News Briefs: Aaron Paul Is in Talks to Recur on Better Call Saul

By Kaitlin Thomas

Mar 01, 2014


... I would take this with a grain of salt, because nothing is official yet, but word on the Albuquerque street is that Aaron Paul is in talks to reprise the role of Jesse Pinkman in a recurring capacity on Better Call Saul, the Saul Goodman-centric Breaking Bad prequel that's scheduled to premiere this November on AMC. I will never say no to more Jesse Pinkman, but how exactly is Paul going to pull off a young Jesse? Plus, remember how Jesse dressed in Season 1? Oh, the horror. [E! Online]




... Who's ready for Fargo? Are you ready for Fargo? I'm ready for Fargo. FX just released this new teaser for the series, which premieres Tuesday, April 15 at 10pm. 

... VH1 has canceled Single Ladies, which ran for three seasons and was the network's first hour-long scripted series. More like Dumped Ladies, am I right? [THR]

... USA has announced a premiere date for its new comedy Playing House, about a pregnant lady named Maggie  (Lennon Parham) who's going through a divorce, and her best friend Emma, who moves in to help raise the baby. The series will premiere with two back-to-back episodes on Thursday, April 29 at 9pm. [NBC via press release]


... Dylan McDermott—not Dermot Mulroney or Dylan McDilbert of Dermot McDermy, I'm talking about the guy who recently starred in CBS's Hostages—is staying at the Eye and has joined the cast of it untitled drama pilot from Kevin Williamson (always Dawson's Creek and never The Following). McDermott will play Detective Jack Larsen in the psychological thriller about detectives who investigate stalking incidents for the LAPD's "Threat Assessment Unit" Um. Do you think this is based on a real thing? I... gotta go. [EW]

... Riley Smith of the Disney Channel movie Motocrossed and also 90210 has joined the cast of True Blood for its seventh and final season. He'll play Keith, a "sexy, rock n'roll vampire" who takes an instant liking to Arlene. [Deadline]

... Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) will guest-star in the Season 2 premiere of ABC's Mistresses. She'll play a potential client of Joss’s (Jes Macallan) new party-planning business. [EW]

... Max Brown (Beauty and the Beastwill join John Rhys-Davis in the cast of Fox's Hieroglyph, an action-adventure drama set in ancient Egypt. Brown will play the lead role of Ambrose, a thief who was recently released from prison and now serves the pharaoh (Reece Ritchie). [TV Line]

... Sarah Baker, who co-starred with Matthew Perry on Go On (she played Sonia the cat lady), is now joining the cast of the former Friend's Odd Couple remake pilot. She'll play Oscar's (Perry) assistant Sam, who often has to put out the fires Oscar sets. [Deadline]


... Guys, guys, guys. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are engaged. Like in real life. [People]

... Sarah Michelle Gellar (a.k.a. Sarah Michelle Prinze, as she has officially changed her name in order to remind all of us ladies who grew up in the '90s that she stole our perfect boyfriend and then married him) did a Reddit AMA yesterday. When asked which former Buffy boyfriend she preferred, the artist formerly known as the Chosen One chose Angel over Spike. In related news: SMG/P is dead to me. [Reddit]

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  • mrjimmyjames Apr 04, 2014

    I wish they would have just simply let Saul get away scott free at the end of BB instead of disappearing and "managing a Cinnabun in Omaha". I get that it was probably viewed as implausible but then again Skyler and Jesse's endings were pretty damn implausible. Real implausible. Even Vince himself admitted it. And the spinoff would be much better if set up as taking place after BB, Vince made a mistake.

    I just wish they would take Saul out of that environment to somewhere completely new, i don't know maybe Phoenix, whatever, and possibly known for litigation. How about Saul in DC? Amongst all the phonies. Satirizing politics and law? I feel like there are ideas to be pursued.

  • mrjimmyjames Apr 03, 2014

    I love the idea of a law show about Saul Goodman but man the show seems like it's starting to become BB part 2. To me, that's not a good sign. Tells me he's having problems coming up with things. Let the show prove itself and then you can maybe make a cameo here and there. Don't rely on the former show like a crutch.

