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    underrated gem

    By MattJames, 16 hours ago

    This episode is nowhere near as bad everyone thinks. I think it handled the theme of abuse really well. I loved it when Jeff got what he deserved in the end. Quagmire is normally known for his selfish sexual desires, but in this episode he manages to set that aside to help his sister. He really does have a generous side. The episode that came before this one (seahore seashell party) also did a great job dealing with themes of "abuse", but I didn't like how that cruel bitch Lois never learned her lesson in the end. In this episode on the other hand, everyone learns a valuable lesson. My only small complaint with this episode was that it was too dark with few funny moments. The best part was the Iraq lobster song.moreless

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    Seth seems to know nothing about the subject matter of domestic abuse, or how to make black comedy.

    By Girlygeek43, Jul 10, 2015

    You see, first of all black comedy can be done the right way, IE Monty python but there was nothing funny in this episode. The episode tries to tackle a very serious subject matter like domestic abuse, but instead it's like trying to study a whale in sea world rather than the ocean. First of all aside from being an asshole, Jeff is very unrealistic and over the top. Real abusive relationships don't have abusers that are that extreme, and abuse victims are not that helpless and submissive to their abusers, they do want to get out of their abusive relationships, idiot. But sometimes they only stay because of a variety of reasons such as Brenda needing Jeff to survive, or vice versa, or Jeff threatening to kill Brenda if she leaves. Trust me I have studied this issue before, and read about it on the news. But then we get the moral that in order to get out of an abusive relationship for good, you have to kill the abuser and it's the victim's fault for being in an abusive relationship in the first place. IT'S NOT FUNNY! FYI Jeff committed domestic abuse in front of four people, he should have been arrested on the spot. I admit the iraq lobster did provide some comedic relief, but the rest of the episode is just not funny. But here's the big elephant in the room, this episode aired right after Seahorse seashell party. In that episode they said you should stay in an abusive relationship for the benefit of the abuser, and called Meg out on standing up for herself, in this episode Brenda is called out for not standing up for herself and it says you should not be in an abusive relationship. Seth, that is 100% hypocrisy right there. When a comedy show is filled with issues that involve politics, abuse, and other serious issues the wrong way, it becomes mean spirited, whiny, and annoying. If you really want to do black comedy the right way, watch some episodes of Courage the cowardly dog, one in particular is, The Mask. It did everything you want to tackle, the right way.moreless

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    worst lesson ever

    By phoenix2014, Nov 20, 2014

    Seth MacFarlane thinks that domestic abuse is comedy and making the victim the ass of the jokes and the writers thinks that is funny DO U FUCKASSES SEE THE FUCKING PROBLEM HERE FAMILY GUY FUCK OFF

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    Not Funny At All

    By DerekWarren1, Sep 25, 2013

    I think everyone else summed it up nicely. I saw nothing funny about this episode!

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    I've finally figured out WHY these episodes that are great in Seth's mind are starting to suck.

    By MadameTamma, Jun 28, 2012

    Okay, I have no problem with dark comedy, however if a dark joke fails you run the risk of making your audience very uncomfortable. This episode is a perfect example of dark jokes that just failed and as a result just made me feel disgusting.

    If any good came out of this I've now I've finally realized why this show is become less funny with this episode. When you want to make a comedy out of a serious subject, political issues, controversial crimes, etc. you can go two ways. One, make it a satire where you subtly poke fun at the joke (Much like what south Park does), or you can talk about it like a moron to show that you a just a big dumb smuck who doesn't know much of anything about it. (I know of a lot of funny stand up comedians who do this). Seth is doing both at the same time and failing miserable at both at the same time.

    I've studied domestic abuse and this is not how the abuser takes control, how the abused one gets to that point, or how the family should handle it. It's clear he knows NOTHING about this subject but has no problem preaching about it, but as I've said before the jokes he makes fail and It is in no way subtle satire and yet he expects you to take something away from it as though it were.

