Fate's Kick

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  • 9.8

    It's the climax of the game! And the Devil Bats are losing. With Seibu as a formible enemy Deimon seems to be struggling. It's 35 to 32 with Seibu leading. Will Eyeshield make the dinally play and win the match?

    By Tori64, Jul 06, 2008

    Eyeshield makes a touchdown defeating Riku with his Hurricane Ghost. There's only 1 minute left on the clock and Hiruma and Kid are determined for their team to win. With Seibu leading by 3 point. Hiruma most kickoff. Deimon most catch the ball and score a touchdown to win the game. It's all depends on Monta and Tetsuma. They both reach for the ball. Tetsuma hits the ground and Monta grabs the ball and passes it to Eyeshield. With only 25 seconds left on the clock the Ref calls it as Seibu's ball. Tetsuma was the first to hit the ground with the ball making it the Wild Gun Mans ball. The clock runs out of time and the Devil bats lose. :( If only they had had Musashi, they might have won. Is it the end for the Devil Bats? ....OR do they still have a shot at the Christmas Bowl?moreless

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