Baby, You Knock Me Out

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    Why did they remake Lethal Weapons? That was a great episode and they did a pointless remake of Rocky 3. This was a bad episode and we've seen Lois fight before using her martial arts skills. It's time for these new writers to find new ideas not old ones.

    By thundercat2000, Oct 23, 2011

    Peter gets treated to a sports bar on his birthday and they have womens' boxing. He tricks Lois into fighting and she wins. Peter is amazed that she can fight and gets her fighting again. After she gets her nose broken, she quits. A female version of Clubber Lang challenges her. Lois gets pounded but she fights back and win. Where have we seen this before? Rocky 3 and once again the writers are running out of ideas. I hated how Peter got her mad and tricked her. What was worse, he was more annoying when he acted like a three year old demanding flapjacks. He got milked (literally) but I wished Lois had beaten the living daylights out of him. I loved it when Lois got her nose broken and getting pounded. I also loved it when Meg said "Good." seeing Lois getting her just desserts because I also agree Lois is a douche to Meg and Brian. The card joke from Cleveland was long and not funny. I wished Lois had lost instead of being predictable. Just a bad rehash of Leathal Weapons.moreless

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  • 6.5


    By jmbsonic555, Oct 10, 2011

    The episode begins with Peter, excited about his upcoming birthday. On his birthday, Joe gives Peter a globe, which he is reluctant to receive. Even Cleveland sent a card to Peter although he failed to turn off the recording. As a result, Peter heard Cleveland singing a song which he was listening to in his car radio, when he is pulled over and assaulted by a racist cop, he attempts to run, but is shot repeatedly and is attacked by hounds. Peter closes the card and assumes Cleveland is fine. Peter later receives tickets for a boxing match from Quagmire. At the boxing match, it is announced the house champion will take on all comers. Peter uses a plaster hand based off of Lois' hand, raises it, and attempts to set her up for a match. Lois assumes that it would be a fun match, she is proven wrong when the woman punches her. Lois loses her temper soon enough and defeats her quickly. Peter attempts to become Lois' manager, but Lois refuses to fight anymore. Peter tricks Lois by saying that would be going to a "fancy" restaurant, and blindfolds her. Peter reveals that Lois will be fighting. Lois attempts to explain to her opponent that it is all a misunderstanding. Lois quickly loses her temper and imagines that her opponent is Peter and quickly wins the fight, and later wins many more fights.

    Soon enough, Lois breaks her nose and reveals to Peter that she has been picturing her opponents as him and says she got most of it out of her system and retires. Mayor West later celebrates Lois' victories and her retirement. Deidre Jackson appears to challenge Lois to a fight, which she refuses. Deidre later humiliates Peter causing Lois to accept the challenge. In the news, Deirdre Jackson states that she will kill Lois, as she did 3 other women, in the sixth round, which Peter fears may be true. Lois later fights Deidre Jackson and is beaten senseless each round. At the sixth round, Lois is almost beaten, but fights back and wins. Lois officially quits after the match and goes back to providing for her family.


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    Really Funny Episode!

    By teenj12, Jun 14, 2011

    This episode was amzing. First, it was wrong of Peter, Bonny, Joe, and Bonnie to force Lois to fight. Although, Lois is funny and good at fighting. That Jackson girl REALLY made Peter her *****! It was hilarious, but I'm kinda glad that Lois gave that Jackson ***** her just desserts. Meg saying "Good" at her mother being beat up was mean, but Lois is mean to Meg. Everyone is. Season 10 has shown some really impressive episodes. Such as this, the Joyce Kinney one, and the Murder/Mystery one. Overall, this episode was one of the best episodes of S10.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Anyone else notice the improved graphics and texture?

    By ZaleIsBackAgain, May 27, 2011

    A solid episode of Family Guy. A lot of people feel like Family Guy is losing its touch, which is true, though every once in a while it can pull in something like this. In fact this episode came out with fleshed out new jokes and gags and possibly the most entertaining fight scene as of yet. Peter's birthday party, Peter getting milked by Jackson, and Peter talking at the wrong side of the ring. On the other hand, Family Guy is notorious for being so out of character that we've gotten used to this over the seasons. It seems like every character here, especially Peter and his out of the blue sensitivity and affection for what Lois thinks, Family Guy felt really really out of character. That really affected the outcome of the episode despite the great laughs the episode was filled with.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Peter: I'm gonna break a window every 5 seconds I don't have my flapjacks!

    By doguineta, May 27, 2011

    Another solid episode of Family Guy.

    So it's Peter's birthday & to celebrate he, Lois, Glenn, Joe & Bonnie go to a girl boxing match. So then, when the boxer is accepting challenges from the audience, Peter makes Lois participate. She wins. Then Peter beomces her agent against her will and fixes her up with many fights. The only thing keeping Lois going was her hatred towards Peter (In your imagination, I have eyelashes).