    I think domestic abuse is a terrible thing, but this episode doesn't fail because of he took it too far, it fails because of where he took it.moreless

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    Cut the drama kids.. this is comedy

    By ClaytonHicks, Jan 17, 2012

    This episode is not funny and is WAY too dramatic. If you want crappy soupy drama go watch broadcast networks during the day. "Passions" and "All my Children." should fill your crappy need for... well, crap. Just keep the soap opera out of the family guy ive come to enjoy

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    Okay,THAT wasn't funny. Seth,woman abuse is a serious thing

    By Woahwoah312, Dec 11, 2011

    This episode has proven how much Family Guy has sunk below,and just sucks these days. Quagmire is in a comma,and his sister Brenda comes to save him. Everyone then meets her boyfriend Jeff,who is the worst FG character to ever be brought in. He is such a jerk who is not funny,and only yells. Brenda was just a pointless character. She never stood up to Jeff,and was just a useless woman. Lois then discovers that he's hitting her,and they start an intervention. Brenda then tells everyone that he's getting married to Jeff. What?! You mean that after getting hit and yelled at,she's going through. Wow,she is a pointless character. Quagmire then wants to murder him,and ends up getting nearly murdered. But Quagmire ends up killing Jeff,and at the end,he lies to Brenda,saying that he left her. Now,this was just an unfunny episode. Woman abuse is a serious thing,but Seth still decides to make funny jokes. Speaking of humor,there were barely any funny moments. The closest thing that made me laugh was Meg popping her zit,but the rest of the episode wasn't funny. Peter's jokes were unfunny,and saying he was going to kill Mort at the end was especially not funny. The Iraq Lobster would've been funny if it hadn't been used before. Quagmire seemed like the voice of reason for the episode. I liked him as the pervert he was before,but in this episode,someone should give him a medal. Overall, this was easily a horrendous episode and just proved that FG just sucks nowmoreless

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    If you want to go study a whale, try a tank, not a kiddie pool (or a toilet). Family Guy is too shallow for this.

    By MrSneer, Dec 03, 2011

    This episode was a big, f***ing mess. Let's look at the message here... "lol murdering a wife-beater is totally alright and justified". This is what happens when a man like Seth Macfarlane tackles a delicate issue; the man has no real understanding of the problem. He arrives at the most blunt, thoughtless conclusion.

    Let's not kid ourselves; Family Guy characters are exceedingly one-dimensional. The abusive boyfriend in this episode was no exception. All he did was shout about beating his wife; there was nothing even vaguely realistic about his character. There was nothing human about this character at all (or anyone else for that matter, but that's a separate issue). The only way anyone can say that murder is an appropriate solution, is if they truly believe such people ARE the hollow shell represented by this episode.

    And guess what, f**ing Seth Macfarlane, they're not. They are very complex, and some very disturbed and harmful, but everyone is human. Who the f***k are you to assume they never learn or change, and then decide it's appropriate to kill them. Who are you, God? You're too smart for the justice system? Because, obviously, you don't agree with it, so I guess you're above it.

    Family Guy is the least enlightened thing on television. How people find the show insightful is beyond me. It's just too shallow; shallow minds, shallow humor, shallow characters. Peter Griffin is not even human anymore, he's like a fat, retarded Woody Woodpecker. You have vapid retardation mixed with... more vapid retardation, under the guise of "mature subject matter".

    My advice to Seth Macfarlane is: stop pretending to be an intellectual. You obviously don't know how to be impartial, you never scratch below the surface. You're not mature enough to see beyond paper cut-out stereotypes, so stick with the only thing you do know- vomit and potty humor.moreless

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  • 7.0


    By thefanof, Nov 22, 2011

    This episode started off pretty rough and unfunny, but it actually morphed into an enjoyable installment. I liked the bit at the end with Joe e-mailing the fake note to the guys for their approval, and while this was really not humorous, it actually did serve a purpose.

    People are going to say this episode justified abusing your significant other. No, it did quite the opposite. Yes, there were some jokes about it, but in the end Jeff paid and the overall message was that it is a horrible thing to do.

    Family Guy has seen better days, but this really wasn't awful.moreless

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    An improvement over the last two episodes

    By fsaenz0125, Nov 22, 2011

    The last two episodes of season 10 were slow but decent. However, this episode was WAY better than Lottery Fever and Seashore Shell Party. Lots of people are saying that this episode was dark. It did has a dark plot but not until the third act where Quagmire battles Jeff. I wassurprisedthat Quagmire has a near deathexperience, but at least he killed Jeff. Of course, Jeff was kinda a major flaw in this episode because he was so harsh to Brenda (Quagmire's sister) and that's not right to have her marry a guy that yelled a lot. Other than that, I enjoyed this episode more than the last two aired episodes. Peter's role was animprovementas well (since he was a bit annoying in the last two episodes). There wasn't much humor in this episode (only around 5 parts were funny). I laughed at Peter& Joe talking to each other at very beginning, Joe calling Chris "Caleb", Peter playing Rock Lobster (Italianversion), and Peter making a joke. Overall, despite, Jeff's harsh behavior, I really enjoyed the episode. 9/10moreless

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