Father Dowling Mysteries

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    Tom Bosley is the Man!

    By JasonWillis, Jun 13, 2013

    Eversince I saw Father Dowling Mysteries from its pilot episode, I instantly became a bug Tom Bosley fan! He has the great acting ability and always provide the attitude and self-esteem to this personality. Ms. Tracy Nelson is the same as well; she's been classified at the most promising breakthrough actress during that time. Her best character involves of having a laidback nature, and it was nice to witness that she really blossomed in episode by episode. Each episode from this TV series is profited by great music, incredible plots, and best storylines. I bought a DVD Copy of this show which I purchased from DVDBOOTH .com. I'm pretty happy that this company delivered me the kind of quality that I'm looking for. This is one of the best purchases I have from an online store. It's nice to relive again those good old days!moreless

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