Ultimate Evil

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  • 9.7

    Pretty good for a season/series finale.

    By jacktoo, Dec 07, 2010

    Nice installment. Hector orders General Skarr to turn Boskov into a mean bear. Skarr used unending scenes of 'The Powerpuff Girls' to turn Boskov into a mean bear. In his new stage, Boskov manages to take out Cod Commando and the entire army of SPORK, single-pawdidly. But, when Skarr pushes Boskov too far, Boskov starts attacking Hector and Skarr for mistreating him. Dr. Ghastly found some way to reverse this remedy at the end of the episode. Everyone proposed a toast because Hector wanted to thank Dr. Ghastly for turning Boskov back to his fat, lazy self. Then, Dr. Ghastly screwed Hector's brain into Skarr's head!moreless

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