Evil Con Carne

Go Spork! / Boscov's Day Out / Cod vs. Hector

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 8/1/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Go Spork!: The episode starts out with Hector turning the people of the world into his minions with a telemarketing scam. No sooner has this begun that the super team SPORK is contacted and rush to Hectors Lair where battle ensues. Foolishly, Cod Commando answers a phone in the lair and falls into Hectors trap. SPORK retreats and private simmons (a monkey) devises a sonic blocker to put a stop to Hectors evil plan. Returning to the lair, incognito, SPORK attacks! The sonic blocker is installed and every one is freed from the hypnotic spell. With that, SPORK kicks Evil's butt and the day is saved! Boscov's Day Out: Hector is in a tank while Boscov begs to go out. Dr. Ghastly leashes Boscov and takes him for a walk. Immediatly Skar decides to take advantage of this and places a call to Russia... At the airport Boscov's old russian trainer, Vlad, arrives- greeted by skar!... Vlad begins following them to reclaim Boscov. Skar tags along to be abused through out the episode. The first attempt is to capture Boscov in a net. This fails misreably resulting in Skar being used as a piniata. The second attempt to get Boscov fails as well (though it is ammusing to see Skar in a female bear costume). This results in Skar being stuck in a tree- literally. Vlad aims a traquilizer, but Skar ends up taking it in the you know where. Dr. Ghastly gathers Boscov back and the head home. Vlad vows to reattain his bear no matter what. Meanwhile, Boscov and Hector are rejoined. Skar ends up as Vlad's new bear. Cod vs. Hector: This episode begins with Hector torturning Cod Commando in his undersea lair. Not heading a warning by Dr. Ghastly, Hector accidently self-destructs the undersea lair. Both Hector and Cod Commando end up alone on a desert island. They immediatly split the island in two. Hector doesn't have much luck surviving and ends up going to Cod Commando for help. However, once inside they trow Cod out and take over his "hut." After failing at trying to figure out how Cod's appliences work, they go and admitt they need to work with Cod. Cod ends up back outside after he shows them how to use the toaster. This results in a fire. Searching for warmth, Boscov and Hector head up to a mountain. Unfortunately for them, this is a volcano that explodes on them. Cod comes to their rescue. However, Cod really only saves Boscov, tying Hector to a ledge. Boscov and Cod join as one and take over Hectors army.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Armin Shimerman

    General Skarr/Hector's Stomach

  • Frank Welker

    Boskov the Bear

  • Phil LaMarr

    Hector Con Carne

  • Grey DeLisle

    Major Dr. Ghastly

  • Jesse Corti


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    • (in translation) Boskov: Thanks for saving me, dude. Cod Commando: No problem, man. Boskov: This could be the beginning... Cod Commando: ...of a beautiful friendship.

    Notes (7)

    • When Skarr is at the airport, you can see that he has a Grim watch.

    • These 3 episodes each aired between 2 episodes of 'The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy' when the show was 'Grim & Evil': Go SPORK! originally aired between Mandy the Merciless and The Really Odd Couple Boskov's Day Out originally aired between It's Hokey Mon! and Tween Wolf Cod vs. Hector originally aired between The Crawling Niceness and Chicken Ball Z

    • Skarr does not appear in Cod vs. Hector until the end of the episode.

    • New SPORK Member Bio(s): 1) Kablamity Jane - She is a 1970's black woman with an Afro big enough to hide two machine guns in 2) Private Simmons - This monkey is the major general of SPORK. He is very smart and devises plans to build new weapons. 3) Ensign Slaughter - This SPORK member is a complete nerd. He always complains about this and that.

    • Main Hero(es): Cod Commando, Kablamity Jane, Private Simmons, & Ensign Slaughter

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