    Then when she is retiring, a macho girl challenges her and she doenws't accept until macho milks Peter's nipples. Then at the fight, she is losing, and on the 6th round, when macho was gonna kill Lois, Lois snaps and beats her to the theme of Eye of the Tiger (with Peter singing at one point). The next moring, Peter eats cereal with nipple milk.

    Overall: Great solid episode. It had comedy and heart, as Peter apologizes for treating Lois as crap. Plus the flapjack bit was hilarious. 9/10.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Great episode

    By tigerdude22, May 27, 2011

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Family Guy". Everyone keeps convincing Lois to go do a boxing match and Lois decides to do it so everyone stops bugging her about it. Peter has been getting on Lois' nerves so Lois punches the boxers because she is picturing Peter. I thought the cutaway with Peter not wanting to invite Meg to his birthday party was funny, when Peter was burping and then said "says the king", and with Peter being drunk. I thought Cleveland's birthday card was hilarious but it did take slightly too long. It was funny when Joe gave Peter a globe for his birthday and Peter was wondering what it was. It was very funny when Peter said he will break a window for every five seconds that he doesn't get his flapjacks. It was hilarious when that tough female boxer was milking Peter like he was a cow and Peter kept mooing. It was hilarious when Mayor West told everyone to leave and that the party is canceled because his parents are there. It was hilarious when Peter was at the wrong corner to talk to Lois and it was hilarious when Peter was randomly singing "Eye of the Tiger". Overall, this was a very funny episode of "Family Guy" but the plot could have improved a little more but it was great for the most part. 8.5/10moreless

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  • 5.5

    Not that good.

    By TigerFan145, Dec 02, 2010

    I had very mixed feelings about this episode. The Halloween special was a great episode, and it got me back into Family Guy, but this one just had a strange feel to it. The plot about Lois becoming a great boxer motivated by Peter aggravating her was too similar to "Lethal Weapons", and felt slightly predictable. This episode also didn't make me laugh that much. The only parts that I found funny were Cleveland's birthday card, and when Peter started singing "Eye of the Tiger", only to be interrupted by Quagmire. While it wasn't a bad episode, it felt too bland and unlike Family Guy. I hope next week's episode is better.moreless

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  • 3.5

    So. . . nobody remembers Lethal Weapons?

    By ActiveSparkles, Nov 22, 2010

    The entire episode being based on Lois not being an aggressive person is kind of stupid when they covered her doing martial arts in season 3. Are they trying to create something for a new audience who didn't watch family guy a few years back or are they just so dry on ideas that it really doesn't matter at this point? I am not sure I know or care. A poor episode by any standards. A real shame coming off of a really solid Haloween special. Little in the way of jokes or laugh out loud moments. More of peter singing (we know you can sing seth, but we don't need to hear it each and every damn week)

    I don't know, maybe my sense of humour has changed over the years because other people seem to enjoy family guy in its current state. I do not, and have not for a few years now.moreless

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    Family Guy's take on Rocky Balboa.

    By Horrorchicken, Nov 19, 2010

    So, the 5th episode of the serie's ninth season is in my opinion the least entertaining episode on this season yet.

    The episode begins with the usual irrelevant scenario, Peter's birthday. The story then quickly evolves into a story of Lois' way into boxing. The episode, in the beginning atleast, was very predictable. Lois convinces Peter that her first fight was a rush of the moment type of thing, but it became rather obvious that she would be boxing throughout the episode.

    The episode gets a twisting turn in the midpoint, as Lois is challenged by the champion of the town. Then it became obvious that the episode would have a big epic fight as it's big finale. And this was the case. But then again, as the fight is fought between one of the main characters of the show and a character never before seen in the show, it was very clear who would win.

    But then again, I enjoyed the last fight, I always find well animated fighting entertaining :) There were a lot of basic Family Guy humor throughout the episode, but then again, you can't build a good episodes out of good jokes and a bad storyline.

    In conclusion, this episode most definately wasn't a disappointment, but it could've been easily better. The storyline went nowhere and the "Peter's own milk" joke in the end was pretty much the icing on the top of this heap of mediocre entertainment.moreless

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  • 7.5


    By futuramarama, Nov 19, 2010

    lois competes in boxing matches but soon decides to retire. then, the toughest female boxer in quahog, challenges her, and she accepts. will lois win?

    eh, it was alright. i know others might disagree but i didn't like peter singing "Eye of the Tiger", i preferred the actual song music in the background. the only part i remember laughing at was cleveland's card for peter, but that dragged on way too long. that could've been a really good joke, but it went on too long and got boring. otherwise, not really any jokes i liked/disliked (maybe quagmire's "boxer" line and peter's "That means two things!"). C or so because i liked the plot, even though it's been done in Simpsons and King of the Hill before (Sure, they made it a little different in this one, but it has the same kind of plot, just different way around it).moreless

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