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  • S 2 : Ep 15

    Oh, Brother


  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Birds, Bees and Bindlebeep

    Aired 11/30/05

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Round the Bend

    Aired 11/15/05

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Pump Down the Volume

    Aired 11/8/05

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    The Natural

    Aired 10/25/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Blair Underwood

    Arthur Bindlebeep

  • Marc John Jefferies

    Roy Bindlebeep

  • Sabrina Le Beauf

    Norma Bindlebeep

  • Jamai Fisher

    Katherine Bindlebeep

  • Giovanni Samuels

    Angie Bindlebeep

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  • show Description
  • Nick @ Nite's first animated original, Fatherhood takes an optimistic look at the problems, rewards and comedy of family life. Based on a book by Bill Cosby, the richly animated show shows the life and times of Dr. Arthur Bindlebeep, a high school professor, loving husband, devoted son and father of three. Dr. Bindlebeep is an experienced teacher, but he's always learning from his 3 kids, Angie (16), Roy (12), and Katherine (6), about what it takes to be a good father, real-life communication and himself. Meanwhile, Dr. Bindlebeep is surprised to find out that his parents, Lester and Louise still have a thing or two to teach him. With his wife, Norma Bindlebeep, Dr. Bindlebeep gamely tries to sort out the complications of parenthood, without losing his sense of humor. Characters Bios Arthur : The Father: He's what this show is all about! He's the man of the house, who is silly and nice, but at times he can be very stern. Norma : The Mother: Mrs. Bindlebeep is nice, but stern. She has to control her children... and the father. Angie: Angie is 16 and the oldest child out of the family. Angie is smart when she tries, but she only gets average grades, because she cares about makeup, music and of course boys more than studying. Roy: Roy is the middle child of the family. Like many middle children, he slips out of his parents care. Roy also likes sports and video games. Katherine: She is the youngest child out of the family. Katherine's favorite stuffed animal is a bunny named Mr. Bummy. She has trouble keeping secrets, and she asks a lot of questions. Rated: TV-Gmoreless

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  • Quotes (25)

    • Dr. Bindlebeep: Do you like salt? Lester: I love salt. Dr. Bindlebeep: Cut back... do you drink enough milk? Lester: Yes. Dr. Bindlebeep: Good, drink some more. Lester: Why do I have to drink more if I drink enough? Dr. Bindlebeep: Why do you think you're in here with a broken toe?

    • Roy: There is a bright side to all this. Angie: What? Roy: This makes me look REALLY good.

    • Mrs. Bendlebeep: What were you and James doing in the car? Angie: Well... Dr. Bendlebeep: Angie, let me smell your breath. (He smells her breath) I KNEW IT! Angie: What?! Dr. Bendlebeep: You ate the chocolate I had in the car.

    • James' dad: Bendlebeep, your daughter nearly cost James everything he has going for him last night! He is a major football star and every college in the state is trying to recruit him. From college football, he'll go on to a professional football team, making millions of dollars. Would you say that is a lot to lose? Dr. Bendlebeep: Yes, I'd say that is a lot to lose. James' dad: Good. Now keep that trouble-making daughter of yours away from my son, because James... Dr. Bendlebeep: IS A SELF-CENTERED BRAT, which as a member of the school's teacher board, I am fully aware of! And if you even bothered to come to ONE parent-teacher conference, you would also know that your son has problems! He is constantly late to class, gets in fights with his teachers, and never does his homework! And finally, you should know that it was not Angie who lured James out last night, IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

    • (Dr. and Mrs. Bendlebeep open the door to see Angie with two police officers) Angie: Hi. Officer: She claims to be your daughter. Dr. Bendlebeep: Never saw her before in my life. Angie: DAD, PLEASE!

    • Arthur: (To Angie) You are grounded until you're 37, and give me your cellphone. Angie: What?! Arthur: I said, give me your cellphone. Can you hear me now?

    • (After inviting himself over to watch a NASCAR race, Elkins makes a long-distance call on Arthur's phone, which breaks the proverbial mule's back...) Arthur: ...NOW LISTEN UP! I've been looking forward to a whole day all to myself for a long time. And doggoneit, I'm gonna have one TODAY! No playing, no mouse-chasing, no racing and none of that racket you three (Angie, Carmel and Skye) call singing! I want everybody out of this house RIGHT NOW! The only people welcome here are Me, Myself and I! And if Myself and I get noisy, then THEY can leave too! Understand? Now out! Out! OUT! OOOUUUT!!! (His daughters, their friends and Elkins frantically vacate the premeses.

    • Angie: Dad, you know ho you and mom give us such great advice? Dr. Bendlebeep: Yes. Angie: How come you never follow it?

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    Notes (19)

    • This episode is the series premiere of the show.

    • Appearances: Arthur's parents, Louise & Lester.

    • Roy's middle name is Eggbert.

    • Original Episode Title: What to Get the Man Who Has Everything

    • We never find out what was the problem with the alarm.

    • Stan is an electrician.

    • Frank works at the telephone company.

    • Bobby works at the alarm company.

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    Trivia (6)

    • In "It's Your Birthday" Arthur got an Over the Hill mug but in this episode everyone has one.

    • In the scene where Angie is talking to her boyfriend, she's barefoot and in some scenes later she's wearing shoes especially at the end of the episode.

    • Roy told his girlfriend that he was supposed to be home 2 hours ago, when he left the skate park. He was supposed to be home at 3:00, which makes it 5:00, when he left the skate park. However, he doesn't arrive at home until 6:30. It doesn't take an hour and a half to get home.

    • In a scene, Roy's friend Larry came to the door with two helmets, one was already on Larry's head. He slaps the other helmet on Roy's head. After their conversation, Roy removes his helmet and throws it back at Larry who catches it. As Larry is slowly pushing his bike away from the house, the second helmet is nowhere to be seen.

    • The children are supposed to be in school, but the calendar on the wall in Angie's bedroom clearly says "August".

    • Curtis used to work in real estate.

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    Allusions (6)

    • The title of this episode is a takeoff of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode, Take My Cousin...Please

    • Arthur: (To Angie) Gimme your cellphone.
      Angie: What?!
      Arthur: I said, gimme your cellphone. Hear me now?
      The "hear me now" line is taken from the popular cellphone company, Verizon.

    • Episode Title: The Lyin' King
      This title of this episode is, a spoof of the popular Disney Movie Title, "The Lion King."

    • Dr. Bindlebeep: Concert tickets, 34 dollars. Earplugs for the concert, 3 dollars. Hanging out with my teenage daughter, priceless.
      This is a reference to MasterCard's slogan. This was also parodied in Disney's "Kim Possible."

    • Arthur: Scene where Arthur was testing his kids on the code for the alarm at school.
      This scene was a reference to Star Trek.

    • "One Flu Over the Bindlebeep Nest" The episode title is a spoof of the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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  • Fan Reviews (16)
  • Um... fine.

    By GravityDefyer, Jul 24, 2006

  • For a comedy show, it isn't very funny, but it's not as bad as some say.

    By pharaoh2, Dec 28, 2005

  • Just good, not great but good.

    By FABULUZPHILLY, Aug 20, 2005

  • Fatherhood is an animated show that involves two parents trying to raise their kids the best way possible and giving them moral tips along the way.

    By mwplefty, Sep 20, 2005

  • I really like this show! Very likable.

    By candybandy, Aug 13, 2005