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    Death of their 2 teenage sons, breaks my heart, they need your help more then anything EXTREME MAKEOVER

    By wardo01, Sep 26, 2014

    Family of Strathcona County teens killed in crash suffering in broken down home 1

    By Kevin Maimann, Edmonton Sun

    First posted: Thursday, September 25, 2014 04:11 PM MDT | Updated: Thursday, September 25, 2014 04:40 PM MDT

    Dalin Torresan, Dean Torresan, and Logan Torresan

    (left to right) Dalin Torresan, Dean Torresan, and Logan Torresan pose for a photo at their family home east of Edmonton, Friday July 6, 2012. The three were preparing to attend the Armwrestling World Championship in Brazil. Logan, 14, and Dalin, 17, were killed July, 2013, when their car was hit by a pickup truck one kilometre north of their house on Highway 16 and Range Road 213 east of Edmonton. (DAVID BLOOM EDMONTON SUN FILE)

    I read this article that was submitted on Facebook, I cant imagine what its like to loose a child, let alone two. This family truly needs you help. Please read this article and take into deep consideration in helping them.

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    Mourners remember Edmonton-area brothers killed in Monday crash

    Strathcona County crash leaves two brothers dead at Range Road 213 and Highway 16

    Carole Torresan rarely leaves the house that she fixed up with her two teenage sons who were killed together in a road collision last year.

    With pictures of Logan and Dalin in every room, it's the only place she feels safe.

    Now, the house where Carole still lives with her husband, Dean, and their daughter, Brooklyn is falling apart and the family cannot afford to fix it.

    "It's one thing after another and I'm just ready to give up. But it's my home," Carole said Thursday.

    Logan, 14, and Dalin, 17, were killed last July when their car was hit by a pickup truck one kilometre north of their house on Highway 16 and Range Road 213 east of Edmonton.

    Carole now suffers extreme anxiety and was too scared to drive until she had to take her husband to the hospital in March.

    "This is my safe haven. I have pictures of my boys in every room that I go into, and this is where their stuff is. It's the only place where I feel close to them. Anxiety hits me the moment I leave," she said.

    "This house is where we have all of our

    A leaking roof in August led the family to discover that their roof was rotten, despite contractors having apparently fixed it years ago.

    After calling several roofing companies, a contractor said fixing the flat roof would cost tens of thousands of dollars. It's the latest in a list of repairs needed on the house the Torresans moved into 11 years ago.

    When they moved in, it had no flooring, doors or windows. The family got the fixer-upper for a rock-bottom price and turned it into a home.

    "We built this together. Every renovation in this house, and it's been massively renovated, has been done by one to five of us," Carole said.

    "We are the ones who put our love and our sweat and our hard work into this house to make it what it

    Carole said Logan and Dalin were loving sons and "amazing guys" who were always willing to help others. The two made headlines in 2012 when they travelled to Brazil with Dean to compete in the World Arm Wrestling Championships.

    Carole said the family was always extremely close-knit, and things are not getting any easier as Brooklyn, now 17, gets ready to graduate from high school next June.

    "People think that 14 months after you lose a child, you should be getting better. And that's a misconception. You're just starting to get bad at this point," Carole said, choking up. "You live in shock for the first nine months to a year after. You just keep believing they're coming home -- somebody made a mistake, they'll send them back.

    "Somewhere around a year you start to go, 'They're not coming And this is my life

    Friends have come together to help the family, using the "RIP Logan and Dalin Torresan" Facebook page as a rallying point. After bombarding home renovator and TV personality Mike Holmes with messages asking him to help, the same friends are spreading the word in hopes of attracting local tradespeople -- notably roofers -- who are willing to donate their time.

    A GoFundMe web page has also been launched to raise money.

    "For us to ask for help is a really, really difficult thing for us. Especially for my husband, to say he needs help is a hard thing," Carole said. "Every little bit matters to


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    I need a makeover

    By valerie1987, Sep 04, 2014

    hi people . please i would need your help to change me , your are my last hope . how can i contact with you???

