Falcon Beach

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Quotes (17)

  • (about Lane selling drugs to Georgie) Tanya (concerned): I used to babysit him! Lane: If you had told me I would have given him a discount.

  • Tanya: Let's get some champagne. ...For the bonfire tonight. Jason: Yah, whatever. Tanya: You know, it's so sweet how you couldn't really give a crap.

  • Tanya: I can't do this. Lane: Why not? Tanya: Because, I'm with Jason.

  • Danny: When are you going to get it through your head that people don't like to be treated like dirt?!

  • Patsy: What is that woman doing to Zoe? Paige: (sarcastically) What's Zoe doing to her?

  • Adrian: (sees Paige eating an ice-cream cone) This is your lunch? Paige: Please, no lectures on Trans fat. Adrian: No, I was just wondering where mine is.

  • Jason: Paige... come back.

  • Courtney: I have no panties on.

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Notes (21)

  • This episode was referred to as a movie because of its two hour running time, the actual first episode aired the following week.

  • The movie was funded $ 1,750,000.

  • There was a speical screening for the first two episode that took place in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver.

  • The series was funded $6,600,000 for this season.

  • Steve Byers and Jennifer Kydd both needed to learn how to wakeboard for their roles.

  • The booklet that comes with the Season 1 DVD mistakedly refers to Lane as "Lance" in its synopsis for this episode.

  • Ephraim Ellis and Jill Teed previously worked together on the show Zixx:Level 2.

  • The series was funded $5,200,000 for this season.

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Trivia (19)

  • Goof: When Jason is surfing and making figures, it's obvious that the actor who is making figures is not him. He doesn't have the same face and is blonder.

  • In this premier movie, Steve Byers was credited as "Steven Byers"

  • Eric Johnson who plays Lane Bradshaw will not be in the TV Series. Morgan Kelly took over his role for the series.

  • Lane's nickname for Paige is "P".

  • The ending theme is played in a slow version, to match the subdued tone of the episode's end.

  • Peggy's real name is Margaret

  • In this season premier, Jason & Paige break in and enter the equipment shed to get fireworks for the beach party. This is similar to the series premier, where Jason & Danny break in and enter Ginny's cottage for a power hookup; also for the beach party.

  • Bobby Tanner had taught Jason and Danny how to swim at the Marina beach.

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Allusions (5)

  • Niagara Falls is a set of massive waterfalls located on the Niagara River, straddling the international border separating the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York.

  • Paige: It's half past cougar. "Cougar" is a term used to define women over 30 who go after much younger men.

  • Tanya named the mouse in her apartment “Stewart” an allusion to “Stewart Little” a children’s book written by E. B. White that was made into 1999 feature film and a 2002 sequel.

  • (about finding their way) Nathan: Ok, this map and my Spidey sense. Spidey sense is the familiar term for Spider sense, a hightened tracking and warning ability that the Marvel superhero SpiderMan has.

  • Courtney: You uh, ...help Gilligan win his car. This is a reference to the popular 60's comedy "Gilligan's Island", where the title character was a goofy sidekick to the naval Skipper in charge. Since Jason is the local boating expert, Danny can similarly be seen as his sidekick.