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  • 8.5

    Not in anyway a terrible episode.

    By hobieparnell23, Jul 16, 2012

    Brian In Love was a very entertaining episode for what it was.

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  • 1.5


    By jmbsonic555, Nov 06, 2011

    Lois suspects Stewie is the one creating all the pee stains around the house, so she decides to potty-train him. When an incident in the supermarket reveals that Brian is the one responsible, he goes to see a therapist. Brian finds out that his love of Lois is causing his accidents, so he decides to confront her.

    I am sick of Brian being in love in every damn episode with him.

    Can't he start being in love with his own species? Jeez.

    Overall, I didn't like this episode that much at all.


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  • 10

    Awesome episode!

    By kurby123, Jan 25, 2011

    This is quite simply, the best it can get for Family Guy. It was just so good and I was hooked and staring at the TV in the first five minutes. One of my fave episodes in the series. Stewie peeing everywhere and blaming it on Brian was hilarious. Brian\'s secret love for Lois... extremely unexpected. Great episode. Hope they will make more episodes like this one.

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  • 10

    Perfect episode

    By fenway98, Jan 04, 2011

    Brian starts peeing everywhere, and lois wants to potty train him. He even urinates in the supermarket. He decides to see a therapist to figure out why he keeps buying. He figures out its because hes in love with lois. Brian cant tell anyone, because Peter is his bestfriend, but he confronts it with Lois.

    This was a perfect episode. I loved seeing Snoopy in that dream Brian had. i also loved seeing Stewie peeing everywhere so he can get Brian in trouble. There were also ALOT of funny flashbacks in this episode, and i cant even remember them all.

    Overall Grade: 100%/A+moreless

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  • 8.5

    this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, May 24, 2010

    in this ep of the show family guy lois thinks stouie is making all the pee stains around the house and she decied to potie train him . thing is at the supermarket they find out it was brian and so he goes and sees a theripist to figure out the situation and it turns out he is in love with louis and that is the problem why he is doing it. and so he comes back and turns out stouie decides to do it all over the house to get them think its brian. this wa funny ep and so brian goes to confront louis about it. such a good epmoreless

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  • 8.9


    By j19000, Jun 05, 2008

    This episode in my opinion was an excellent example of why people watch this show.

    Brian in love with Lois, who could have thought. Brian urinating in the supermarket, rofl.

    It was just hilarious like all other episodes. I can't get over how much I love those flashbacks, man they're homorous. Like my opinion states: "Revealing" and that's because it was. We learned more about Brian's past and his life up to this point. One of the most lovable characters on the show. Then Stewie, hilarious baby. The kid can't stop causing trouble in the griffin's household. Brian is a true favorite, and it leads us back to... "A Talking dog!".

    Very great episode...moreless

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  • 10

    This epsidoe marks the start of Brians love life troubles and starts a running series storyline about Brians love for Lois

    By danbanana, Apr 01, 2008

    This epsidoe marks the start of Brians love life troubles and starts a running series storyline about Brians love for Lois.

    Lois is upset that Stewie has wet the carpet in the living room. Stewie emphatically denies this, but Lois and Peter are convinced that it's a sign that Stewie is ready to potty train. However, it's actually Brian who's wetting the house, and he tries to clean up another accident that night.

    After a failed attempt by Peter at getting Stewie to use the toilet, the family goes to the supermarket to buy groceries. In the checkout line, Brian has another accident, revealing that Stewie (much to his own delight) is innocent. This leads to Brian going to see Dr. Kaplan, a psychiatrist. The doctor decides Brian is having a mid-life crisis, so Brian goes traveling and exploring.

    Brian feels better, but shortly after returning, Stewie gets revenge and frames Brian by peeing all over the living room. Brian (who believes he has done it himself, albeit claiming he never remembered doing it) is blamed and returns to Dr. Kaplan to find out why this is still happening. After revealing that his last accident happened after watching Lois and Peter have a water fight while washing the car, Dr. Kaplan tells Brian that he is in love with Lois. Brian and Lois by themselvesBrian and Lois discuss the situation and decide to just remain friends. Peter, who is unaware that Brian's love is Lois, conjectures that Brian's beloved would "probably end up with some idiot." Iloved the Jetson gag,the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood gag, and the scene were Brian tells Dr. Kaplan about a dream parodying the 1976 science fiction film Logan's Run, in which the "Sandmen" kill all people at age 30 as means of population control. In the dream, Brian tries to distract the Sandmen by pointing out Peanuts character Snoopy, who's "got to be in his fifties". Also, the overhead speakers in the film play the Air Supply song "All Out of Love".moreless

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  • 9.0

    Good Episode!!!! However, not the cream of the crop of all of Family Guy.

    By Iverson82094, Feb 02, 2008

    When mysterious stains appear on the Griffins' carpet, they assume it's Stewie. But when Brian finally confesses that he made the mess, Lois encourages him to seek therapy. In an attempt to end his uncontrollable problem, Brian tours the world in search of himself. But nothing prepares him for what he discovers: he's in love with his best friend's wife. Good episode... Very funny at many times in the episode... No reason to give this episode a horrible review, but it is certainly not the cream of the crop of Family guy. If you want to see a good episode watch this one, but don't pick this episode to represent Family Guy.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Good episode

    By LOSTismylife, Nov 26, 2007

    I really like the episode of Family Guy, Brian In Love. It was very well written in my opinion. I think that Stewie and Brian were very funny in this episode. I loved the over all story line about Brian being in love with Lois. And I thought that it was very funny at the end of the episode where Peter is oblivious to everything! "Oh well she probably ended up with some idiot." Ha ha poor Peter. Anyways I really liked the plot and dialogue in this episode. It is a very fine example of why I watch this series.moreless

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