F Troop

ABC (ended 1967)
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  • S 2 : Ep 31

    Is This Fort Really Necessary?

    Aired 4/6/67

  • S 2 : Ep 30

    Our Brave in F Troop

    Aired 3/30/67

  • S 2 : Ep 29

    The Majority of Wilton

    Aired 3/23/67

  • S 2 : Ep 28

    Carpetbagging, Anyone?

    Aired 3/16/67

  • S 2 : Ep 27

    Marriage, Fort Courage Style

    Aired 3/9/67

  • Cast & Crew
  • Larry Storch

    Corporal Randolph Agarn

  • Forrest Tucker

    Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke

  • Ken Berry

    Captain Wilton Parmenter

  • Edward Everett Horton

    Roaring Chicken

  • Frank DeKova

    Chief Wild Eagle

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  • show Description
  • F Troop was a classic comedy set in the Old West. Fort Courage was the home of the US Army's sorriest band of misfits, led by the well-meaning Captain Parmenter, scion of a distinguished line of military officers, but himself naive, clumsy, bumbling and reliant on the Army manual. The old hand of the fort was Sergeant O'Rourke, who secretly ran O'Rourke Enterprises, a string of profitable but not always upstanding businesses, on the side, including the town saloon and an Indian souvenir company. He was happy when Parmenter was assigned to Fort Courage, a commanding officer who would be easy to hide his shenanigans from. O'Rourke's sidekick was the loyal but not too bright Corporal Agarn. Their business partner was the cranky but affable Wild Eagle, chief of the Hekawi. Completing the circle was Wrangler Jane, the beautiful blonde owner of the general store in town. She was a expert in all things Western, including shooting, horseback riding and lassoing, and fancied the dashing, young captain who was too bashful to return her affections in public. The men of F Troop were a motley lot. Bugler Dobbs had a hard time playing anything but Yankee Doodle, and not well at that. Duffy would often hold forth on how he stood side by side with Davy Crockett at the Alamo. Vanderbilt, who often stood guard duty, was nearly blind and hard of hearing. Duddleson was a slob, sort of F Troop's equivalent of Peanuts' Pigpen. Hoffenmueller spoke no English. The rest were as incompetent as they were undistinguished. A running joke was the guard tower constantly falling down, usually blasted by the balky cannon but sometimes felled by something as simple as an arrow. Aiding and abetting O'Rourke in his numerous moneymaking schemes were the Hekawi, the most cowardly tribe in the country. Lacking the will and skills to fight, they turned to commerce, manufacturing the souvenirs for O'Rourke Enterprises and brewing the whiskey for his saloon. Chief Wild Eagle was helped by his second in command, Crazy Cat. Unlike other military comedies such as McHale's Navy or Gomer Pyle, nobody ever really hated each other, as Captain Binghamton did McHale and Sergeant Carter did Gomer. The show and all its characters were all in good-hearted fun, a family show for all ages. The theme song said it perfectly: "Where Indian fights are colorful sights but nobody takes a licking."moreless

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    • General: Well, Parmenter, we've got to find an assignment befitting the scourge of Appomattox. Wormsbecker: Sir, they've gone through three commanding officers at Fort Courage. Two desertions and a nervous breakdown. General: Fort Courage, eh? Ah, good thinking, Wormsbecker. At a frontier post like that, he might be just the inspirational leader they need. Captain Parmenter, as of this moment, you are the commanding officer of F Troop.

    • Wild Eagle: You ever see war dance? Roaring Chicken: Oh, I see war dance many moons ago. Many, many, many moons. Wild Eagle: You and your moons! When?! Roaring Chicken: 42 years ago last August.

    • Agarn: Indians ain't supposed to drink alcohol. Wild Eagle: Who says so? Agarn: Everybody. Wild Eagle: Eh, that just nasty rumor spread by sister-in-law, Sparkling Water. She want big bluenose redskin. "Bluenose redskin." (guffaws heartily) Wild Eagle make funny joke!

    • Capt. Parmenter: How come we have reveille at 10 o'clock? Now, back east when I was in the quartermaster corps, we had reveille at 7. O'Rourke: Oh, but the captain is forgetting there's a three hour time difference. Capt. Parmenter: Of course.

    • Capt. Parmenter: You know, my father used to say that I had more left feet than any kid in Philadelphia. (O'Rourke is stone-faced while Parmenter laughs) Capt. Parmenter: Well, for a general, that's pretty funny.

    • O'Rourke: Now listen, the Captain is going to be here any minute and you remember that you're suppose to be hostile. Wild Eagle: Hostile? (Turns to Roaring Chicken) What is hostile? Roaring Chicken: Unfriendly. No friends. Wild Eagle: (Turns back to O'Rourke) Why you always make us bad? I keep telling you, Hekawi's not fighters. Lovers! Lovers!

    • Capt. Parmenter: You give us cannon, we give you many things. We trade. Wild Eagle: What you trade? Capt. Parmenter: First, we offer you magic fire stick. Look. (He pulls out a match and lights it on the sole of Dobb's boot) Ooh. Wild Eagle: You very funny. We got one hundred boxes magic sticks. What you think, we rub sticks together?

