Brian: Portrait of a Dog

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  • 1.5

    worst episode of the series

    By kalevine, Oct 17, 2012

    wow I am surprised at the high rating. I consider this to be the worst Family Guy episode ever, loaded with inconsistencies and not sure which way it wants to go - heartwarming story of a man and his dog or goofy send up. It works as neither. Brian agrees to go through with the show and all its indignities but then refuses to do a stunt no more humiliating than those that preceded it, getting all worked up over nothing. The very early episodes often suffered from an identity crisis but "Portrait of a Dog" really stands alone.moreless

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  • 10

    A perfect episode

    By fsaenz0125, Jan 01, 2012

    When a heat wave hits Quahog, Peter gets Brian to enter a dog show to win $500 so that the family can get a new air conditioner. When they argue over a trick gone bad, Brian walks out on the family and Peter replaces him with a cat. Brian struggles to assert his civil rights and soon ends up at the pound. Luckily, Peter is able to bail him out by bribing the judge. This episode was perfect. Some humor include the beginning, Chris noticed that he saw Diane Simmons' nipple, Stewie's appearance (almost all of them he is in), most of the cutaway, and the ending. Overall, a perfect episode of Family Guy. 10/10moreless

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  • 7.0

    The worst Season 1 episode, still a good episode though.

    By jmbsonic555, Sep 30, 2011

    When a heat wave hits Quahog, Peter gets Brian to enter a dog show to win $500 so that the family can get a new air conditioner. When they argue over a trick gone bad, Brian walks out on the family and Peter replaces him with a cat. Brian struggles to assert his civil rights and soon ends up at the pound. Luckily, Peter is able to bail him out by bribing the judge.

    What I liked- Dianne simmons saying "freak", the Pillsbury Doughboy, Peter staring at the dog showing her boobs, and Peter bribing the judges

    An okay episode, but not my favorite Season 1 episode.


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  • 10

    Awesome episode

    By fenway98, Jan 22, 2011

    Being in the dog show so Peter can get a new air conditioner is degrading enough. But when Peter wants Brian to try to get the dog treat off his nose, that crosses the line. Brian decides to move out on the streets, and he becomes a pathetic homeless dog. He gets taken to the pound for biting people, and he is going to get put down, unless he can make a good case in court. Brian wins, and dosn't have to get put down.

    This was the best episode of season 1. There were many great flashbacks, like The old time cartoon, Peter crashing into the deer, and Brian singing.

    I also loved the cat

    Overall Grade: 100%/A+++moreless

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  • 10

    Great first seaosn finale

    By danbanana, Oct 18, 2010

    Quahog is in the grip of an unusual heatwave and, not having air conditioning, the Griffins are suffering. Peter learns of an upcoming dog show offering a top prize of $500, which he sees as the perfect way to buy an air conditioner. He persuades a reluctant Brian to participate. Before the dog show, Brian acts like the director, Joe Gideon, in All That Jazz, using eye drops, taking a deep breath, and then saying "Showtime!" Brian performs his tricks at the dog show and almost wins first place for the family. Peter puts a bone biscuit on Brian's nose; Brian finds this demeaning and becomes angry because he refuses to "perpetuate the stereotype of the 'good dog.' " Brian subsequently exits in a huff. Peter and Brian performing at the dog show.On the way home, Peter and Brian argue until an angry Brian gets out of the car. The police give Brian a ticket for violating the local leash law, which Peter has to pay, only further widening their rift. When Peter and Brian get into another argument, Peter mentions that he found Brian on the road (as a stray dog). Angry that Peter brought that up, Brian leaves the house, whereupon he is treated badly and unfairly by the community, and ultimately forced to sleep at the bus station. Peter buys a new cat, which turns out to be mischievous, abusing the Griffins to no end; they get rid of it and search for Brian. By the time Peter decides to apologize to Brian, Brian has hit rock bottom, has been kicked out of a restaurant, out of a public store, and chased by the police when they find him drinking from a water fountain. Brian becomes a homeless person; having actually attacked a man on the street for treating Brian as a drunken hobo and not believing that Brian was a good dog. He is subsequently taken away by the police. Peter writes to MacGyver asking him to save his dog; he sends him a drinking straw, a rubber band and a paper clip, referencing the character's ability to concoct ingenious uses for mundane household items.

