Watch the First Seven Minutes of FX's Awesome Fargo (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Apr 03, 2014

One of the better-looking shows that's coming soon to a television near you is FX's Fargo, a remake of the Coen Brothers' Academy Award-winning film. Don't believe me? Well I have visual proof! FX has released the first seven minutes of the series, which debuts Tuesday, April 15, and it features one dead deer, one angry washing machine, and one debate over Jell-o salad versus meatloaf. Have a look!

That's Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman (WATSON!) heading up an amazing cast that also includes Bob Odenkirk, Kate Walsh, and Key & Peele are you kidding me no I am not that is one fine cast!

I'll be reviewing the premiere episode and I already can tell you that it's already getting a thumbs-up based on the screener I previewed a few months back.

Fargo debuts Tuesday, April 15 on FX.  

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  • AnthonyGrande Apr 22, 2014

    4 words: Wheel |Rinse |Cashcow | Reinvent |

  • arodriguez78 Apr 04, 2014

    Do i need to watch Fargo the movie before watching Fargo the tv series?

  • panayotov Apr 05, 2014

    It depends. If you ask this question after the series finish, then the answer will be clear.
    I've seen the movie (recently at that) and I can't wait to see the series. I want more of the movie's feel, flow and humour. However, there's the possibility that the show doesn't deliver, so I'd be disappointed. If it does, it will be super cool :) So...

  • Locknah_201 Apr 04, 2014

    It does seem to have the same ambience of the original film. I know it wouldn't make any sense, but adding William H. Macy to the cast would have been great.

  • Blacklice Apr 04, 2014

    AWWW Jeeez, Its a good episode and the season going to be awesome!!! Bit of a inside scoop its going to be good.

  • bkyle2429 Apr 04, 2014


  • soutarm Apr 03, 2014

    Took a while hearing an American accent coming out of the mouth of Martin Freeman but I like where they're going with this.

  • Taccado Apr 03, 2014

    It's good to see that the Coen brothers are executive producers for the show. I'm sure it would be daunting to make a TV series remake of the original, seven Oscar nominated film without them.

    And the cast is pretty amazing! A selection of familiar names from a wide range of works. In addition to the ones you mentioned there's Joey King (talented kid from the short-lived Bent), Colin Hanks (Tom's son. Yeah, that's what he goes by. He can never escape dad's shadow), Oliver Platt and Adam Goldberg (both from a wide range of productions), Glenn Howerton (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Rachel Blanchard (Clueless), Helena Mattsson (666 Park Avenue), etc...

  • mrjimmyjames Apr 03, 2014

    This looks like it will be great. I expect a huge critical benefit for all involved (especially for Thornton, when was the last time he did anything worthwhile?). I'll admit I never watched the movie so I wasn't sure what to think. But it looks like FX has a new hit.

  • mrjimmyjames Apr 03, 2014

    Can we actually even call it a remake? Seems to be a continuation featuring different characters in similar environments with similar themes. Supposedly it's going to be a possible anthology series like American Horror Story.

  • Grumpyclown Apr 03, 2014


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