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Quotes (5)

  • Eddie: I ended up a three time loser: I lost the tournament, banged up my knee, and even worse I lost a good friend. Steve: You consider me a friend? Eddie: Well, it's not something we have to broadcast, but yeah. Steve, will you forgive me? Steve: Tell ya what. We'll discuss it on the way. Eddie: On the way to where? Steve: To the Bull's game. It turns out the Grandmama just isn't a fan of the Chicago Bulls, for some crazy reason she's nuts about the Charlotte Hornets. And she said I could give her ticket to anyone I want, and I decided to give it to my best friend, Eddie Winslow. Eddie: Thanks, Steve. Steve: Aw, you're welcome. (they hug, then separate real fast)

  • Steve: What's the matter, Edo? You tryin to build a house with all those bricks? Eddie: Just play, Steve. Steve: Oh, you mean like this. (drives past Eddie and makes the game winning dunk)

  • (After Grandmama holds her knee) Steve: Grandmama, are you all right? Grandmama: Twisted my knee! Spider: Tough break—we win! Grandmama: Hold it! Steve and this jerk should play for the final point. Spider: Whoa, hey what about me? I'm not hurt. (Grandmama takes off her glasses and looks at Spider in the eye) Grandmama: You could be. Spider: In that case I'll just watch from over here.

  • Eddie: Well, Steve, if it makes you feel any better I didn't do it on purpose. I just completely forgot about you. Steve: Oh, that's quite a pick me up. Eddie: Steve, you don't understand. The Spider is fantastic; I'd kill to play with him. Steve: Well, you did, Edo; you killed our friendship.

  • Estelle: You'll do great with Grandmama. Steve: Grandmama? Oh, Estelle, you see other players have names like the cyclops, the spider, and Gorilla Jam. And I get Grandmama? Oh, this will never work. (Grandmama comes in the house and palms a cake) Grandmama: I baked a cake. Steve: Oh, this will work.

Notes (4)

  • The German episode title is "Die Basketball-Oma", meaning "Basketball Grandma".

  • Bryton McClure (Richie) doesn't appear in this episode, but he's credited, however.

  • Jaleel White is in reality a good basketball player.

  • Donovan McCrary is Daruis's real life brother.

Trivia (1)

  • Throughout the basketball game of Eddie and the Spider vs. Steve and Grandmama, the score is not right in some of the shots.

Allusions (1)

  • Steve: To the Bull's game, it turns out the Grandmama just isn't a fan of the Chicago Bulls, for some crazy reason she's nuts about the Charlotte Hornets. Reference to the fact that Larry Johnson, who's playing his alter ego Grandmama, played for the then Charlotte Hornets at that time.