Father Dowling Mysteries

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Quotes (8)

  • Carol van Horn: (as Father Dowling offers her his Cubs jacket) I'm a Sox fan.
    Father Dowling: I won't hold it against you!

  • Sister Stephanie: Six million dollars!! That's a huge responsibility. I'm, I'm not up to it.
    Father Dowling: Mister Hemmings thought you were and so do I.
    Marie: What's so hard about giving away money? They do it in Washington all the time with their eyes shut!

  • Father Dowling: When we trust, when we forgive each other, our children, and even our parents, for their transgressions, we forgive ourselves. And with forgiveness, we become open to love.

  • Jillian McGuire: Steve, Daniel's asked me to marry him! Sister Stephanie: Oh that's so great, really, that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you! Father Dowling: Congratulations. Daniel Trask: Thank you. We want an intimate wedding, away from the press, and Jillian was hoping that you might perform the service? Father Dowling: I'd be delighted. Daniel Trask: Excellent.

  • Father Philip Prestwick: The bishop wants each parish to take care of local fundraising, and Father, because of our special relationship, I have permission to organise the pilot project right here at St Michaels and here's my idea! Bingo! Marie Murkin: Bingo in a church, what a thought. Father Dowling: Father... Father Philip Prestwick: Not just Bingo Marie, Super Bingo! With Super prizes! Father Dowling: Philip! Please! Father Philip Prestwick: Televisions! Stereos! VCRs... Sister Steve: Frank! (Sister steve taps her watch) Father Philip Prestwick: ...And all donated by one of the communities wealthiest business men! Father Dowling: Oh, it sounds just wonderful Father, but I can't talk to you right now. You see I've got a wedding I've got to perform, but Marie, would you see if Father Prestwick wants a little snack? Father Philip Prestwick: Snack! Thanks Marie! (Father Dowling leaves quickly with Marie glaring after him)

  • (Dr. James Palmer enters the church where Jillian has been waiting for Daniel Trask to arrive at their wedding) Dr. Palmer: "Jillian" Jillian: "What happened, where's Daniel?" Dr. Palmer: "This morning we were, ah, we were up north, and the truck lost a wheel and Daniel wanted to fix it, and I, I...." Jillian: "Where is he?" Dr. Palmer: "Daniel had a heart attack. I did everything I could but the nearest..." Jillian: "Where's Daniel?!" Dr. Palmer: "I'm, I'm sorry, Daniel's dead." (Jillian faints)

  • Father Dowling: Alright, suppose we start with a full confession. Tim: Um, I can't, I'm not Catholic. I was but I'm not anymore. Father Dowling: Why did you come to me? Tim: I'm your son Father Dowling: I realise how confused you must be but.... Tim: My mother was Mary Ellen Connoll Father Dowling: Mary Ellen. Oh my God. (Father Dowling holds his head in his hands) Tim: I promised her I'd never tell you, never confront you. Oh my God now I'm breaking my promise to my mother. I'm sorry Father, I've made a terrible mistake coming to you. (Tim leaves the confession booth very quickly) Father Dowling: Wait, come back! Tim! (Father dowling watches Tim leave)

  • Sister Stephanie: I was pretty tough back there, wasn't I? Father Dowling: Sister, you could have been a contender.

Notes (17)

  • Stella Stevens is credited as Special Appearance by.

  • Additional Credits:
    Sound Effects Editorial: Echo Film Services Inc.
    Re-Recording at: Todd-AO Studios
    Music Editing: DO RE ME MUSIC

  • This TV Movie was also the Pilot for the show. The show was to have begun weekly in 1988, though, because of a writer's strike in 1988 it didn't begin weekly until 1989.

  • Father Philip Prestwick and Sgt. Clancy are absent from this TV Movie/Pilot.

  • Additional Credits for Season 1:
    Sound Effects: Horta Editorial
    Music Editorial: DO RE ME Music
    Dean Hargrove Productions

  • This was a two-hour premiere episode. It is now shown as a two-part episode in syndication.

  • William R. Moses, who stars in this episode, is Tracy Nelson's real-life husband.

  • Harriet Nelson, who stars in this episode, is Tracy Nelson's real-life grandmother.

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Trivia (1)

  • In 1991 Bruce Babcock (composer) was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore) for the Father Dowling Mysteries episode "The consulting detective mystery".

Allusions (1)

  • The Parable of the Prodigal Son
    Father Dowling is referencing Jesus' famous parable from the New Testament's gospel of Luke, Chapter 5, Verses 11-32