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  • 9.0

    I liked Extras

    By efc91, Apr 23, 2010

    I like Extras but I think that it isnt as good as The Office, this show is still good but the office is much funnier. Loved the guest stars in this show even Robert De Niro popped up in a episode. my favourites are Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom and Ben Stiller. Series one was a bit better than the first and Gervias's character was no David Brent. Merchant and Barry from Eastenders where always great when on screen. Didnt enjoy the final episode it had its moments but was nothing speacil compared to the offices finale. Great show all in all.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Liked this show.

    By sweet_em, May 07, 2008

    After The Office I was ready to try this show. I had read many positive reviews of it and like both Ricky Gervais and Ashley Jensen. Now that I have watched the entire series I can say that I really believe the best part of the show was Ashley Jensen's performance as Maggie. She was so delightfully wacky and deluded that even in her most terrible moments she was still hilarious and lovable. Ricky Gervais really made the show "When the Whistle Blows" so painful to even sit through the brief moments that we the viewer saw, that I can completely sympathize with his horror of the catchphrase spewing evil that he had created. While I won't buy this show on DVD, I did enjoy it and would recommend it to others.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Every episode has jokes which make me laugh out loud. Despite there being countless times when you feel sorry for the characters, it always ends up funny.

    By superjake2008, Apr 19, 2008

    This has become one of my favourite programs. Like many of Ricky Gervais' characters, you feel sorry for them. But he always turns it round into a fabulous joke which will have you laughing out loud (and that's rare in comedies, I'm usually only laughing inside).

    I think as well as having some great jokes and being a very good comedy, it's actually a very good drama and really shows the struggle of character Andy Millman very well. I found myself really wanting everything to be okay for the characters. And despite cringing at all of the embarrassing situations for the characters, it really helps you relate to these characters.

    And surprisingly (and with guilt) I actually find some parts of the sitcom "When the Whistle Blows" quite funny. Perhaps not the wig, glasses and the catchphrase. But some of the characters are actually quite funny, I think it may of been Ricky's inability of being able to have a scene without a joke (in a good way).

    I congratulate all of the creators and actors on the show for making this such a real program and work so well.moreless

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  • 9.8

    This has been one hell of a show even if its seems to have been used to attack the fantastic Catherine Tate at every chance!

    By CellBlocknutter, Apr 10, 2008

    Its a bit of a cliche to Praise Gervais nowadays, but then I wont be delibertaly critical, this is an excellent show which has been suprisingly original and a plasure to watch.

    Its probably to Rickys dismay (unless deliberatly done) That this show often ended up doing comedy he apparantly hated - slap-stick camp frothy nonsense. Nevertheless these parts such a kneeing a dwarf, were some of the most memorable moments.

    The regular cast of Maggie Darren and Barry we all very well cast. It was about time Merchant got in on the action! His charecter Darren of course was the shows funny man and besides the weekly celebs is the highlight of the show. Merchant I'm not convinced is more funny than Gervais!

    Like with the office this show ended waaaaaaay before it got boring - in the long run, a good thing. But as a fan you cant help but want more. This is refreshing in terms of British comedy, and life saving in terms of American Comedy.

    An absolute much watch. However the pilot episode (if new to the show) you should probably come back to later. It was OK, but didnt leave me with any enthusiam to tune in next week. Its good job I did because with a 9.8 score, this is amoungst my best viewing.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Just thinking this show makes me laugh and cringe.

    By locke-ness, Apr 01, 2008

    Very few shows make the awkward and uncomfortable so hilarious. But, in his quest for super-stardom, extra actor Andy Millman continuously finds a way to rip failure from the jaws of success. The series follows Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) through his mediocre extra roles in big name movies to the edge of success. Aside from the hilarious mis-steps (made all the more funny and cringe inducing by the fact that they are grounded in the everyday slip ups we all make -- although taken to an extreme), Gervais provides a relatable and poignant relationship between Millman and his fellow extra Maggie. IMO, the show is really about their friendship. The series finale offers a toughing monument to friends in general when measured against ambition and career success. Admirably, many big name actors (Kate Winslet, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart to name a few) were willing to make guest appearances as themselves with less than flattering personalities. Simply one of the funniest shows around.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Great guest stars, uncomfortable moments and sharp wit

    By harihudson, Mar 23, 2008

    Many memorable moments from this series. I loved Sir Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom and Daniel Radcliffe's appearances. The core cast and guests do an excellent job of presenting the well written comedy of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. I don't think anyone can give "blank, clueless" face like Ashley Jensen can. It's great to see guest stars playing a skewed version of themselves. I was pleasantly surprised with the finale - I did not expect that ending. Gervais and Merchant manage to present tight, funny, ironic, and sometimes touching situations in which we may have found ourselves in. I liked this better than their "Office".moreless

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  • 9.6

    Ricky Gervais back to what he does best, awkward situation comedies.

    By Blacky31, Aug 30, 2007

    The adventures of Andy, a struggling actor who is having trouble finding anything but Extras work. Celebrity cameos each episode, Patrick Stewart, Ben Stiller, Kate Winslet most notibly. With awkward moments that could rival the original Office, it is an extremely well written comedy with many memorable moments. For me though, what makes this show is Andy's agent Darren Lamb, played by Gervais' off sider Stephen Merchant, the banter between him and his only other client 'Barry from Eastenders' is priceless. The scene in Lamb's office where he has the pen with the naked lady is priceless.

    The way in which Gervais manages to get these celebrities to send themselves up makes this show unique, and great chemistry between the regulars, makes it a great pity that this gem only has 12 episodes.moreless

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  • 8.5

    A hilarious show hailing from Britain, not for everyone though.

    By starman100, Jun 30, 2007

    This show, at times, can be extremely homophobic and racist, but I just can't deny how hilarious it is. Ricky Gervais is great, one of the funniest comedians out there. He has just unique humor that can only be found in The Office. I have never, ever seen anyone, anywhere, with similar humour.

    Some episodes from the first season, had boring scenes. Season 2 is the best, my favourite episode being the one with David Bowie, he is my favourite musician ever, and his song 'Little Fat Man' almost had me in tears with laughter, and at the same time, it was quite vicious and cruel. Extras is generally more entertaining than The Office, as it ventures past an office building, to ..well..everywhere. A hilarious show.moreless

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  • 9.6

    The show follows Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) as he struggles as an extra looking for his very own big break.

    By Dahofryn, Jun 03, 2007

    This is by far absolutly one of the funniest shows ever, but I mean do you know those moments when you just want the world to swollow you whole. Im talkin about such cringe worthy situations you just wanna die, so embarassing. Embarassing obviously means funny. You can pick plenty of these moments from every episode. I never laughed as much as when I watch this show and I love it just for that simple fact. I also like the way that each episode will have a celebrity in it. Andy will be working on a set with some one for example Kate Winslet, and these stars have no problem making themselves look like complete idiots. Extras is lol funny.moreless

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  • 10

    I cant stop laughing..

    By Mighty_mop, May 29, 2007

    Like most people, I loved the Office, and Ricky Gervais has done it again with Extras. This hilarious comedy is just what i want to watch after a long hard day. The characters all have their own unique personalilties and react in different ways to certain situations. The jokes and storylines and well written, with lots of suprises added in. Given a few more seasons this could rival The Office.

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