Firefly: Browncoats Unite

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    This Show Was Awesome

    By TheGrimAriel, Dec 24, 2012

    Every single time I hear the name, Firefly, all that what could have happened flashes before me. Seriously. This show had everything. In its few episodes, we got such colorful, interesting, mysterious, human characters, a different, well-developed world, and a story that could have been epic. Then it was cut short, by that beast called FOX. Firefly was witty, dark, fun, and slightly tragic if you really think about it. The PERFECT blend for a tv show. How I would've give anything to have this show go on.moreless

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    love the passion here, NZ Fan

    By JayeStothers, Nov 13, 2012

    this was great show, it told the world that we love sci-fi and that we will always watch. Kickstart this show up again

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