  • Kidneys Mar 02, 2014

    Vince and Peter just recently said that they aren't keen on sticking to the prequel-only agenda. So he might get a storyline that actually deals with his future. Wouldn't like this either, to be honest. Gnarr.. Why the hell do people need to do prequels anyway?

  • mrjimmyjames Apr 03, 2014

    I think Vince felt like he had to have it be a prequel because he found it implausible for Saul to escape the blue meth situation unscathed and practice law in a different town. I think it would be easier and less messy to set it after, so I had always hoped he would make it out unscathed and practice law in Phoenix/wherever. A prequel in this situation is tricky, Odenkirk's not getting any younger.

  • Kidneys Apr 03, 2014

    Totally agree.

    And I recently read that Aaron Paul said the following..

    “Anything Vince is involved with, I’m there. I owe him my entire career. And the idea of jumping into the skin of Jesse Pinkman again in his lighter days — because it’s all a prequel — it would be fun.”

    So it'll be a prequel-story for him too. I'm not a fan of this. His character has grown a lot since then. He can't just go back and play that kind of goofy loser. It'll look pretty weird considering that he kind of started as somesort of stereotype.

  • mrjimmyjames Apr 03, 2014

    Yeah agreed and I'm not even completely sure how this appearance can be allowed continuity wise. Just barely I think. If Walt makes an appearance I'm going to throw a fit because I know for sure that can't happen.

  • superjulia Mar 02, 2014

    I bet Fargo is going to be awesome. Martin Freeman is brilliant in everything.

  • current Mar 02, 2014

    Kaitlin/Catwoman or what ever, it's 'smarter' to spell check your own text when attempting to play on words for effect.

  • Mate Mar 01, 2014

    Fargo looks really good save for the poor choice in Billy Bob Thornton. Speaking of people that can't act, How in the world does Dylan McDermott keep getting jobs?

  • Azaron Mar 01, 2014

    I got completely sidetracked by that Sarah Michelle AMA, what were we talking about again? :P
    Ah, nostalgia...

  • MarlboroMagpi Mar 01, 2014

    Aaron Paul should just move on to a movie career. I saw a poster of his new movie, cannot quite remember the name though. When I saw the Dylan Mcdermott photo, I almost thought Hostage is renewed. Ha !

  • zeofan1 Mar 01, 2014

    Let me guess every episode right up front. "White, upper-class, middle-aged man stalks frightened, white, upper-class woman." NEXT.

  • JT_Kirk Mar 01, 2014

    Sadly, I know that the LAPD doesn't have a unit dealing with stalkers, 2 of my family members have been stalked and the LAPD response has been underwhelming because there really isn't all that much they can do from a legal standpoint.

    Wait, so this Odd Couple remake has Matthew Perry's Oscar a pyromaniac? That just got interesting! ... oh, you mean proverbially. Oscar is a mid-level sports writer, what proverbial fires can he set? Seems like they're trying to rebuild Go On and Mr. Sunshine under the guise of The Odd Couple.

  • Akyriel Mar 01, 2014

    From what I understand, the LAPD do have a threat management unit. Is it that they need to have actual, or credible, evidence to act upon? Or that the threats be serious enough in some way? I was reading an article about Good Luck Charlie's young actress Mia Talerio being threatened online by some sicko and they seem to be taking that one seriously.

  • JT_Kirk Mar 01, 2014

    The TMU is only for threat assessment and management regarding celebrities and politicians, not real people:

  • Akyriel Mar 02, 2014

    Yeah, I vaguely remember that being the case, as I've heard of the unit before. Although it makes sense, being that celebrities are more exposed to nutcases from all over, it shouldn't discriminate against ordinary folks in danger from the personal weirdos in their lives.

  • current Mar 02, 2014

    *SHOCKED* Are you suggesting celeb's aren't 'real people'? WHA!

  • Akyriel Mar 01, 2014

    Correction: Talerico with a "c".

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