Extreme Ghostbusters

(ended 1997)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 1 : Ep 40

    Witchy Women

    Aired 12/8/97

  • S 1 : Ep 39

    The Sphinx

    Aired 12/5/97

  • S 1 : Ep 38

    Back in the Saddle (2)

    Aired 12/4/97

  • S 1 : Ep 37

    Back in the Saddle (1)

    Aired 12/3/97

  • S 1 : Ep 36

    Heart of Darkness

    Aired 12/2/97

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tara Strong

    voice of Kylie Griffin

  • Maurice LaMarche

    voice of Egon Spengler

  • Billy West

    voice of Slimer

  • Jason Marsden

    voice of Garrett Miller

  • Rino Romano

    voice of Eduardo Rivera

  • show Description
  • "Who ya gonna call?" New York City has enjoyed a lengthy respite from the supernatural for some time now. The Real Ghostbusters – Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore – did their jobs very well, but have long since gone on to lead more normal lives. Unfortunately, there are always ghosts out there, and they are coming back in full force. Without the Ghostbusters, New York City is defenseless against these menaces. As the sole one still around, Egon knows that he has to do something. However, even with old friend Janine Melnitz and ghostly sidekick Slimer around, he needs a lot more help. Enter a younger team compromised of Eduardo Rivera, Kylie Griffin, Garrett Miller and Roland Jackson. Guided by Egon and boasting more advanced ghostbusting equipment, the Extreme Ghostbusters face off against nastier and meaner ghosts. The Real Ghostbusters had been over for years, but interest in the franchise in general has always remained. Finally, after six years, Extreme Ghostbusters hit the airwaves. Boasting some of the people involved with RGB, EGB turned out some fan favorites (including the "Back in the Saddle" two-parter, which brought back Peter, Ray and Winston). Though not nearly as successful as its predecessor, this second spin-off was far more faithful to RGB than the short-lived Slimer! spin-off from years earlier.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (64)

    • Rabbi: Such secrets were clearly not meant for us. We can not fight hate with hate. Or violence with violence. We must always remember that.

    • Crainiac: If it is not written... Crainiac, Grizzle, & Corpussle: It cannot be done. Kylie: What do they mean by that? Eduardo: Beats me. Kylie: You're the expert! Eduardo: That part's not in the books!

    • Garrett: Hey Busters, any calls? Eduardo: Tons, that's why we're sitting here not moving. Roland: I think Eduardo is being sarcastic. Garrett: Thanks Roland.

    • Newscaster: (About Kline, the horror author) Kline hasn't been seen or heard from in several months. Has he retired, or has he just gone into seclusion, working hard on his long overdue gore fest? Eduardo: Maybe he's dead.

    • Roland: So, Garrett, how reality based is your story? Kylie: I think what Roland's politely fishing for is, we're in it, right? Eduardo: (Looking through the story) Yeah, we're in it for about a page, then we die, squealing for mercy. Roland: We what? Eduardo: Well, not all of us, the (coughs) handsome guy in the wheelchair lives. Kylie: What a shock.

    • Roland: My little brother reads J.N. Kline. You read kids' books? Eduardo: Yeah, well, I read them to kids. Hey, hey, they're gory you know.

    • Garrett: Well tell me, as a fan of the genre, did my story rock? Eduardo: Well, um… Garrett: Go on, tell it to me like it is I can take it. Eduardo: It stunk, bad.

    • Roland: (Wearing ghost detecting goggles) If they left ecto trails, they didn't have much of an afterlife.

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    Notes (65)

    • Production Coordinator/Supervisor Shannon Muir notes: Eduardo's line when talking in the lecture hall the next morning after Kylie is possessed by Achira was not originally "Scrawny girls who talk to ghoulies really float my boat". While not overtly offensive, his original choice of phrase was a little more direct though the meaning was the same. The original phrase made it all the way to post production before the decision was made to change it.

    • Production Coordinator/Supervisor Shannon Muir notes: Garrett did not originally call Eduardo a "daisy". It was a different flower, but at the post production stage it was realized that the flower in use could have a very negative connotation and so it had to be replaced, but with a flower name that fit the already existing animation. "Daisy" was the only matching word they could find. The end result, in my opinion, is something unnatural that falls flat, but it was too late to do anything else.

    • Production Coordinator/Supervisor Shannon Muir notes: Janine's line "I've become a big fan of continuing education, especially since I was downsized" ends abruptly because the last part of the line was cut for time after being recorded. She originally said "... since I was downsized from my last job."

    • Janine's original character design called for her to have slacks. They went back to a skirt just as the boards for "Darkness at Noon" went overseas and not all the panels were changed. I had to spend late into the night pasting a miniature picture of Janine with skirt onto all the storyboard pages as a sidebar and note to make her ON THAT MODEL. (Quotes from Shannon Muir, Production Supervisor/Coordinator, EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS)

    • Maurice LaMarche reprises his role of Egon Spengler from "The Real Ghostbusters".

    • The series was intended to tie in with Ghostbusters 3, which had a similar premise(though in this case it was Ray, not Egon, training the new team). One of the new Ghostbusters was to be Chris Farley; but after Farley's untimely death, Dan Aykroyd never managed to replace him before the studio pulled the plug. With no tie-in available, the series floundered and was not renewed.

