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    During this Episode Gianni accepts William's proposal. Nikki calms down from her one night drunk affair. Lance tries to take control over his life.

    By jasonsister, Sep 20, 2006

    This episode was revealing without giving too much away. We knew from last episode that William Chandler proposed to Gianni but we didn't know that she had said yes. This episode dives a little more into the game that William is playing on Gianni. After watching this episode we know that this will be a rushed engagement. Nikki finally comes to her senses and starts dealing in the reality of the decision she made while drunk to sleep with her photographer friend. She also realizes how decent of a guy he is and how he is not like every other guy she has slept with. I must say she is the only common denominator in this love her and leave her equation (what does that tell you?). Lance snaps and realizes the game that Gloria is playing around on him. Just as he has her where he wants her she is still one step ahead of him.

    After view this show we know it wont be long before the crap hits the fan!moreless

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