Unspoken Truths

Season 2, Ep 16, Aired 2/23/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Ephram and Bright conspire to get Ephram a fake I.D. so that he can get into a bar to see Madison perform with her band. Meanwhile, Nina leans on Andy for emotional support after she is served with divorce papers, but the genuine affection between the two raises a red flag for Linda; Harold and Rose (guest star Merrilyn Gann) schedule a meeting with Amy's guidance counselor after receiving her less-than-stellar report card. Finally, Tommy (guest star Paul Wasilewski) takes Amy to a party where she finds closure over the loss of Colin (guest Mike Erwin), but the evening takes a life-threatening turn.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Beasley

    Irv Harper/ Narrator

  • Marcia Cross

    Dr. Linda Abbott

  • Sarah Lancaster

    Madison Kellner

  • Debra Mooney

    Nurse Edna Abbott Harper

  • Tom Amandes

    Dr. Harold Abbott Jr.

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • This would probably one of my favorite episodes yet of this show.

    By sprouse, Jan 19, 2007

  • A little bit forced...

    By sipowicz, Aug 26, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (15)

    • Andy: I want you to listen to me, Nina. This is the toughest part, this moment. But if you do this right, you won't spend the rest of your life regretting anything or resenting anyone or kicking yourself. I know you want to move on to the next chapter and you will. But I am not about to let you sign on the dotted line and accept whatever standard, minimum crap he is offering. You deserve much more. Do you understand me?

    • Delia: If you let me come to your show, I can talk to the manager for you. The grownups love me.

    • Delia: Are you gonna be famous like where you get to make music videos and Pepsi commercials and stuff? Madison: I think it's a little early for that, sweetie. I mean, this manager guy, he might not even like us. Although Jay said he loved our tape.

    • Amy: It's you. I know you. Colin: Stop following me. Amy: Stop, stop, please. You left me. You left me alone and now you're here and I'm here and you shouldn't be here. strong>Colin: Neither should you. Amy: I loved you. I loved you. I want you to come back. Colin: Stop following me. Just stop. Amy: Why are you being mean? strong>Colin: I want you to leave me alone. Won't you understand? I want you to go. Amy: Go where? Where am I supposed to go? I failed school, Colin. I failed my brother. II failed my parents. I failed you. Where do you want me to go? I don't even know where to start. strong>Colin: You can start by saying goodbye. Amy: No. No, I can't. strong>Colin: Yes you can. Amy: Goodbye. Goodbye.

    • Bright: These are cool. I don't know if they do me justice. I mean, they look good, but do they say I'm a genius? Ephram: No because they don't speak.

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    Notes (3)

    • Episode Music Paul Oakenfold - Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes. Thievery Corporation - Facing East. Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky. BT - Force of Gravity. Matthew Fisher - Let Me In. Blackwatch & Quiver - Loveless (Original Mix). Sarah Lancaster - Day by Day. Sarah Lancaster - Without Me. Note: Sarah Lancaster's vocals were provided by Nicole Gordon (her vocals were also heard during episode 208 - The Burden of Truth).

    • Mike Erwin (Colin Hart) took an uncredited role in this episode. The producers probably wanted to surprise the audience.

    • This was the last appearance to date of Nora Zehetner (Laynie Hart). Although Amy later comments that she needs to call Laynie and apologize for not believing her about Tommy, she apparently never does.

    Trivia (9)

    • Local Salt Lake City radio personality "Good Buddy" Gavin Sheehan appears in this episode. He is an audience member at The Hook and is clearly visible when the band is preforming its last song. He's the denim wearing guy giving the "Devil/Rock-On" sign just in front of Sarah Lancaster. He used to do several pop-in's while Touched By An Angel was still on the air, and according to him on his shift last week on KCPX, he is apparently going to be "doing more pop-in's for my friends at EUI for the rest of this season, and probably will start turning it into a contest for his listeners to spot him".

    • Bright's report card (Student #1992): 1 Spanish A 2 English B+ 3 P.E. A 4 Chemistry C+ 5 Trigonometry A- 6 World History C

    • Nina's attorney is Diane Schumacher. Ada's legitimate business is called Nimble Needles. Madison's band played at a bar called The Hawk.

    • Peak County High School's address is 2311 N. Mountain View Road, Everwood, CO 80167.

    • Amy's report card said she failed, that is got an F in Trignometry and World Drama, but her parents say that she failed (once again which means she got an F) in Spanish and World Literature. Amy Abbott's schedule/report card (Student #2118): 1 Spanish D+ 2 English C 3 P.E. D 4 American History D+ 5 Trigonometry F 6 World Drama F

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    Allusions (1)

    • Ephram: I'm Gus Wahlberg. Could be a reference to "Marky" Mark Wahlberg, singer and actor (Boogie Nights, Planet of the Apes). Perhaps Bright's fake ID go-to girl is a closet New Kids on the Block fan? Although Marky is from Massachusetts, not Kentucky, and I don't know if he's an organ-donor.

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