    This episode was one of idiocy, but also contained some good moments. The prizes for the three biggest idiots must be awarded to Luka, Pratt and the Police.

    Luka - come on!! Do you really think it would be acceptable to your pregnant girlfirned (dumped by a letter from Africa previously) if you just jumped on to a plane for a month or more again???? And what gives him the right to send Pratt to a different country!!!

    The writers definitely got the Luka writing wrong in this episode. I mean, there are certain fundamental truths about the character they seemed to have forgotten, such as his history (in that his family were killed when he was \'away\') and that he really really wants this baby and is supposedly cherishing every moment of it. Given the circumstances of his past in Croatia, certainly, I just don\'t think there would be any way he would even have entertained the notion of going to Africa for more than 15 minutes, tops, let alone suggest it to the pregnant girl-friend.

    Pratt - why did he have to do it? I thought he was happy with Olivia (who by the way, looks a lot younger with straight long hair). This is so writers backtracking on his progress.

    I think with Pratt, the writers probably realised it would have to be him going to Africa early on. And they got to this stage and suddenly realised \"Uh oh, Pratt is happy with Olivia, why would he go to Africa now? I know, lets just make him a total prat for an episode, break him and Olivia up and allow the real growth to take place in Africa\". I still think that\'s annoying though. I thought he was past cheating on someone so supposedly special (for she must be, considering his complete misery whenever she was connected to his father).

    The Police - Well, that part was only to be expected. I guessed the man was deaf from the first moment we saw him|!!! And it was so incredibly sweet when he was hugging the girl and she said he was the only one in her life who ever listened to her.

    Jerry - he was great, but why does ER always bestow such brilliant skills on all of its characters whenever the occasion happens to arise?

    Sam - be careful!! You had better have some kind of second plan in case this doesn\'t work out.

    Gallant\'s parents were excellent...I can see trouble coming for Neela and Gallant. I loved the mother\'s advise. I must say, it\'s lovely to see such a strong principled Neela though. She and Ray are excellent friends, but her leaving really displays her dignity, and effort to keep her marriage working. And Ray was very sweet.

    What\'s with Morris being sought-after? I didn\'t quite get that part...

    Best mini-parts:

    Luka: I\'m sending Pratt

    Abby: To help with the pregnancy?

    Luka: To Darfur


    Jerry\'s comment about no intepretation needed



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  • 8.8

    Moral of the story: Don't judge too quickly

    By DanLC03, May 02, 2006

    There are a lot of things happening in this episode, but there is one that particularly sticks in my mind. I think the point is that they want you to assume that the kid is a gang member who tried to kill that girl, but that turns out to be totally wrong. The message that it sends is that we judge to quickly and we shouldn't. This is the best storyline of that type in ER history. I loved the scene where he flips off the cop. The rest of the episode is good also, I am a little surprised taht we hadn't met Gallant's parents yet, but it would cool in this episode. Pratt's situation is interesting, I was glad to find out that he's gonna be an attending next year. Overall this was a very good episode with a positive message.moreless

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  • 10

    This was a great episode.All the new storylines that are going on.Not sure about some of the hookups that are going on.I like the whole new thing with Sam.I hope she doesn't get hurt.Neat how it is now more then just the er scene.Great show!

    By jayshoney2004, Apr 04, 2006

    Great episode!I was a little worried at first about Luka going off and joining Carter all I could think of was poor Abby.I really hope that is a Happy ever after couple.Their characters are really good together they fit.

    And I\'m glad it is Pratt going instead.Hopefully it would be a good thing for him.I like his character but lately he seems to be getting a little messy.So maybe this will give him some insight.

    And what is the deal with Neela and Ray?Like I really don\'t want them to end up together.She and Gallant were so good together at first.What happend?

    Anyway,all in all great episode.Ilike all the different story lines.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Luka wants to go help Carter in Africa, and Abby's disappointed. He later decides to send Pratt as punishment for switching blood vials. Sam starts work for Elliot.Neela moves out, most likely because she has feelings for him, leaving Ray lonely and depr

    By ClumsyGuy, Apr 03, 2006

    I liked this episdoe quite a bit. Neela was the star of this episode, though. Back in the ER, she is visited by her in-laws, Colonel Gallant and his wife. They spend time together, and she gets a glimpse of what it will be like to be a wife to a husband in the military, particularly the relocating. Mrs. Gallant gave a rather powerful speech to Neela about not giving up who she is, and don't let anyone stand in the way of that. It was wonderfully acted and heartfelt, bravo to Sheryl Lee Ralph. It was saddening to see her move out. It was one of those moments when your heart ached because you know two people should be together. Ray realized that he fell for her, and tried her best to get her to stay, and his expression at the end was saddening.

    I'm glad that Luka isn't going to Africa, and how Abby finally discussed (a little bit) their relationship together. However, I think it was absurd that Luka sent Pratt to Africa. "It's not a request." That was a bit lame to me.

    Overall, a fantastic episode, due mostly in part to Neela, the Gallants, and Ray.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Strange Bedfellows episode was very good for several characters in-depth development. I\'d like to see more development for Dr. Ray Barnett.

    By toodeaf, Apr 03, 2006

    I was very pleased to see a deaf character was added to the cast this episode. Additionally, it was encouraging to see the character of Dr. Ray Barnett recognize Deshawn\\\'s attempt to communicate. It seems to me Ray is the perfect character to notice the essence of a patient\\\'s body language, as he is a more intuitive persona. I would like to see more shows incorporate deafness in daily life of their characters.

    Unfortunately, the representation of a sign language interpreter was extremely poor. As a deaf person who requires an interpreter during any emergency situation such as this, I have only been provided with a professionally trained sign language interpreter, though an on-site interpreter is a very rare instance.moreless

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  • 9.5

    It was great all around. It will be interesting to see what happens with the couples and triangles...

    By Supergirlx2, Apr 02, 2006

    It was definitely one of the better episodes of the season. There were a lot of resolved issues, as well as one issue that was just pushed aside, and not really dealt with- Ray and Neela. Everyone knows that Ray is in love with Neela, and that Neela has had feelings for Ray since last season... it will be interesting to see how this issue is resolved in the episodes to come... It was nice to see that Kovac is ready to become a dad (again), and that he is not going to abandon Abby, even if it were going to only be for a few months. Over all, it was a great episode!!!


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