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    Love family guy

    By CheckinaCoulibaly, Jan 25, 2016


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    stupid Enterbots

    By MattJames, Oct 06, 2015

    I didn't like this episode. Why? I hated the way Lois acted. As usual. I hate her. Other than that, the episode was too dark and had very few funny moments. My favorite moment was "Stewie just said that!". Other than that one hilarious quote, this episode was pretty bad. However, it's still not one of the worst episodes. Now I have something serious to address. It pisses me off how everyone accuses the episode of having a "dangerous moral". That's bullshit! the episode does not "teach the viewer to stay in an abusive relationship"! if anything, Meg is doing the right thing by continuing to support her family in hard times. the part where she says she's a lightning rod was good because it shows how generous she is. the only reason everyone makes up false shit about the episode's "moral" was because that asshole manchild MrEnturd got overly butthurt about it because he thinks his "abusive" childhood makes him so special. I hate him for a good reason. Look how many of his stupid ass fanboys copied exact quotes from his review of the episode in their reviews below. people need to stop relying on that whiny bitch and form their own opinions for a change! I did.

    My opinion is: the episode has a good concept, and it was satisfying to see Meg finally shred that god-awful bitch Lois apart. however, what killed the episode for me was that it features Lois at her worst (as all the newer seasons do) and that it had very few good jokes.moreless

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    What does it take for you to stop watching a TV show? This episode!

    By Girlygeek43, Aug 16, 2014

    When it comes to writing and TV shows there's always that one time where you know it jumps the shark beyond prevail. It could be a bad season, or a slew of bad episodes in a row, however, this episode did something so abysmal it put Family Guy beyond repair. In order to make it brief I'll get to the elephant in the room first. This episode is about being trapped in a house with no TV, and it's as boring as being trapped in a house with no TV, yeah it's that boring. You see the mushroom scene Brian has is very pointless, and what the family does during the hurricane is just not funny. But then we get to the real stinker, Meg has finally had enough with the abuse she puts up with and calls her family out on what they do to her and they all break down. After she talks to Brian, Meg asks him if she's like a lightning rod for the family to release their tension on. THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE! WE GET THE ALL TIME CLICHE TROPE KNOWN AS STATUS QUO IS GOD! However, that's not the worst part of this trope, the bad part about using this trope in this episode is that THE MORAL OF THIS EPISODE IS, STAY IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE ABUSER! NOT FUNNY SETH! NOT FUNNY! Whenever Family guy tackles abuse, they do it horribly, and this episode is a prime example why.moreless

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    bad episode

    By phoenix2014, Jul 31, 2014

    this is a meg griffin being a bitch episode and the absoulte worst in that catagory

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    Thank God this episode was delayed.

    By hector_13_13, May 08, 2013

    I was actually glad that it took a while for this episode to air. It was stupid, upsetting, and awful. Kudos to Brian and Stewie and Meg for being the good ones in this episode. Peter and Lois, I swear if they don't quit their crap, the show may get cancelled again. Peter's antagonism continues and won't stop until somebody stops him. Meg should have never apologized. If anything, what she did was right. Thanks to Lois, Francine from American Dad is becoming her now. Don't be surprised once Francine starts treating Hayley like crap, similar to Lois treating Meg. Peter and Lois deserves to go to jail or be punished, like an episode ban or two. I'm sorry for this cheesy review, but Peter and Lois pissed me off more than ever before.moreless

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    The Underdog finally got her bone.

    By MichaelMcIndo, Oct 24, 2012

    I LOVED this episode. Scratch the haters. "Oh its not funny" So what? FG has serious episodes sometimes because ITS NEEDED in pop culture. Grow up and learn something .Im pretty sure thousands of people fee l like Meg in the world. This ep did wonders for me!

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    Hats Off To Meg Standing Up To The Haters

    By LuisMelndez, Jun 26, 2012

    The episode had been better as a OREO cookie with the white fudge in the middle, which Meg had set a foot down to the family, they get what they deserve all these years ago, but I'd rather see the thug version of Meg from "Dial Meg For Murder", it would had been better than to be normal because being a misfit it's already been absolutely done for years, but taking the blame herself to make them feel better let me down, hoping that no one comment about this and give up watching this in case they got deeply disappointed, they think they're jocks to be THIS cool enough to be loved and being popular enough to be GOD to be themselves.moreless

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    Worst episode ever

    By ILikeTelly, May 22, 2012

    Wasn't even funny! Even the bit where Peter as singing to his iphone playing music sucked! :(

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    Not Great

    By VivaLaRaza24, Apr 24, 2012

    Made me laugh a couple times but way too serious...

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    Worst Family Guy episode since 'If I'm dyin I'm lyin'

    By JasonPeter1, Mar 14, 2012

    I thought that this was gonna be a good episode but I was disappointed only 3 minutes in and I disliked pretty well everything except for that cutaway making fun of documentaries, every other joke was 0% funny. That writer Wellesley Wild should lose his job over this terrible piece of work and be replaced with Seth Green or Dave Willis. I think this is the worst Family Guy episode since its revival.

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