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  • The "Breakup Calculator" Rule Jen: Relationships aren't fully done until you've reached four breakups or six months apart whichever one comes first.

  • The "Ex Girlfriend" Rule Jen: Old girlfriends never leave. They just become best friends. That way, they can continue to torture you for the rest of your natural life.

  • The "Lesbian Etiquette" Rule Jen: Lesbian etiquette -- groping, grinding and humping on the dance floor is one thing, but having even the tiniest flirtations, engaging conversation off the dance floor, now, that's just wrong.

  • Reverend Ruby: Look, honey, I've been doing this long enough to since what a sole needs, and you are in need of a strong... tongue bath! And I mean soon. Mm-hmm. Jen: You're not a very good reverend. Reverend Ruby: It's your fantasy. So make up your mind! What you gonna do, huh? You gonna move on? Or you gonna become one of them cat ladies. (roars)

  • Jen: Look, I'm just not ready for a whole new relationship. Sam: Who said anything about an relationship? No! What you need is to get laid. That will help your moving on process.

  • Sam: Where this way when we broke up? Jen: No. Sam: Honey, it's been eight years. Look, I love you, but, really, you could have told me you slept with all of settle the day after I moved out...and I wouldn't care. Jen: But I didn't Sam: I don't care.

  • Jen: Shouldn't I be here with someone? Reverand Ruby: Beloved, in order to marry someone, you have to be in a relationship with someone, which you cannot do until you move on from someone.

  • Sam: Baby, sleeping with someone isn't always the start of a relationship. Jen: Sienna and I turned out great. Sam: Jennifer... you're both in therapy.

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Notes (11)

  • Exes & Ohs is based on the short film The Ten Rules: A Lesbian Survival Guide. The film was written by Exes & Ohs creator Michelle Paradise and directed by co-creator Lee Friedlander.

  • Music: The opening theme song for the series is "The Constant Lover" by the Canadian all-girl band Magneta Lane.

  • This is the only episode filmed in Los Angeles, California. The rest of the first season was shot in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Music: The song playing at the end of this episode when Jen is watching Kate walk away is called "In Prefect Time" by Jill Barber.

  • Filming the Jennifer and Kate breakup scene took longer than expected because it was raining and the ducks and geese kept quacking loudly.

  • Music: The music playing in the last scene in this episode is called "Libertad" by Pacifica.

  • The shots Michelle Paradise (Jen) drank in the bowling alley were actually colored pineapple juice.

  • Actress Megan Cavanaugh (Chris) had never fired a gun prior to filming this episode.

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Trivia (4)

  • The motto for the Beever Cafe reads, "where you're never too busy to eat more pie!"

  • The bird trainer couldn't get the cockatiel to land on Jennifer's head so what is actually shown in this episode is the bird flying off her head in reverse.

  • If you look closely at the beaver mascot in the Beever Cafe, it has a name tag that says Martha. It was named after former tennis pro Martina Navratilova.

  • In the scene where Crutch plays her song for Chris and Kris she blames her guitar for the reason why they didn't like the song. However, Crutch never actually plays the guitar during the song.