TNT Releases Premiere Dates and Trailers for Falling Skies, The Last Ship, and Legends (VIDEO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Mar 10, 2014

TNT is celebrating the return of daylight savings time by breaking out the bathing suits, slathering on the sunscreen, and releasing premiere dates (plus trailers!) for three of its summer series. So grab a pencil and mark down the following:

Falling Skies: Sunday June 22 at 10 pm

The Season 3 finale asked just as many questions as it answered, and in this new trailer, it looks like everyone's separated, new aliens are popping up, and there's just a whole lot of chaos going on. So, you know, business as usual. Take a look for yourself:

The Last Ship: Sunday, June 22 at 9pm

This new action series from Michael Bay follows the aftermath of a global catastrophe that nearly wipes out the world's population. Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy) stars as Tom Chandler, the captain of the Navy destroyer the U.S.S. Nathan James. Because of its location at the time of whatever tragedy befell the planet, Chandler and the ship's crew survived, and must face the reality that they may be among the few remaining survivors on Earth. Here's a trailer, and yes, there are explosions:

Legends: Wednesday August 20 at 9pm

Another brand-new series! Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) stars as Martin Odum in this suspense drama based on the award-winning book by Robert Littell. Odum is an undercover agent in the FBI's Deep Cover Operations division who has the ability to become a completely different person depending on the job. However, he eventually begins to question his own identity once it's suggested that he might not be the person he thought he was. Feast your eyeballs on the trailer here:

Which of these three shows are you most looking forward to?

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  • simmy69 Jun 04, 2014

  • hazben May 01, 2014

    i clicked on the LEGENDS video and all i get is a message that says "this video is private" with a blacked out, fuzzy background.

    is there a secret club i am supposed to join?


  • MgavanderSlui Jun 19, 2014

    Same here CONSPIRACY hehehe

  • DesertWolf May 26, 2014

    the same happened to me, why it is private??? why we can't see it??? is it a secrete????

  • Writerpatrick Apr 22, 2014

    I"ll likely watch Falling Skies again this summer. If there was something better on I probably wouldn't, but it's summer. It's essentially War of the Worlds.

    The Last Ship looks to suffer from Apocalypse syndrome. That's when the writers can't figure out how to deal with a populated planet not doing what they want it to do so they wipe everyone out.

  • jacobjeffery714 Jun 02, 2014

    no it is based on a book maybe those writers sufferd from said syndrome, but the tv show creators are just following what they have been given.

  • SarahFloyd Mar 15, 2014

    The Last Ship - will check out the pilot, the Bay factor is my greatest worry.
    Legends - SB, similar to Bourne ?, right down my alley of interests and fairly sure I'll be in for the long haul.
    Falling Skies - nope, only just made it through the 1st season and that's was more than enough.

  • TrevPlatt Mar 11, 2014

    Legends = Sean Bean + Ali Larter + Tina Majorino + an interest concept = most interesting.

    The Last Ship looks like a cross between Last Resort and a smidgen of Helix, which isn't a good mix for me but I give every new show a shot so I'm hoping it takes the best parts from both of those (which means almost nothing from Helix).

  • ted2332 Mar 11, 2014

    I like Falling Skies and the other two look interesting.
    I groaned a little when I heard Last Ship and Michael Bay in the same sentence though.

  • gbredneck Mar 11, 2014

    Last Ship looks like the one for me, just reading the book at the moment, hopefully it will stay relatively close to the book.

  • olavaudun Mar 11, 2014

    I go for legends, And Falling skies is ok....

  • Tvking00 Mar 11, 2014

    Gave up on falling skies mid season not sure if I wanna return tbh

  • terminaltrip421 Mar 11, 2014

    again, "daylight savings time" is not a thing, it's daylight saving time. while we're at it there should always be an 'a' prior to myriad (please pass this along to every God forsaken internet-only article author.)

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