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    Unlikable Cast

    By marcjosephps, Apr 16, 2014

    I have just seen my first episode of Flip This House. It will be my last. I can't imagine a more unlikable cast. Armando is an arrogant jackass, and both the project manager and contractor and jerks. This is not at all entertaining. Great concept, but what a wretched cast.

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    hartford flips

    By marylee82, Jun 09, 2012

    I just love these fellows Than, JD, Paul, Jeremy and crew. For young men they are very focused and do a great job. They make my Saturday morning. Their humor is terrific. I want to see more.

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    I think flip this house is great, it makes me want to flip houses even though it looks like hard work and the housing market is slowing down, but with interest rates going down i think the market will start to turn around after the glut gets worked out!!!

    By ftpspeed91, Apr 01, 2007

    I think flip this house is great, it makes me want to flip houses even though it looks like hard work and the housing market is slowing down, but with interest rates going down i think the market will start to turn around after the glut gets worked out!!! But until then i think this show will do it for me cause i love intresting shows like this one, it really gets me thinking on how much i would love to try this not for the money but for the satisfaction of a finished product it would be great yea!!moreless

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    Was a good show until they ripped of Trademark and tried to run the show without them.

    By mrtet, Mar 24, 2007

    Turns out Trademark Propeties is ALSO the founder of the TV series concept. It was braught to A&E by Richard Davis and his team in exchange for a 50/50 split on the shows profits. Long story short, A&E completely ripped off Trademark Properties, which is why you wont find them on the new seasons. Additionaly Trademark is sueing A&E for excess of one million dollars for stealing there ideas, concepts, breach of contract, using trade secrets braught by Trademark, ect ...

    You can see the lawsuite paperwork here ..


    Keep an eye out for Trademark on their new show 'The Real Deal' airing on TLC starting in April!moreless

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    Humorous to watch because the ppl are riot. But I hope no one thinks this is the real world

    By 1TexasBroker, Oct 03, 2006

    Funny show and a blast to watch. Very unrealistic in terms of the money they claim they spend vs the money they make. However just to see the interaction of each group and how different they are is worth watching. I would never purchase any home from the GA or TX company, because they show you all the short cuts these people make when fixing up the home. By the way...not all ppl from texas act as arrogant as the san antonio family. I hope this shows stay on the air for a while because it love it. Would love to see even more companies profiled.moreless

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    Arrogance and success don\'t mix.

    By timeaway31, Sep 17, 2006

    The Montelongo\\\'s have to be the most self centered and arrogant people I have ever seen. Their success in the investment and mortgage business has certainly gone to their head. I have been a real estate investor for over 10 years and have seen hot shots like them come and go. They will self destruct and wind up with nothing. They will eventually get in over their head and won\\\'t be able to bail out. You can\\\'t mix arrogance with success. Stop acting like you are better than everyone else because soon you will have only yourself and nothing in the bank. Good luck.moreless

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    Flip this Show!

    By freewriter89, Aug 28, 2006

    I loved the first season of Flip This House. The Trademark Team was wonderful. I watched less than one minute of the show and I loved it!! Now, a team from San Antonio has stepped in and I must say that this is one of the worst shows on television. Richard Davis created this show and it needs to highlight Trademark Properties. I miss Richard, Ginger, John, and the rest of Team Trademark. They brought a unique sense of style and talent to television. I can't wait to see their new show on a new network. I can guarantee that when it airs that I will give it a 10 out of 10. I can't say the same for the current "Flip this House".moreless

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    Inspiration at its finest!

    By buttermillenia, Jul 31, 2006

    I watch a lot of home improvement shows and this one, is by far, my favorite. Trademark Properties provides a great insight on the meaning of teamwork and the bottom line. I must admit in my opinion the time restraints are occasionally a bit severe, but overall I’m always amazed to see the final outcome. I’ve seen every episode…twice!

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    the new show is horrible and very disappointing,

    bring back Richard Davis and Ginger

    By energy4777, Jul 28, 2006

    the new flip this house is horrible ...Just Horrible...

    Please bring back the old crew with Richard and Ginger , the new one is not good , I really hated it , I will not be watching it at all , please bring back Richard Davis and Ginger, I am not the only one who thinks this, I have heard the same from all my friends , I hope the new one gets cancelled fast. I know I am not alone in this , it really was pitiful and uninteresting ....

    bring back Richard Davis and Ginger Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If not ....I will not be watching and neither will my friends ..... the new show is just Awful , it does not compare to Richard Davis and Ginger , Not even !!!!!!!!!!

    Please Cancel the new one ...

    Bring Back Ginger and Richard Davis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    thank you!moreless

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