    • Darkness at Noon was originally a one part script. It made it all the way through storyboards before we realized it was far too long -- either eight minutes needed to go on, or I think about eleven minutes had to go. Going into detail about building the new equipment is where we bought most of the time, though there's other additions scattered throughout. The actual production numbers are 101 (part 1) and 140 (part 2); this was at my suggestion because it was just easier to deal with. Otherwise part 2 would have been production number 121 -- that's how far along we were when the splitting decision was made -- and I found that to be a lot less neat. Thankfully those with the power said OK. (Quotes from Shannon Muir, Production Supervisor/Coordinator, EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS)

    • - You notice Kylie's clothes design also changed? She was originally supposed to have the outfit she wears in 97% of "Darkness at Noon" but it was agreed that the costume needed to be simplified. I don't know why we didn't do the same thing to her that we did to Janine on the storyboards, maybe because Kylie had so much more screen time. However, if you pay attention, there is ONE SEQUENCE in "Darkness at Noon" where Kylie wears the casual clothes she'll have for the rest of the series -- when she summons Grandma Rose. This was originally a mistake on the part of the board artist not using (either by ignoring or not being supplied, I forget) the right model that neither I nor the director caught. I didn't notice until I saw the animation. In hindsight, I really like it. It gets you used to the new costume, and is in a stand-alone sequence where the continuity isn't broken. So it's not jarring when you see it later. (Quote from Shannon Muir, Production Supervisor/Coordinator, EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS)

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    Trivia (11)

    • - This was originally a one-part episode, but became a two-parter late in the production process. Important added scenes included the weapons upgrade and repair of the Ecto-1. I worked long hours numbering these storyboard scenes to be integrated with the existing material. (Quote from Shannon Muir, Production Supervisor/Coordinator, EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS)

    • Production Supervisor/Coordinator Shannon Muir notes: We had to tone down the "surgical" instruments used by the characters; the originals were considered too realistic and therefore not appropriate. This decision, unfortunately, happened after the storyboard was finished (but fortunatelay before it went overseas!) but it still took a lot of effort to substitute them.

    • Production Coordinator/Supervisor Shannon Muir says: Egon's weapon was originally designed for the toy, and was not in the script. Director Tim Eldred designed to incorporate it on his own for added effect to the scene.

    • Eduardo spins a ghost trap on his finger on his right hand. In the next shot, it's spinning on a finger on his left hand.

    • - The internet service company's (US Online's) sign on screen was created by studying various sign on screens of major service providers of the time -- including America Online, CompuServe, and GEnie -- in order to create a credible look and feel but not inadvertantly copy them. I actually brought in screen shot reference for the designers on a tight schedule turnaround for this project. (Quote from Production Supervisor/Coordinator Shannon Muir)

    • Production Supervisor/Coordinator Shannon Muir says: - Originally Roland's line about "just like the online service provider" was "just like the Internet". It was highly unlikely that one gremlin could take down the entire Internet, as I pointed out to the director. We got the line re-recorded before it went overseas.

    • In the end credits Iona Morris' name is misspelled as "Jonia Morris."

    • Production Coordinator/Supervisor Shannon Muir notes: I originally was assigned to work on "Temporary Insanity," but asked it go to someone else as I had recently completed a spec (i.e. sample) script of the show as practice in which Egon got a teaching assistant at the school who basically pulled a similiar routine. It was just too close for comfort. And a good thing I did this too, otherwise I never would have gotten to work on "Back in the Saddle" (part 1)!

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    Allusions (13)

    • FDR: "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself..."
      The title Fear Itself referes to FDR's First Inaugural Address when he said, "So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. "

    • R.L Stine: The character J.N. Kline's name and writing profession are clearly parodies of the author of the popular book series Goosebumps.

    • none: title
      There was a movie called Casting the Runes, in which a man gives pamphlets marked with runes that attract various evil spirits to the recipients of the pamphlets.

    • Kylie: Something ecto this way came.

      This is a parody of the line "Something wicked this way comes." from the William Shakespeare play Macbeth.

    • Eduardo's clown form looks like The Joker from Batman.

    • The episode is an obvious allusion to 'The Pied Piper of Hamlin.'

    • The security guard at the beginning is watching a TV show with a man and woman named Mully and Sculder- an obvious reference to the characters of Scully and Mulder from "The X-Files."

    • Several characters liken the gremlin to the creature in "that Twilight Zone episode with Captain Kirk." This is a reference to William Shatner's role in "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet."

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  • Fan Reviews (19)
  • Aww, I loved this show, and then Toon Disney went and replaced it with Lilo & Stitch...darn them!

    By SoupBubbles, Feb 03, 2008

  • A truley underrated show that deserved better than it got.

    By YHuntressEarth, Nov 19, 2006

  • Ghostbusting for older audiences such as mature teens and adults (At long last). One of the most intelligent and brilliant series ever made, in animation or otherwise. Superb characters, brilliant writing, fantastic screenplay, engaging atmosphere.

    By gunmetalfab, Sep 16, 2006

  • I used to run red lights at 75 mph in order to try and catch this on TV. Thats how good it was and still is. A timeless classic.

    By grenadecandy, Sep 13, 2006

  • The only problem is that it makes everything else look so primitive.

    By percentoff, Aug 27, 2006