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    Higgins Family

    By nyeta5, Jul 30, 2014

    Hi Im Carl Oxereok . My mom has 4 kids that she takes care of 6 kids all together that continue to go back and forth. My mom continues to take care of all her kids and grandkids all though all she can afford is a run down 2 bedroom apartment on the bottom floor, don't get me wrong she tries and works her fingers to the bone. she goes to food banks all the time just so we can eat, and we are greatful, she pays 800 a month for a 2 bedroom for a really big family. I was just wondering if someone can help my mom by giving her a break may be a nice diner or something for herself. she has no help as 2 of our dads are passed on. now she's forced to work very hard and sacrifice for her family just to give us the best she possibly can. Now we would like to get my mom some help. Never hurts to try thanks for listening 907-830-5497moreless

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    i need your help please

    By Corina_Rheinstar, Jun 29, 2014

    hi people . please i would need your help to change me , your are my last hope . how can i contact with you???

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    a turtle needs a home too

    By lewiswoolsey, Jun 07, 2014

    i think the turtleman call of the wildman on animal planet has a shack for a home he has now shower god now what the inside of his house looks like but he does so much for people and i think he needs this so bad well this is what i strongly believe in God Bless lewis woolsey

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    homes distroyed

    By bedhb51, Jan 03, 2014

    I was watching your show, several times. But could not watch you destroy some homes that were nice. nice homes that could have been given to someone who could have lived in them... I live in a OLD HOUSE THAT IS MIDDLE OF A COW PASTURE. WITH RATS, MICE,RATTLE SNAKES. NO level floors, outside boards are falling off. WE RENT. I want a decent place to live. I am 62 and I am afraid of falling like I have several times. I like to see people helped. IT IS A GREAT SHOW TO HELP OTHERS. But to destroy GOOD HOMES IS A CRIME when there are people who could live in them... I lost my job to India 2009 and I WANT TO WORK but can't find a job. I know people who are still loosing their jobs to India because this country WON'T STOP SENDING OUR JOBS OVER SEAS... IT IS A GREAT THING YOU DO IN HELPING THOSE WHO NEED IT for what ever reason that makes a GREAT SHOW FOR WHAT REASONS....moreless

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    this is not a review but a plea

    By barrymanfan78, Nov 19, 2013

    Hi there this is going out to the great wide world in an effort to ask, does ANYBODY have Extreme Makeover season 3 FULL episodes? I am NOT refering to the home edition or weight loss I mean the one that aired in 2003 and ended in 2007 but more specifically the episode from season 3 number 12 Aimie and Steven anybody have these on vhs and can either sell me the tape or put it onto dvd PLEASE let me know. thanksmoreless

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    extreme makeover for people not homes

    By DaisyRoman, Nov 14, 2013

    what ever happened to your show where you helped people that couldn't afford certain procedures like dental, eyes etc... I am a mother of 4, and because of my pregnancies, my mouth has suffered for it. i have no teeth on the top of my mouth and on the bottom i barely have 5 left. i'm only 43 years old. i know that i am definitely not healthy, how can anybody be if they even salad is hard to chew. Please bring the show back and please consider me a candidate. Crossing my heart and my fingers, thank you.


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    a single mother with no hope

    By nweki, May 29, 2013

    i am 26 years old single mother , with 1 year old baby girl , i have never been in a holiday because of my appearance and the way i look i have lost hope confidence and many more. since i had my daughter i am scared to go out and i cover my stomach and my body because i feel very disgusting. i used to have a long hair but now i look like an old women with no chance. i wish i could get my sexy body back again. i would love to be chosen thank you.moreless

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    The only thing I have ever asked for !!!

    By sexyme1, May 07, 2013

    This is the only thing I have ever asked for, and this is hard. But I know sometimes that one has to humble themselves and put your pride aside. Here goes, I have been through a lot but I am still here by the grace of GOD, and for that I am GRATEFUL. I would love to be chosen for an EXTREME MAKEOVER. If I am chosen for a makeover I would be so GRATEFUL and would never ask for anything else in my life, because everything else I could make happen on my own after that. PLEASE consider me as one of your MAKEOVER contestants, I would be so GRATEFUL. By GODS GRACE, Gailmoreless

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