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  • Goran: No, but this is my story, my memories, my tribute to my dead wife. Ben Stiller: Would you stop going on about your fucking dead wife?

  • Ben: How can I cheer up this orphaned kid? By showing him the DVD of Dodgeball? Well, sure, then he'll be happy for an hour and a half, but what then? Do I show him Dodgeball again? Of course, he'll get more out of it, because he'll spot new things the second time round. It's layered - it's written that way. But how many times can I show him Dodgeball? Seven, eight, maybe. Then what?

  • Goran [showing photographs]: My wife, again. Andy: Oh, I shouldn't look at that, was she sunbathing? Goran: No, she is dead. Lying in the street. Andy: Oh, I see now. Why did you... Goran: Why did I take photograph of her? Andy: Yeah... Goran: To show the world what must be shown. This is why I want film to be made by Ben Stiller. Andy: Ben Stiller of Zoolander? Sure. Goran [forcing the photograph]: You look - dead, naked, you look. Andy: I am, but I'm only looking at her dead, naked face. Where did you get these developed?

  • Andy: Bye, nerd. Ben Stiller: Oh I'm a nerd? Andy: Yeah. Ben Stiller: I'm a nerd! I've, I've kissed, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore. I er... slapped Jennifer Aniston's butt... Maggie: In films. Ben Stiller: Still counts.

  • Ben Stiller: Who are you? Andy: Nobody. Ben Stiller: What's that? Who? Andy: Nobody. Ben Stiller: That's right. Nobody. Yeah, and who am I? Andy: It's either Starsky or Hutch, I can never remember. Ben Stiller: Was that supposed to be funny? Andy: You tell me, you were in it.

  • Andy: Never get involved with a man whose wife's been murdered. Maggie: That's awful! Why? Andy: Well, for one, he's not gonna be a barrel of laughs.

  • [Andy and Maggie are discussing Ross Kemp's hair over lunch] Maggie: It's, like, cool. It's like Vin Diesel. Andy: Vin Diesel? Are we looking at the same bloke? Have another look. Look at him. He looks more like Zippy from 'Rainbow.'

  • Film Director: [To Wardrobe Lady] Hey, who are we using for the girl by the carriage? Wardrobe Lady: [Points to Maggie] We thought this one. Film Director: Oh, no. No, I said I needed some decent tits, and they're... they're rubbish.

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  • Gervais intended this to be the first episode, and it appears as such on the DVD, however the BBC swapped episodes one and two around, but restored the correct order when they repeated the series at Christmas.

  • The joke that Shaun Williamson is so readily identified with his former EastEnders character, that even his own agent calls him 'Barry'. This is carried through to the end credits which list him as playing Barry (rather than playing himself, which is actually the case).

  • The music played at the end of every episode of Extras is, 'Tea for the tillerman' by, Cat Stevens.

  • This episode was the premiere episode of Extras in the United States and Canada.

  • The song featured in this episode is, 'Suzanne beware of the devil', by, Dandy Livingstone. It was released in 1972 and reached number 14 in the U.K. Top 40.

  • This episode was nominated for two Emmy Awards: Best Comedy Writing and for Best Guest Performance by an actress in a Comedy Series (Kate Winslet).

  • The music featured in the episode is, 'Magic' by, Pilot. It reached No. 11 in the U.K. Top 40 in November 1974.

  • For his performance, Patrick Stewart was a 2006 Emmy Award nominee for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

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  • Ben Stiller was nominated for an Emmy Award in the United States for his guest starring performance in this episode.

  • Goran approaches Andy towards the end of this episode to tell him that he has been given a line as ‘Journalist 2’. After reviewing the scene, Andy tells Goran that ‘Journalist 1’ has more lines and that he wants that role instead. However, a few moments later he refers to the role that he wants as ‘Journalist 2’ – which is the role originally given to him.

  • Shaun Pye who plays Greg, is better-known as a comedy writer, writing for such shows as, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

  • Andy's agent makes an amazing discovery. If you enter "58008" into a pocket calculator and turn it upside down ... you get "BOOBS"

  • The song played in the is episode is 'There's nothing like this' by Omar. It was released in 1991 and reached No. 14 in the U.K. Top 40 in June of that year.

  • In the last moments of the episode, while the camera pans out and Andy and Maggie walk away, there's a giant Alfie poster on the side of the building. Alfie's star, Jude Law, was supposed to star in this episode (instead of Patrick Stewart), but withdrew at the last minute.

  • The song featured in this episode is, 'Gonna make you a star' by David Essex. It reached No. 1 in the U.K. Top 40 in October 1974.

  • Although Maggie claims that she doesn't find Orlando Bloom particularly attractive, she can be seen removing a poster of him from her wall in Series One, Episode Six, when Andy tells her to grow up.

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Allusions (11)

  • Greg: Well yeah, either that or I threaten to sign on, and lo the cheque doth commeth in the post. “Sign on”. This term is slang; it is used to describe the way in which unemployed people in the United Kingdom can receive state benefits. To claim the money to which you are entitled, you must visit the benefit office and sigh the appropriate form. The money you receive can then be spent on lager, gambling video games or various narcotics. You could even spend it on food or medicine.

  • Andy: Oh my God, I've got Jeremy Clarkson's clothes. Jeremy Clarkson presents the motoring programme Top Gear. Knows cars inside out - would probably be better-off wearing his clothes inside out.

  • Les Dennis: And I was thinking about it, Melinda Messenger came in... Melinda Messenger was a glamour model - a 'Page 3 stunna' to use British slang. She has large, (plastic) breasts - probably a head too, I've never really looked up that high.

  • Stewart lampoons his best-known role and stereotypes surrounding "Trekkies" when he finds out that Andy has never seen Star Trek: The Next Generation, even though (he notes with surprise) the man has no girlfriend.

  • The initial scene, featuring Patrick Stewart as Prospero, is a nod to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, Emergence, the initial scene of which features Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard coaching Brent Spiner as Data in exactly the same scene. Stewart also appeared as Prospero in a Broadway production of The Tempest in 1995.

  • Orlando Bloom: [imitating Johnny Depp] Ooh, I've got scissors for hands. This is a reference to the Depp film Edward Scissorhands.

  • Allusion to the film Pretty woman: when Andy and Maggie return to the clothes shop and Andy flashes his gold credit card. Roy Orbison’s song - Pretty woman – is playing in the background.

  • (Andy is involved in a scene in which Ian McKellen is physically holding Andy's head while another male character is attempting to kiss him) Andy: It's like bloody Deliverance... Deliverance is a 1972 film that is shot primarily in the rivers and woods of Appalachia. In the film's most psychologically terrifying sequence a sexually-perverted Appalachian native humiliates the character of Bobby (a chubby-faced, defenceless man). He forces the man to first strip down to his underwear. He then makes Bobby squeal like a pig before sodomising him.

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