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    I like these three

    By jacktoo, Dec 19, 2006

    These episodes are okay. I like 'Evil On Trial' and 'Christmas Con Carne' the most, though. I haven't really seen 'The Time Hole Incident' that much, though, even though it is a pretty good episode. I saw future versions of Hector, Boskov, Skarr, and Ghastly. The future Ghastly looked kind of young, though. In 'Christmas Con Carne', Hector tried to ruin Christmas and Rupert the Green-Nosed Reindeer tried to save it. Hector even turned "Santa's Workshop" into "Hector's Workshop". Hector had the elves working with mind-controlling devices. In 'Evil On Trial', Hector went to jail, then had a court date, and was set free thanks to Major Doctor Ghastly.moreless

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