Family Ties (1)

Season 1, Ep 22, Aired 1/28/00
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  • Episode Description
  • Rygel steals a transport pod and goes to the Peacekeeper command carrier to betray the others. However he ends up returning to Moya with Crais, who wants asylum. Meanwhile, Crichton decides to destroy Scorpius' Gammak Base.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lani Tupu

    Captain Bialar Crais

  • Ben Browder

    John Crichton

  • Claudia Black

    Aeryn Sun

  • Wayne Pygram


  • David Franklin

    Lt. Meeklo Braca

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • Tragic in space

    By SleepTight, Jun 12, 2006

  • and what a great finale it was.

    By sasg_2, Nov 19, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (19)

    • Aeryn: So. Is there anything you want to say to me?
      Crais: I think we covered it all when you left me for dead in the Aurora Chair.

    • Rygel: (face to face with the guns of Moya's crew) Please don't shoot. Of course, I would have demanded the same precautions myself, but...
      Aeryn: Off the throne sled, Rygel, and face-down on the ground.
      Rygel: Well hardly. Then I'd miss your reactions for what is about to happen. And please, whatever your reaction, don't let it include weapons fire. (Crais appears behind Rygel)
      Crichton: My boy Crais!
      Crais: Clearly an awkward situation.

    • D'Argo: Rygel, listen to me. And listen very, very carefully. (He says something in Luxan)
      Crichton: What the hell did you just say?
      Chiana: Something about his corpse and a- body function.
      Crichton: Oh, that'll help.

    • Aeryn: (after D'Argo fixes the draw to go on the suicide mission with John) You are not the captain, here! D'Argo: No one is, it is anarchy. And today, it is my day to rule!

    • Crichton: (as Rygel's transport heads towards the Command Carrier) Let's talk about this! Rygel: And isn't that the whole point, Crichton? That's all your people ever do, is talk. I am a Dominar of action!

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    Notes (2)

    • This was the final episode shot at Fox Studios in Sydney. The stage was required for shooting the new Star Wars movie. As such, the production moved to an old customs warehouse at Homebush Bay. It was also the last episode Garner MacLennan Design did the visual effects. They were replaced by Animal Logic.

    • International Airdates: -This episode aired in Canada on February 23, 2000 on YTV. -This episode aired in the UK on June 5, 2000 on BBC-2. -This episode aired in Australia on January 27, 2001 on Nine.

    Trivia (9)

    • Nitpick: Rygel, a Hynerian, is aquatic, but Crais attempts to intimidate him by forcing his head into his bath. Could it be that the bath is not filled with water, but rather some cleansing fluid that doesn't contain sufficient oxygen for him to breathe? Or is Crais just demonstrating that he has Rygel trapped, and unable to escape his grasp?

    • "Tre bawk ru fishalto chenias prami bukeko!" (it doesn't sound like it, but it was written like that in the script!) This is an insult to Rygel from D'Argo; something about his corpse and a bodily function.

    • "...Ka dare-e sincono, apudax a-helio, frotar li pluro sincono." This is a Delvian blessing performed by Zhaan; roughly translating as, "In the eyes of the Goddess, all are equal, all are worthy."

    • Scorpius mentioned that the security officer assigned to M'Lee was missing, hinting that she had already started devouring the crew.

    • We learn in this episode that Hynerian physiology is not compatible with the mind-reading techniques employed by the Aurora Chair. Apparently, Hynerians die almost instantly if exposed.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Crichton: (leaving a final message for his father) This is John Crichton, somewhere in the universe. John is mimicking the famous WWII war correspondent Edward R. Murrow, who often began broadcasts, "This is Edward R. Murrow, somewhere in London", etc., which was meant as a security measure against the Germans pinpointing his location and stopping his broadcasts.

    • Crichton: Yeah, but what if one of us did the same thing, but at the last second veered off straight into the bridge? A Trojan Horse. The legendary method of disguising an attack as a gift, as described in Homer's The Iliad, about The Fall of Troy.

    • Crichton: (just before he and D'Argo space themselves) Kirk and Spock, Abbott and Costello. Two famous duos, Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Spock from the sci-fi tv show Star Trek, and the two comedians and William "Bud" Abbott and Lou Costello, who performed in radio skits, movies, and tv.

    • Crichton: (when Zhaan says they have all become like family) Well, it's a Jerry Springer kind of family.
      Jerry Springer is, among other things, the host of a tv talk show famous for having dysfunctional guests, who often choose to settle their differences with fights on camera.

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