Family Guy

Road to Rupert

Season 5, Ep 9, Aired 1/28/07
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  • Episode Description
  • Brian sells Rupert at a garage sale. Stewie, who is upset with Brian, takes him cross country to Colorado to find his beloved teddy, and ends up having a ski-off to win back Rupert. Meanwhile, Peter loses his license, so Meg has to drive him around.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alex Borstein

    Lois (and various)

  • Mila Kunis

    Meg (season 2+)

  • Seth Green (I)

    Chris (and various)

  • Seth MacFarlane

    Peter / Stewie / Brian / Quagmire / Tom Tucker (and various)

  • Patrick Meighan

  • Fan Reviews (45)
  • Great Work, Seth Macfarlane and Dan Provenmire!!

    By Review-o-tron, Dec 20, 2013

  • Brian sells Stewie's teddy bear; Meg has to drive Peter around

    By fsaenz0125, Jun 06, 2012

  • Road to Rupert.

    By jmbsonic555, Oct 10, 2011

  • Brian accidentally sells Stewie's teddy bear Rupert at the garage sale and when Stewie gets upset about never seeing Rupert again, Brian and Stewie travel to Colorado to get Rupert back

    By tigerdude22, Aug 09, 2011

  • Funny Episode.

    By fenway98, Jun 08, 2010

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (24)

    • Peter: I'll just go to another bar. (Turns on the TV)
      Announcer: We now return to Cheers
      Cast: Norm!
      Peter: And Peter!
      Woody : How's life in the fast lane, Mr. Peterson?
      Peter: Griffion.
      Norm: I can't find the onramp, Woody.
      Peter: He was talking to me, Norm. Quit stealing my punchlines, you fat drunk. (Punches the TV) That show stopped being funny after Kirstie Alley ate Shelly Long.

    • Stewie: Thanks for the lift, Bandit. Good look tapping that hot... hot... Sally Field tail.... Bandit: Shut up, I don't like it anymore then you do!

    • (After Stewie dances, he and Brian are allowed to use a helicopter, which they fly over the mountains) Stewie:(Over the helicopter's propellers) Brian, be careful cause the mountains are the same color as the sky! Brian: What? Stewie: I said be careful cause the mountains are the same color as the- WHOA!!! Brian: What the hell was that? Stewie: I'm practicing my comedy crash. Brian: Well keep it down because I'm trying to- (The helicopter is about to hit a mountain) Brian & Stewie: WHOA!!! (They swerve away from the mountain but the tail of their helicopter hits a cliff, causing them to hit a slope and slide down the mountain, they crash into a rock, sail out of the cockpit and hit the snowbank) Stewie: Imagine the dance I'm gonna have to do to get our security deposit back.

    • Peter:(after learning Meg is his driver) Lois, this is the best you could do? Lois: Well, it was either Meg or a talking monkey smoking a cigar, but I didn't think you'd like that. Monkey: I've already accepted another job. Peter: Lois, you picked the opposite thing that I would like. Monkey: That's okay. I would have driven you bananas. Peter: Oh, oh. And he makes jokes. Nice going, Lois.

    • Peter: Cleveland, who would you rather do: Queen Latifah or Halle Berry, but she's been dead for six hours? Cleveland: Aw, man. That's a tough one.

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    Notes (2)

    • In an extended DVD exclusive scene, Lois is seen picking up a copy of "Stymie Gruffin: The Untold Story" and complaining that it's not a real movie, just three episodes sandwiched together. This, according to the staff, is their making fun of the fans for the same reaction to the movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

    • Originally slated to air January 7th, 2007, this episode was pushed back three weeks due to production issues.

    Trivia (7)

    • When Quagmire pours beer on Meg's head to put out the fire Peter made, the beer stays there. But when she gets out of the car to beat up a guy who crashed into her, the beer disappears.

    • When Brian and Stewie crash the helicopter, an animation error causes there to be two propellers spinning at different speeds.

    • The dance sequence with Gene Kelly is taken from the 1945 movie “Anchors Aweigh”. The original version had Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry the Mouse (from Tom and Jerry). The animators did a great job covering Jerry with Stewie but the reflection in the floor was not changed so you can still see Jerry there. Ironically when the original was first shown, the reflection of Jerry was missing and needed to be added before general release. The animators and creators deliberately left Jerry's shadow because the reflection was vague enough to not give away that it was Jerry. However Jerry's tail reflection was sometimes noticeable and was removed and Stewie's entrance had to add a reflection.

    • FBI Database: It showed the name Stanford Cordray, his address, age, and date of birth. It also showed he watches Cold Case, Without A Trace, and Yu-Gi-Oh!

    • There is a copy of Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story sitting beside Brian at the yard sale.

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    Allusions (12)

    • Matthew Broderick After Peter crashes his car he makes the comment that it's exactly what happened to Matthew Broderick, except do one died. He's referring to a 1985 car crash involving Broderick and then-fiance Jennifer Grey where a woman and her daughter were killed.

    • Ghostbusters When Peter is in the refrigerator he says, "There is no Peter, only Zuul". This a parody of a scene from the movie Ghostbusters, where Dana opens her refrigerator and inside is a demon. Later in the film Dana says "There is no Dana, only Zuul."

    • During Peter's 80's television montage, opening scenes from Charles in Charge, Family Ties, Three's Company, Bosom Buddies, Diff'rent Strokes, Laverne and Shirley and Who's the Boss? are used. Also the bit of music at the beginning before Peter starts singing sounds like the intro to the Perfect Strangers theme.

    • Title Sequence allusions: Stewie is dressed like Borat, and Stewie and Brian are shown on a scooter on their way to Aspen like in Dumb and Dumber.

    • The Flintstones While at the Drive-in movie, Meg puts BamBam and Pebbles onto Peter's head, much as Fred Flintstone put the two children on Dino's head in the end credits of The Flintstones

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