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    By JonathanMoore1, Dec 23, 2012

    Thumbs up!

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  • 6.3

    Nothing Special but not a time waster (mild spoilers below)

    By Shinigami124, Mar 09, 2012

    This episode was just average. The problem with fear itself is that they have to cram a good idea into a hour without destroying it. This episode made you ask questions, and of course it didn't give you any answers. The plot had the potential to be good but due to medoicer acting and bad writing this episode passes with a B. The episode was filled with plot holes as well. Why didn't the guy just "go to the doctors" and not return? whats the deal with the people? were they aliens or just weird? anyways this episode was slightly better than the last two but only slightlymoreless

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  • 9.0

    Great episode! Better if you like zombie movies! Briana Evigan is very easy on the eyes as well.

    *Spoiler Alert* To have a zombie show from the zombie's POV was so original.

    By MrJoshua21, Jul 28, 2010

    Great episode! Better if you like zombie movies! Briana Evigan is very easy on the eyes as well (would like to see much more of here in other series / movies).

    *Spoiler Alert* To have a zombie show from the zombie's POV was original. I can't think of anoterh time I have seen this. The flashbacks were a bit 'Lost-esk', but worked very well with the plot. That makes two good eps in a row for the series. As far as the series goes, all pretty good eps so far except for "Spooked". Keep it going writers...time to katch up on the rest of the series.moreless

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  • 6.0

    Bottom-line: always read the contract before you sign it.

    By BillieBJones, Aug 27, 2008

    "Community" was... almost reasonable. Nice try, but didn't work. Scored 6 just because of Brandon Routh.

    It tells the story of a beautiful young couple in their middle twenties("Superman" Brandon Routh and Shiri Appleby from "Roswell") eager for a child and a house outside of town. They eventually find the perfect house in a very perfect condo with it's very perfect neighbourhood in the suburbs. In their eagerness to move into the new house, they rush to sign the contract without even reading it. Well, from now on i think you can figure what's about to happen: they realize the so-called perfect community is not that perfect at all, and to keep it as it is they play by their own very unorthodox book of rules, and then it all goes awry.

    I found the story unoriginal and bland. Horror fans will dislike it because there's no supernatural element to it. It also fails to build any suspense given it's predictability. The regular "twist" in the end is not "twisted" enough. I must also say i found Appleby's character rather annoying and whiny, not to say totally clueless. Plus, hers was so inconsistent with Brandon Routh's character that i just could not buy them as a happy couple either. But not all that is bad is all bad. Brandon Routh was brilliant and very well-succeeded in portaying the unbearable fear of losing your dearest ones. He really got to it, and held the episode alone himself.moreless

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  • 8.4

    A very good episode.

    By mackski, Aug 05, 2008

    This episode was one of my favorites second only to the first episode of the season. I really liked the writing and how both Brandon Routh (Bobby) and Shiri Appleby (Tracy) played their roles. I found it interesting how this community was also this type of secret society that had members in many areas of society. It was also nice to see John Billingsley in the role as the neighbor who helps Bobby near the end. He is an excellent actor. Unlike that last episode I really liked the ending seeing how they dealt with Bobby so he couldn't run away anymore. The only thing that struck me as odd was the complete change in attitude of both Tracy and Bobby's best friend that wasn't even explained. This is a must see episode for fans of the series.moreless

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  • 8.9

    Bob and Tracy move to the perfect neighbourhood to start their family. They sign the "too good to be true" contract without having read it or getting their lawyer to read it. Problems ensue...

    By staceyb72, Jul 30, 2008

    I loved this episode. The whole "Stepford Neighbourhood" think kicks! I especially loved the fact that Bobby was watching the children reliving the situation at town centre. Seeing his inner conflict for the place and their "values". I do wonder if Tracy and their friend were labotomized, or just simply hypnotized. I think it's pretty awesome that they leave it up to us to decide if the community members killed Meryl or if she was just "sent away". Yes, it was predictable, but for horror fans, what isn't predictable anymore? That's part of the charm of horror - especially on network tv!moreless

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  • 7.4

    decent episode

    By stitchfan85, Jul 29, 2008

    One of the reasons I heard of this show was from another episode "in sickness and in health" with two actors from PSYCH. i wanted to watch this one because of the actor from Superman Returns. i have to say the basic plot is a little mundane. There have been other movies where a family moves into a new subdivision, where everything is a little too perfect. But the ending was a little more exciting. SPOILER! basically, the couple plans on escaping, so the wife leaves first. The husband begins to follow but their neighbors find out and hunt him down. The husband manages to catch up to his wife and his friend. The only problem is his wife and his friend want to move back.moreless

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  • 7.0

    A young couple move into a seemingly perfect neighborhood and discover the sinister lengths the residents will go to in order to keep everyone in compliance with their rules.

    By pauld6, Jul 28, 2008

    I like this plot, but I've seen it before. A few years ago, I think in '(5, there was a TV movie called "The Colony" with John Ritter and Hal Linden. Same story line, but the movie was better. The synopsis of that movie was when a security systems specialist and his family move into an exclusive gated community, over the objections of his policeman brother, they begin noticing strange behavior in their neighbors. After their daughter finds a computer disc detailing the billionaire owner's murderous... When a security systems specialist and his family move into an exclusive gated community, over the objections of his policeman brother, they begin noticing strange behavior in their neighbors. After their daughter finds a computer disc detailing the billionaire owner's murderous control over his "colony" they try desperately to escape with their lives. I also think this was a book. The show as a whole is a nice summer replacement. I give this episode a 7.moreless

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  • 2.2

    Warner Bros. might want to start looking for a new "Superman" after this acting performance.

    By masteroffan, Jul 27, 2008

    This episode was not very well written. We get the usual people who fall into a trap routine with the typical ending that someone else is about to fall into the same trap. At least they could have gave us a surprise ending. A better ending could have been the new couple turning the tables on the people in the community. Like maybe have them be terrorists wanting to blow them all up or law enforcement officers ready to put them all under arrest. And Routh from Superman Returns gives the rather serious acting style again like in Superman Returns. Very little personality.moreless

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  • 4.8

    Man and woman move into seemingly perfect neighborhood. Surprise the neighborhood has it's own share of issues as well as neighbors that care a little too much. The man tries to escape the clutches of the suffocating neighborhood but cannot.

    By Blue2Flamingoe, Jul 27, 2008

    This episode was pretty good, well thought out, good acting, nothing too cliched, as well as no mind-blowing plot holes exposed in the last 5 minutes. The issue I have with this episode, much as I wish I had none (Oh Brandon Routh, how I wish to molest you) is that it wasn't scary at all. Disheartening, oh yeah. Sensible, certainly. But not scary. Fear Itself is turning into a huge drag. The episodes aren't scary and I find myself becomming more bored with the entire premise. Is there no more intelligent drama on tv? Or do I need to become a gum-chewing idiot to enjoy anything on tv anymore.moreless

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