Everybody Loves Raymond

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Quotes (1785)

  • Ray: Okay, alright, I'm gonna ask you quickly and quietly to move to your nearest exit.

  • Debra: How did he ever become a police sergeant? Ray: Cause he's a good cop, and they didn't make him count. Or eat.

  • Frank: Marie— Marie: I can't talk! There's too much fruit in the house!

  • Ray: Let's see, when I proposed you were 23. You said no. Debra: Right. Ray: Then I proposed; you were 24 BOTH: No again. Ray: Right, then I took a year off to regroup then I came back with a job; BOOM, married. That would make you 32----ish.

  • Robert: When did he get this? Marie: Oh, that's an award your brother got for his sports column. Robert: Never ends for Raymond— Marie: Oh, poor Robbie. Robert: Everybody loves Raymond. I go to work, people shoot at me; Ray goes to work, and people do the wave. Then he sits down, has a hotdog, doodles on a piece of paper, and they give him a trophy.

  • Marie: I've got baking soda! I smelled something questionable in the fridge. Ray: From across the street? Marie: No, when I was here yesterday. Oh, It's worse!

  • Marie: There's more fruit?

  • Ray: Time to leave, Dad. Buckle up... What're you doing? Frank: I'm sucking the youth! (Later) Debra: The twins' heads smell like Old Spice. Your dad was here. Sucking the youth.

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Notes (175)

  • It's been said many times that one of the big reasons Peter Boyle landed the role of Frank is because when he went to audition, he got lost and couldn't find the place. Then, by the time he got there he was annoyed and in a bad mood, and apparently it was the perfect personality for the character of Frank.

  • In this episode the twins are named Gregory and Matthew (after Ray Romano's real-life sons) instead of Geoffrey and Michael. They are also played by a different set of twin actors. They were replaced after the pilot by Madylin Sweeten (Ally)'s real-life twin brothers, Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten, one of the main reasons being because the original set of twins got too big too quickly, and they wanted the boys to look smaller.

  • In this episode, the wallpaper at Ray's house is all white and the set of Marie's house is completely different from the one we see in the rest of the series.

  • According to Ray, Patricia Heaton got the part of Debra because "she was the only one willing to kiss me in the auditions".

  • Maggie Wheeler, who later has a recurring character as Linda on the show, was originally considered for the part of Debra.

  • Starting with this episode, the twins are renamed Michael and Geoffery. The name change was made when it was felt that life imitated art in the pilot, in which the twins were named Matthew and Gregory (the names of Ray Romano's real-life twins).

  • Doris Roberts and Jean Stapleton worked together on Jean's hit show, All In The Family on CBS. Doris guest starred. They are also great friends off the show.

  • Maggie Wheeler, who guest stars as Linda, and who would be a recurring minor character, was a finalist for the role of Debra. Ray Romano and Phil Rosenthal lobbied for her, but CBS thought her character to be too ethnic.

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Trivia (244)

  • Where's Lunch logo: Lobster tail with broccoli heads.

  • In this episode alone Ray refers to his twin sons as Geoffrey, Gregory, Michael and Matthew. They could have just used one set of names and then in further episodes settle for either than one or another, instead of making it appear as if he had 4 sons. Of course we know they settle for Geoffrey and Michael.

  • The overhead microphone slips into the view many times.

  • During the bathroom scene in this episode, two wall tiles immediately below the shower head keep appearing and disappearing between shots.

  • The living room and bedroom set are different in this episode than in the first one.

  • This episode's "Where's Lunch" dish is steak with mixed vegetables and a baked potato.

  • Marie's kitchen is different in this episode than it was in the pilot episode.

  • This episode's dinner dish is ravioli with tomato sauce.

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Allusions (40)

  • Ally impersonates Marlon Brando, when she says, "I made him an offer he can't refuse." This is a classic line Brando's character in the movie The Godfather.

  • When Frank says, "You'll be back," he's referring to Arnold Schwarzenegger with his line, "I'll be back," used in several of his movies.

  • When Frank says "...except the one where he gets pregnant," he's referring to this 1994 film Junior that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito.

  • The episode title is borrowed from that game show of the same name.

  • Captain Nemo is a character from the classic Jules Verne book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.

  • Ray calls Robert a Klingon, an alien race in the popular television series Star Trek.

  • The episode title is a play on Father Knows Best.

  • The episode title is borrowed from the Christmas song "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth".

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