On Thin Ice

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  • 6.0

    not available on Netflix :(

    By kyravon, Jan 08, 2014

    but it is on Amazon prime.

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  • 9.0

    To people without TV

    By m-o-o-n, Jun 12, 2013

    There is a way to (legally, I should add) watch these shows, without using a TV. It's called Netflix. You should try it!

    I looove watching this show! I didn't the kinda messy 2nd season. I think it added deeper side stories to the characters. Can't wait for season 3!

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    Alien Half Breed

    By Clarkent66, Jun 11, 2013

    When this show first aired, it received a lot of mixed reviews. Most of them were negative. But, it has really picked it's self up. Charleston is becoming more and more like Defiance and that new addition to the Mason family is starting to become quite a handful. I think we might have another alien half breed on our hands.

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  • 9.5

    On Thin Ice

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jun 10, 2013

    On Thin Ice was an awesome third season premier of Falling Skies. I liked the action and it was easy to pick up on how things have changed over the last seven months. It was intriguing to meet the new alien allies and hearing more about the Overlords. There was great character development and the tension built by various relations was thick. There were many surprising scenes and situations. I look forward to seeing what happens next!!!!!!!!!

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    To conradharney

    By lachlanverboo, Jun 10, 2013

    i am not condoning this but a way to watch tv shows online is from "Project Free Tv" it is free

    On other notes this is a great show and can't wait to see whats next

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