Figure It Out

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Quotes (2)

  • Taran: Does it involve milk?

  • Josh: Do you throw your voice dancing with Sweedish elves?

Notes (61)

  • Panelists: Phil Moore, Alisa Reyes, Adam Busch, and Lori Beth Denberg Clues in Round 1: An old man puts his teeth in a glass of water, cheese, and Charade Brigade mouthing the "Pledge Of Allegiance." Clues in Round 2: Beans, Santa Claus, and Charade Brigade burping.

  • First appearance of the Drench Bench. Done to Phil in the second half

  • In the second half, Irene figures out every word

  • Nobody gets slimed in either part

  • Panelists include Phil Moore, Irene Ng, Taran Noah Smith, and Lori Beth Denberg.

  • This is the first appearance of the 8-word Billy the answer head. (Two of its blanks are split in half to make room for all the words)

  • Panelists: Marc Weiner, Amanda Bynes, Danny Tamberelli, and Lori Beth Denberg Clues in Round 1. Eggs, Chef's Hat, and Charade Brigade writing and thinking. Clues in Round 2. Band, Rubber Tires, and Charade Brigade spinning a globe.

  • The drench bench is also used in the second half on Lori Beth for figuring it out (We learn she has a large tongue)

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Trivia (4)

  • That was Alisa Reyes. Not Irene Ng.

  • Irene says she can bite cheese into a state, Summer says "later" but we never get to see her do it

  • Irene correctly guessed all of the words to the second secret. However, she said bag instead of box, but it was given to her anyway.

  • the dancers sliped