Family Affairs

Episode 2119

Season 9, Ep 94, Aired 5/12/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Les really can't wait to get out of the police station and Denise worries that her warning earlier that if he didn't go to the GP's appointment then they were finished may have been a bit too harsh - she tells Kelly that she didn't mean it. Later, much to his relief, Les gets out with a caution while Denise still worries about where he's got to. Les decides to go for a drink at the Swan. However, Kelly soon finds him and lays into him for not calling Denise. Kelly orders Les home. He heads out of the pub but takes one look at his house across the street and decides against it, instead he goes to the cafe to apologize to Lucy. She asks him where he's been all afternoon, he's forced to admit the truth but he's put out when Lucy can't offer him any pearls of wisdom . . . Les decides to put in an appearance with Denise. They end up apologizing to one another but Denise interrupts Les as he's about to confess where he's been all afternoon! They decide that maybe marriage guidance wasn't the best way to go about solving their problems but neither of them seem sure about what is . . . When Conrad returns home early from his drink with Pam, Katie can tell that there's something not right with him. He tells her to stay out of it, hut Katie being Katie she doesn't and decides to confront Pam. Katie tells Pam that maybe she should have made herself clearer to Conrad rather than leading him on! Later, Pam apologizes to Conrad, he doesn't seem to think she has anything to apologize for and when he finds out that Katie's been talking to Pam he decides to teach her a lesson and asks Pam to help him out . . . Eileen feels like they should be doing something to help Gary and Chrissy during this difficult time for them. Pete agrees so she makes him invite Gary and Chrissy over for a drink later. But when Pete pitches the idea to Gary, he's not so keen. But when Gary gets obsessive about calling round all Mel's friends to see if any of them have heard from her since the appeal, Chrissy suggests that maybe they need a break from all this. They go out for a drink with Eileen and Pete and as it turns out they have quite a nice time. They return home late and agree that they did the right thing at least attempting to get on with their lives. As they're about to head off to bed, the phone rings. Chrissy picks it up, there's silence at the other end. Chrissy thinks its another hoax and the person on the other end gets a good earful but when Chrissy dials 1471 she hears Mel's phone number being read back to her . . .moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kate O'Mara

    Jackie Lawrence (Recurring 2005)

  • Kim Taylforth

    Sharon Foster Ingram (Recurring 2004; 2005)

  • Tim Dantay

    Patrick Young (Recurring 2005)

  • Gary Webster

    Gary Costello (2003 - )

  • David Michaels

    John Stokes (Recurring 2004; 2005)

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