First Monday

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Notes (5)

  • "The Quill" refers to a real quill pen left at the lawyer's table for the lawyers for each side of the case. The lawyers are supposed to take the quill with them when they leave the Court.

  • The term First Monday is the start of the Supreme Court in October.

  • In a case where a man took two wives, sanctioned by his religion, the Court hears arguments from the state that religious beliefs cannot be restricted, but that religious practices can be. Also, that despite the fact that some unusual religious practices had been allowed by the Court, most of those had been designed to target a specific practice. In this case, no one is permitted by law to have two spouses. From the defense, the main argument was that the man and his family were not harming the community in any way, and that the bigamy was faith-based. The Court decided to uphold the bigamy conviction when one justice decided the man's faith-based claim was specious.

  • Megan's Law-lists sex offenders and tells where they live so childern are safe. Marc Klass father of Polly Klass runs a foundation in honor of his daughter.

  • a.k.a. "Publish and Perish"