Falcon Crest

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  • Julia: (excited) I haven't spoken with Chase in years! Angela: This is not a social call, Julia. I must tell him that his father just died!

  • Lance: They seem nice enough. I'm not sure what you have against them. Angela: It's very simple. If you want to be a part of the land, you have to invest yourself in the land. Chase has harldy loved here. He's been flying around in airplanes and now he has come to earth in the wrong place. Lance: You gonna tell him that? Angela: If he has any sense, I won't have to.

  • Julia: I wish I could just stop talking when I run out of things to say.

  • Angela: (speaking at her brother's funeral) We were both raised in the vineyards of Falcon Crest. Jason Gioberti was my brother, but he was more than that to me--he was my friend. He was my dearest friend. His passing will not change that. I think that I'll miss his laughter, and his compassion, but I will not miss his love, because that became part of me a long time ago. My father's dreams for Falcon Crest became Jason's and mine, and now that he's gone, the responsibility of turning those dreams into reality belongs to me. I know that your love and your prayers are with my brother, who was a man of the soil, and whom we return to the earth.

  • Chase: Hey, what is all this? I feel like Neil Armstrong home from the moon. A Neil Welcoming Committee. It's not a welcoming committee-- what's going on? Maggie: Your aunt from California just called. Chase: Angela-- what did she have to say? Maggie: It was an accident-- earlier this evening, I guess... Chase: What happened? Maggie: Your father's dead.

  • Chase: All right, all right... I'm sorry! Maggie: You should be! You had no business of putting Cole into that! It was... Chase: You're right! What can I say? That I'm an idiot? Maggie: You certainly are! Chase: And that I just wasn't thinking? Maggie: You certainly weren't!

  • Vickie: I just can't believe how Paul could do this to dad. They have been friends for so long! Maggie: I guess that's the difference between friends and family. Julia: Depends on the family... don't you think?

  • Angela: You know a vineyard can become an unpredictable mistress. Loving and giving one minute, demanding, expensive and frustrating the next.

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Notes (422)

  • The character of Emma Channing is heard, but not seen.

  • Several characters were played by different actors in the original unaired pilot. Chase was played by Clu Gulager, Maggie was played by British actress Samantha Eggar, Richard was played by Michael Swan (best known from As the World Turns) and Mario was played by David Lambiosa.

  • Jane Wyman has a different hairstyle in the pilot than she would have in the entire series. In the pilot, Jane's hair is completely white and is permed.

  • There are several plot differences between this unaired pilot and the actual series. First of all, in the first episode of the series that aired, it shows how Jason Gioberti is killed, which then prompts Chase and his family to move from New York to Tuscany Valley. However, in the pilot, the circumstances surrounding Jason's death are a mystery and Chase and his family have lived in Tuscany for six months. Secondly, the episode begins with the blowing up of Chase's pumphouse by Richard Channing. This event actually didn't happen in the series until episode four when Lance blew it up. Also, Angela eyeing Cole as a potential heir substitute for Lance also didn't happen until the fourth episode. Third, in the pilot, Angela introduces her son, Richard Channing. However, in the series, Richard wasn't introduced until the second season, as the illegitimate son of Angela's late ex-husband (later revealed to be Angela's son too in season 6). Next, in the pilot, "Dorcas" (known as "Julia" in the series) mentions to Lance that she is still married to Lance's father, who is pretty much a lackey to Angela. Although Lance's father is not seen in the pilot, it is explained that he is in Europe on an errand for Angela buying expensive cork for her wines. While in the series, Julia and Tony, Lance's father, have been estranged for several years. Fourth, in the pilot, Vickie and Mario are already a couple, however, in the series, it took a while for this plot to develop. Finally, in the first episode of the series, Emma is seen being hidden away in Angela's attic after she killed Jason, while in the pilot, Emma is not seen, but a mysterios unseen (but heard) woman is being held in Angela's attic (which Lance explains to Cole are ghosts).

  • In the pilot episode, Chao-Li Chi appears as Angela's butler, but his character's name is "Lee Fong," later changed to "Chao-Li."

  • In the original pilot, Abby Dalton's character was named, "Dorcas Cumson," later changed to "Julia" when the show aired.

  • German episode title: "Das Haus der Väter", meaning "The House of the Fathers".

  • How Lorenzo Lamas got the role of Lance Cumson, was when Jane Wyman met his father, Fernando Lamas, on an episode of The Jane Wyman Show, when Lorenzo was only 3 months old at the time. Long after the series was ended, Jane suggested to Lorenzo to audition for the role, after he was all grown up, and with little acting experience.

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Trivia (14)

  • Recurring character debut. Bob Curtis appears for the first time as Father Bob.

  • This is Stepen Elliot`s final appearance as Douglas Channing making way for Richard the following season.

  • Bradford Dillman is billed as Special Guest Star.

  • Andrew Duggan is billed as Special Guest Star.

  • "The Phoenix" takes place six weeks after the events of the Season Four finale/cliffhanger episode "The Avenging Angel".

  • Morgan Fairchild and Daniel Greene make their final appearances as Jordan and Dwayne in this episode.

  • In this episode Maggie's sister Terry is buried and a funeral is held. Where is Paul Hartford? He was Maggie's adoptive father but he was Terry's natural father.

  • Angela learns that Richard is her son.

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  • Chase: Hey, what is all this? I feel like Neil Armstrong home from the moon. A Neil Welcoming Committee. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.