    • Capt. Parmenter: Where's our cannon? O'Rourke: Uh, well, sir. You see, sir, we sent the cannon away, sir, to have the bore flaminized and the barrel bominated and polished and refurbished.

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    Notes (48)

    • Captain Parmenter receives the Purple Heart for being jabbed with the Medal of Honor. However, the Purple Heart was not officially created until 1932, with persons serving on or after April 5, 1917 being eligible to receive the medal.

    • Guest star Bernard Fox is best known as recurring character Doctor Bombay in the sitcom, Bewitched.

    • Don Diamond (Crazy Cat) is credited as "Donald Diamond" playing "Brave."

    • Laurie Sibbald (Flying Sparrow) would appear in the series again in "Here Comes the Tribe," playing Silver Dove, Wild Eagle's daughter.

    • Ivan Bell (Trooper Duddleson) is uncredited.

    • This is the first time Don Diamond is called "Crazy Cat" onscreen and identified by that name in the credits. (Although still credited as Donald Diamond.)

    • No Hekawi or other Indians appear in this episode, including regular characters Wild Eagle and Crazy Cat.

    • This episode marks Roaring Chicken's final appearance in the series.

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    Trivia (45)

    • Goof: In the show, the American flag is a modern day flag with all fifty stars on it. But back then, the flag didn't have fifty stars.

    • The General injures Captain Parmenter by gabbing him with The Medal of Honor while pinning it on him. Therefore, he also received The Purple Heart. The narrator notes that Wilton Palmenter is the only soldier in history to get a medal for getting a medal.

    • O'Rourke wears suspenders in this pilot, like Agarn does throughout the series.

    • Regular characters not yet created in the pilot: Trooper Duffy and Wild Eagle's sidekick, Crazy Cat.

    • Character name: Captain Parmenter's father appears in this episode, identified as General Thor X. Parmenter, keeping in the family tradition of names of gods. However, in episode "How to Be F Troop Without Really Trying," Capt. Parmenter recounts how he was lectured by his father, Horatio Parmenter.

    • Troopers Vanderbilt and Duddleson appear but are not credited.

    • F Troop would use camouflage again (as an exercise) in the final episode, "Is This Fort Really Necessary?"

    • Hannibal Dobbs' middle name is revealed as Shirley.

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    Allusions (55)

    • Captain Parmenter's relatives were all named after significant figures in various mythologies. First cousin - Major Achilles Parmenter, named after the mythic warrior written about in Homer's Iliad. Second cousin - Lieutenant Colonel Hercules Parmenter, named after the demi-god, son of Jupiter. Uncle - Colonel Jupiter Parmenter, named after the the king of the Roman Olympian gods Father - General Thor X. Parmenter, named after the Norse god of thunder

    • The visiting British major's name is Bently Royce, a mixture of Bentley Motors and Rolls-Royce, two of the most prestigous British manufacturers of motor cars. Bentley was Rolls-Royce's most serious competitor in the UK luxury car market, so Rolls bought out Bentley in 1931 -- when Bentley had financial problems -- in order to control its competition.

    • Medicine man Roaring Chicken's medicine dance has a single, repeated lyric, "kemo sabe." This was what native American Tonto always called the Lone Ranger in the radio and TV shows (and movie).

    • Character Sam Urp's name is a homonym for the Earp brothers -- Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil -- who, along with Doc Holliday, participated in the infamous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. They make a second allusion to the Earps when they mention Tombstone at the end of the episode.

    • Wild Eagle: You doubt wisdom of Wild Eagle, son of Crazy Horse? Crazy Horse was a Sioux chief who led the Native Americans at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

    • The episode title may be derived from "The Girl from Ipanema," a song that was an international hit in the early 1960s for Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto.

    • The episode title is a take-off of "Old Ironsides," the nickname given to the the famous US Navy frigate, USS Constitution. It earned the nickname when cannonballs reportedly bounced off her thick wooden hull.

    • The musical theatre in Kansas City is named Hammerstein's, a possible reference to Oscar Hammerstein, famous for building New York City theatres in the 19th century and grandfather of Oscar Hammerstein II, half of Rodgers & Hammerstein.

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  • Fan Reviews (9)
  • I grew up on episodes of FTroop so I'm probably looking at it through rose coloured glasses

    By thedarkknight67, Aug 04, 2008

  • F Troop is one the best TV shows of the sixites.

    By cervantes60, May 27, 2007

  • Gilligan's Island meets the Wild West. F Troop is rarely seen now days because of the PC Police, but the White men are actually more incompetent than their friendly Indians counterparts, the Hakawi ("We lovers, not fighters.") Indians.

    By Sotaria, Apr 11, 2007

  • F Troop is the best TV series I have watched yet. It was a pioneer in the field of TV comedy. It is clean, decent, and very, Very Funny. I recomend this series to anyone who wants a good laugh.

    By pokeyfz, Jan 29, 2007

  • FTroop lives on!!! The black & white episodes are quintessential & nostalgic. I am only 38 but they keep my childhood going. A better simpler time in my life. Loved Jane!!!what can I say...JANE was HOT...HOT...HOT!!!

    By amonti, Dec 12, 2006

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