Family Affairs

Episode 2082

Season 9, Ep 57, Aired 3/22/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Mel announces to Gary that she's invited Graham to his wedding. He's not pleased about the idea but tells Mel that he'll talk things over with Chrissy. That conversation is a little one sided with Gary doing most of the talking. They (or rather he) comes to the decision that Graham isn't welcome and later it becomes his job to tell Mel! She isn't happy at all but Gary tells her that it's just family . . . even though Sadie's invited-ish . . . Anyway, Mel isn't happy! Having invited Dr John round for a homemade dinner, Tanya remembers that she can't actually cook! So she enlists Babs' help! Babs to the rescue - she soon gets her daughter organized and gives her a recipe that can't fail. Later, things go horribly wrong in the kitchen and Tanya decides that a takeaway is a much better solution! She apologizes to John who tells her he's not hungry anyway. Tanya also confronts him about why he' with her, after all he's so perfect and she can't even cook. John tells her that for starters she's only seen him on his good days and secondly he's not looking for a "perfect woman" - they're all far too boring. He'd much rather have her . . . lots . . . Having told Les about Graham's latest threats, Denise won't let him tell Kelly. Les calls Brendan and gets the idea into his head that the family should move away to France! Nobody is particularly keen but they all see that something has to be done. Later, Denise sees a woman getting into Graham's cab and wonders why he should get away with what he's done. She decides to confront the issue head on and warns the woman away from Graham. Denise returns home and announces to her family that people deserve to know about Graham's confession, even if they don't believe her, even if she ends up being thrown in prison, Denise believes that people deserve the truth . . . Eileen wakes up again feeling rough but by the afternoon they seem to have gone away again . . . Pete has a thought and heads to the chemist to pick up a pregnancy test. When presented with this, Eileen is adamant that she's not pregnant, after all they haven't officially been trying yet! Later, while visiting Eileen at the pub, Chrissy spots the pregnancy test on the side and makes Eileen think again about taking it. While Eileen hides away in the bathroom, Pete plans a romantic evening. When she emerges, Pete tells Eileen that it's to get them in the right mood for trying but she tells him there's no need for that: she's pregnant!moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kate O'Mara

    Jackie Lawrence (Recurring 2005)

  • Kim Taylforth

    Sharon Foster Ingram (Recurring 2004; 2005)

  • Tim Dantay

    Patrick Young (Recurring 2005)

  • Gary Webster

    Gary Costello (2003 - )

  • David Michaels

    John Stokes (Recurring 2004; 2005)

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