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Quotes (6)

  • Van (to Hillary): Put the lunch on my bill, put the glass on his.

  • Nick: Please tell me you're banging Billie. (Silence) Seriously, you've been working there a year... what, you have no thing?

  • Deaq: You do speak English right, because I don't want to go through this whole thing and have you say I no understand. Antaun: Kiss my ass, how's that? Van: Ex-cell-ent, (Hits Antaun in the forhead) how's that.

  • Van: Welcome to the United States, life here is going to suck.

  • Van: What are you going to do Nick, fire me? The vault opens in 3 hours, I'm a little hard to replace.

  • Van: What are you doing? That's like my secret identity. You can't just do that. You're like Alfred. You just let Kim Basinger into the Bat Cave. People hated when he did that.

Notes (2)

  • Bill Duke and Jay Mohr are credited as Special Guest Stars.

  • Featured Music: "Neva Mend" by Nokturnal's