Fantastic Four

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  • Reed: Fascinating. These energy fields are off the scale. Sue: I'll show you off the scale!

  • (trying to find Johnny) Reed: Not vaporized, transported. I’m getting residual wormhole readings. I think I can track it. Sue: Think? You think? Reed: I mean I can most likely track it. From what I gather Johnny’s been taken to another galaxy. Sue: My baby brother. Taken to… another galaxy. (faints) Ben: Nice one, Stretch. Remind me to never have you cheer me up.

  • Reed: I’m tracing the path of the energy signature. Really quite an interesting form of... (Sue glares). Right. Sorry. Sue: So where is he? Reed: Susan, you have to understand. Johnny could be in anywhere in the universe… Sue: Where. Is. My. Brother?

  • Johnny: So I did a lot of thinking last night, after my abduction and all. I just wanted to thank you guys for bailing me out. Again. I’m really sorry for causing so much trouble. (Sue and Reed glare) Hey, was that okay? I don’t apologize much. Sue: That was lovely, Johnny.

  • Johnny: Man, I must be some kind of magnet for giant alien robots.

  • Thing: I'm thinkin' it's clobberin' time.

  • Johnny: Whoa, sis, it's okay. I'm okay. Susan: Well, don't get used to it. Because once I'm done hugging you, you're gonna be in big trouble.

  • Johnny: Whoa, the Smurfs got big! Ronan: I am Ronan the Accuser. Johnny: Uh, are you Angry Smurf?

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Notes (59)

  • Ronan the Accuser Ronan the Accuser first appeared in Fantastic Four #65 (August 1967). Ronan is a member of the aristocracy of the Kree people. After proving himself in a border incident, he was promoted to Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire. His tasks as Supreme Accuser included enforcing the laws and decrees of the Kree Supreme Intelligence, the organic computer leader of the Kree.

  • The Kree The Kree first appeared in Fantastic Four #65 (August 1967). These technologically advanced aliens, also known as the Ruul, come from the planet Hala in the Large Magellanic Cloud. They are the mortal enemies of the Skrull.

  • Brian Dobson (the Thing) and Michael Dobson (Ronan) are real-life brothers.

  • The opening credits confirm the series is at least somewhat based on the 2005 movie, since it has Dr. Doom with the team and has them aboard a space station rather than a space ship when they go into space.

  • This episode is loosely based on Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #9, which also featured Doom and Reed switching bodies.

  • Paul Dobson (Dr. Doom) and Brian Dobson (Thing) are real life brothers...along with Michael Dobson (Ronan from "Trial by Fire").

  • Dr. Doom Victor Von Doom was born the son of a healer and a gypsy sorceress. He made his way to America where he became Reed Richards' roommate and rival. Von Doom disfigured himself in a dangerous experiment, donned his metal mask, and returned to his home country of Latveria where he became its ruler. His first appearance was in Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962). He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. (his origin in the movie is substantially different and it's not clear how much this series draws upon the comic book, the movie, or some mixture of both)

  • Alicia (Masters) gets a name check but doesn't appear.

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Trivia (7)

  • Trivia: Johnny's middle name is Spencer.

  • Trivia: Reed mentions that Doom's armor contains adamantium, which is the same super-hard, indestructible metal that covers X-Men member Wolverine's skeleton.

  • Johnny mentions in conversation with Bruce Banner that the Fantastic Four have defeated the Mole Man, despite the fact that the Mole Man has yet to appear in this series as it was originally aired, out of production order.

  • Rupert's costume is the exact same design as the ones the Fantastic Four wore in their first appearances.

  • The other Superheroes to audition for Ben's position on the team are: * Captain Ultra * Squirrel Girl * Frog Man * Texas Twister * Flatman * USAgent

  • The Iron Man armor suits that attack the FF include: *The original gray model *The War Machine armor *The Hulkbuster armor *The Silver Centurion armor *The Stealth armor *The Space armor *The Arctic armor

  • When Reed tries to stop evil Johnny from leaving, he burns the front of Reed's suit but in the next scene with Sue and Reed his suit is fixed.

Allusions (15)

  • Johnny: Whoa, the Smurfs got big! Smurfs are blue gnomes from a comic book by Peyo, later made into a TV series.

  • H.E.R.B.I.E.: In the 1978 cartoon series, H.E.R.B.I.E. was one of the four members of the Fantastic Four. He was a small, hovering robot who replaced Johnny Storm/Torch. A popular urban legend states it was due to the fact that Torch's ability was impressionable to young viewers. In this series, he is now the F4's supercomputer.

  • Cab Driver: Hey, you're that Iron Man guy, aint'cha? Iron Man is another famous Marvel superhero who has helped the Fantastic Four on numerous occasions. He is not actually a robot as the cab driver implies, but billionaire Tony Stark who dons the powered armor to become a hero.

  • Johnny: Thanks for my powers, Dr. Evil… Alluding the to Austin Power movies, starting with Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997), which feature Mike Myers as Dr. Evil, a bald inept villain who in turn is a parody of Donald Pleasence in the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice (1967).

  • Army General The General at the end is General "Thunderbolt" Ross from the comics. Ross was a major character and antagonist in the original "Incredible Hulk" comic series and eventually became Bruce Banner's father-in-law when Bruce married his daughter, Betsy.

  • Ben: Say goodnight, Jolly Green! A reference to one of the Hulk's common nicknames in the comics, but also to the Jolly Green Giant, the advertising icon of Green Giant food company.

  • Johnny: Yeah, well, you're not exactly Quicksilver yourself, pal. A reference to fellow Marvel superhero Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff. Quicksilver's main power is his mutant super speed and is considered to be one of the fastest characters in the Marvel universe. He is also the son of major X-Men villain Magneto.

  • Johnny: It's probe time! Game over, man! Game over! This is a reference to the character “Hudson”'s dialogue in the movie Aliens (1986), after the drop ship was destroyed ("That's it! Game over, man! Game over!").

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