EyeShield 21

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Quotes (12)

  • Hiruma: Anyone that doesn't get at least one person to sign up to play.... *cocks pistol* will be PUNISHED!

    Sena/Kurita: ....

  • Monta: You catch the ball like this? Sena/EyeShield 21: More like this I think. Hiruma: No, no. Just use your right hand. And put all your fingers down except the middle one. (Sena gives middle finger and Hiruma snaps a photograph of Sena doing it). Hiruma: YA-HA!!

  • Touganou: "Huh?" Juumonji: "Huuh?!" Kuroki: "Huuuh?!" Hiruma: "Hurry up! It's your turn to play, Huh-Huh Brothers. If you don't play, then the photos..." Touganou, Juumonji, and Kuroki: "Aaah! Okay, we got it! But at least let us say one thing! We are not brothers!"

  • Mamori: Go on. Ask something, Sena. Sena: What...what...do you...like to eat? (Everyone except Sena, Yukimitsu and Hiruma faint) Hiruma: (taking his shotgun) You stupid shrimp! How dare you ask such a stupid question! (Mamori manages to push Hiruma away)

  • Monta: (doing his special pose when he makes a touchdown) "SUPER CATCH MAX!!" Sena: "Again with that pose..." Touganou: "If he didn't do that..." Juumonji: "He would look so cool." Kuroki: "Huh..."

  • Suzuna (in a Devil Bats cheerleader outfit): "Go, go, let's go! Go, go, Devils! Fly, fly, Bats! Run, run, Bats! Come out, come out, 21! Eyeshield 21! 21, come out now! Eyeshield... (does a back flip) 21!

  • Monta: (making a catch) CATCH MAX!! Bob: All right! Sena: Good stuff, Monta! Panther's Grandma: Nice one, "Monkey"! Monta: It's not "Monkey". It's Monta.

  • Jimmy Simard, Quarterback: (Introducing the rules of the final test to enter the San Antonio Armadillos) Sena (To himself): Huh? I think I've seen that person before. Jimmy: (Continue the introduction) Sena (To himself): Jimmy... Simard... It's Ishimaru! Jimmy (Notices Sena's behavior and turns): What's that? Do you know me? Sena (Nervously): Uh, no, not really...

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Notes (145)

  • Kurita's positions: Center/Defensive Line, usually as a Tackle.

  • Sena/Eyeshield 21's positions: Halfback and Free Safety.

  • Hiruma's positions: Quarterback and Strong Safety.

  • The scenes played during the beginning of the episode are from the game in episode 3.

  • Opening Theme Song: "Breakthrough" by Coming Century.

  • Ending Theme Song: "Be Free" by Rikkenzu.

  • If you pay attention during the scene where Sena sees all the different clubs, you can see Monta in the backgound.

  • Sena's overprotective friend, Mamori has know Sena since they were small children. Their mothers met at a cooking class.

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Trivia (70)

  • The last kanji in Hiruma's name is appropriately the one for demon.

  • Kurita's jersey number - 77

  • Hiruma's jersey number - 1

  • Sena's jersey number - 21

  • At one point during the scene where Kurita explains what the Christmas Bowl is to Sena, Kurita has eyeballs, as opposed to just having pupils.

  • Kurita often yells "Funnuraba" whenever he blocks. This grunt of his has no particular meaning in Japanese.

  • This episode name is the same as the first chapter of the manga! There are a lot of episodes like that.

  • The final kanji in Hiruma's name is the kanji for demon... explains a lot doesn't it.... For the record, his first name is Youichi.

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Allusions (15)

  • In Japanese, "Kurita" means "chestnut," which would explain why Kurita's head is shaped like one.

  • Hiruma named his dog "Cerberus," which is the name of Hades' 3-headed serpent dog in Greek mythology.

  • Ojo High School is made to resemble Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral. Indiana's University of Notre Dame has a prestigious football history.

  • The wooden board with a wide reciever painted on it was named "Riceman" after Jerry Rice, a "Super Reciever" who caught the most passes in NFL history.

  • Monta sometimes adds "-senshu" after Honjou's name whenever he talks about him. "-Senshu" is an honorific term given to players and athletes.

  • For the kickoff, the Chameleons use a technique called a squib kick. It is when the ball is kicked low to the ground so that it bounces a lot, making it harder to field. A squib is a small firecraker. This type of kickoff is also known as a pooch kick.

  • The manga that Touganou reads in this episode is "Jump Comics," which is a popular Japanese comic series.

  • During the epilogue, Mamori feels that she is still forgetting someone, and then Ishimaru sneezes. It is believed that you sneeze when someone talks (usually bad) about you behind your back.

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