Family Affairs

Episode 2108

Season 9, Ep 83, Aired 4/27/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Gary is having a rough day. He's unable to sleep and only manages one fare at work before he finds himself distracted by his home life. Things only get worse when Dave confirms that he's taking the job in Scotland! After forgetting to pick Chloe up from school because he was out, driving around, looking for Mel. Gary finds himself at the other end of a good talking to by Chrissy and Myra who try and remind him that he has another daughter too and that he has other responsibilities other than Mel. They try and reassure him that Mel doesn't want to get in touch with them right now, the police are doing their best and all the Costellos can so is go about their lives . . . While out having a fag brake and hassling Doug about his eating habits, Yasmin's kitten comes to the door of the salon. Cat tries to shoo her away but this has the adverse affect and Beyonce ends up running out of the shop. Cat follows but not fast enough as a car comes speeding down Stanley Street -- SPLAT! -- Horrified at what she has done, Cat takes Beyonce's body and places her in a black plastic bag and keeps quiet to a worried Yasmin all afternoon. When she gets home, Cat buries Beyonce in the back garden but on her travels she finds a shiny coin! It turns out Babs' tarot reading might not have been so off the mark after all! Pete and Eileen try to get over her miscarriage, but it hits them both hard. Individually they are both consoled by Tanya who's working a shift in A&E at the same time. Later, after Eileen has had an operation to remove the fetus, Pete reassures her by telling her that soon she'll get back on her feet and they'll be able to try again. Eileen is taken aback by this and tells Pete that she doesn't want to talk about that right now. But when the consultant comes, Pete can't help but force the issue. Eileen insists that she doesn't want to know but Pete continues to ask the questions: is it possible for Eileen to conceive again? Is there anything that could've been done to save the baby? When the consultant goes away, Eileen tries to make Pete see that having been through two miscarriages in the space of a year, the last thing she wants is to go through another. She also asks Pete why he asked if anything could have been done - Eileen thinks that Pete blames her! They argue. Eileen tells Pete that if he's not going to be there for her, then he may as well just walk away right now! And that's what he does . . .moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kate O'Mara

    Jackie Lawrence (Recurring 2005)

  • Kim Taylforth

    Sharon Foster Ingram (Recurring 2004; 2005)

  • Tim Dantay

    Patrick Young (Recurring 2005)

  • Gary Webster

    Gary Costello (2003 - )

  • David Michaels

    John Stokes (Recurring 2004; 2005)

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