    At the pound, Brian is sentenced to be put down, while Peter works on Brian's appeal. Brian decides to study the laws as much as he can and goes to court to defend his own case, but when he finally gets the chance to plead his case, the court decides that it's stupid to listen to a dog. During Brian's parole hearing, he references the court case Plessy v. Ferguson, an infamous U.S. Supreme Court case that approved segregation in 1896. Just when he's about to be dismissed, Peter steps in and delivers a last-ditch emotional appeal on his behalf; his speech deeply moves his family to confess some of their own personal crimes (Chris stole $10 from Meg, who stole that money from Lois, who had actually counterfeit it). The people still aren't on Brian's side, but Peter promises to give them $20 which convinces them to free Brian. The charges against Brian are finally dropped and the town shows him new respect, allowing him to finally drink out of a water fountain, showing his equality amongst the other citizens of the community. The final scene, in which Brian drinks from the "people" water fountain, is a reference to the ending of the novel and TV movie, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, in which the title character, a black woman in the segregated South, does the same at a "white" water fountain. Back at home, when the two are alone, Brian licks Peter's face in a dog gesture, and tells Peter that if he tells anyone about that, he will kill him.My Fav refrence was the family watching Murder, She Wrote Peter exclaimes, "Ah ha! So she's the murderer!"moreless

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    By joeyissoweird, Oct 18, 2010

    Did you know that dogs don't have much rights that Humans do? They can't go outside for a walk without a leech, and they also can't drink from a water fountain in a park. It's a sad life for a dog. But, for a talking dog who realizes this, it's sadder. Brian is tired of being a second class citizen and wants to be treated with respect, so he decides to break laws and eventually goes to court for this.

    I thought this was a great parody of whatever it was probably parodying, this episode being, "it". It was very well written. Brian standing up for his rights, and trying to get dogs like him better rights? Amazing. We get a lot of character development for Brian. In fact, this is probably the first episode all about him, and I thought that was just an amazing episode.

    I recommend it. Great addition to the first season of Family Guy!moreless

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  • 8.5

    this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, May 24, 2010

    in this ep of the show family guy brian is put into a contest by peter and family to enter to win 500 dollars and he just has to come up with a trick thing is brian is not into that and so he walks out on the family and he is not used to being out there on the street so he windes up in the pound and is about to be put down and so peter bribes the judge and they get brian back this was a good ep i thought and it had some good moments and some funny parts.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Brian is sentenced to lethal injection.

    By thefanof, Aug 29, 2008

    Remember when Family Guy used to be good? Well then watch this episode. From the cutaway scenes involving Peter hitting the deer, to Macgyver, to everything in between. Stewie was great back then and even though Brian-centric episodes are usually weak, this one was far from it. Real dog humor has been replaced in newer episodes with bizarre pop culture references and lizards randomly eating people, but this just shows how great it can be.

    This was a well-written and extremely funny episode of Family Guy when it was the #1 show on television. If only it were even close to that now.moreless

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  • 8.8

    Not the best episode but an episode actually worth your time watching

    By RINx437LS, Apr 18, 2008

    A Freak heatwave hits Quahog that anyone can feel. The Griffins try and get Brian to enter the anual dog show. Later that night the dog and Peter are praticing some tricks but isn't easy since brian's not all about the dog show. When the day of the event happens, things turn bad when peter offers brian a doggy treat. The 2 are at an argument when brian asks to get out of the car. He's later founded by a police officer and takes him home. The next day, he and peter get in another argument and brian leaves the family. They miss brian except peter who likes Stewie's idea of getting a kitty which turns out to be a pain in the @$$. When peter finds brian, he's arrested, but appeals for trial. Peter saves him by promising the 5 people $20 each. Brian is back home licks peter and swears that if he tells anybody, he'd kill him.moreless

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