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    Great show for fathers

    By StephenCrimau, Feb 24, 2012

    I remember this vaguely when I was a kid the magic of Netflix streaming has brought it back just in time for me to watch it with my two boys. The show has lots of father and sons time, the dad usually tells the boys to do their chores, which they eventually do so they can get back to hanging with Flipper. The boys will wind up in trouble like getting stuck in some dangerous scuba diving mishap - and the father gets to save them and deliver a pretty good lesson in why those two boys should always listen to dad.moreless

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    2 boys and a pet dolphin who always saves the day.

    By Yes616, Jul 27, 2007

    If you grew up in the 1960's this had to be a childhood classic for you just as it was for me.

    The best part is now, if you can get Family Room HD (A Voom channel available through Dish Network and Cablevision) you can get a truly amazing upconverted to high definition version of this classic TV show.

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    This is a show about 2 boys and their pet dolphin, which they save from a spear. The main characters were porter (father),sandy(older borther) and bud (the youngest). It's based and filmed in florida and the shoe was filmed in the Miami Seaquarium

    By vivferro, Jun 09, 2007

    I live in Miami were this show was filmed. In the Miami Seaquarium and around virginia key and areas of the Florida Keys. It introduced us to marine biology and the plight of the men/ women that protect our coast. It was a funny show with some brotherly love and young mischief. Showed us a single father ( one of the first shows, besides eddie's father) to have a male as the only parent, and I liked the relationships b/w the family itself and their relationship with flipper (the dolphin). And it introduced me to the sea.moreless

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    Anyone growing up in the 1960\'s, as I did, will remember this popular family show. Still worth watching after all these years if just to catch hunk Brian Kelly.

    By rcfan45, Jan 05, 2007

    I remember this show with fondness. Now that I am older I have tried to catch it whenever it has aired on various cable stations. The lead actor, Brian Kelly, sure was a hunk of a man. Sadly his career was cut short by a tragic accident a few years after this show was canceled. I was sorry to read he died a few years ago. I always wanted to send a fan letter to him but could never track down where to send it.moreless

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    Family is adopted by Dolphin who does everything for them, even laundry.

    By twilightboy, Dec 21, 2006

    I used to watch this show on vacations afternoons cause it was the only thing on our two channels-colombian television. The premise was great,a dolphin that can communicate with humans very easily, giving him the chance of informing his human friends of incoming evil and also helping them do their everyday things to do. Sadly, if i remmeber correctly poor Flipper turned into the kids housemaid, the poor dolphin would be ordered to do every single thing around the house. It was also a very happy endings show, nobody hurt, happy faces, type of show. Well it was the 60's i suppose everybody was happy back then.

    Another show the whole family can enjoy without worrying aboutmoreless

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    how did this get made?

    By CAPNDEL, Jun 14, 2006

    how did this show and shows like it (gentle ben) ever get made. was there no intelligent idea men around back then? you know lassie was stupid enough, but a boy and his dolphin? come on, i can not imagine how this show was ever popular. but maybe i am jaded because now people get more than three stations.

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    An Early childhood favorite. Flipper is one of my first memories on the tv. A classic show that built others around it.

    By betts4, Jul 23, 2005

    This was an earlier Ivan Tors 'animal' based show - Gentle Ben is one that came after it. Flipper had a similiar premise. A family adopts a wild animal and the animal becomes part of the family.

    Flipper was like the third boy in the bunch. There was the Dad, Porter Ricks (played by Brian Kelly), the two boys, Sandy and Bud Ricks and Flipper. No Mom in this home.

    But again, the family is out on the water and the boys go to school, help Dad and learn about life thru the events of the day. They learn that they should listen to Dad.

    There was a sense that this was a father who was intelligent, understanding, and when warranted, firm. Porter Ricks raised his two sons, Bud and Sandy, with keen senses of the difference between right and wrong. This was something that stuck with me and that I saw again in other similiar shows by Ivan Tors. (Gentle Ben)

    Flipper was a very intelligent dolphin and in the same sense of Lassie and Gentle Ben and some others, knew how to go for help, figure things out and solve problems that came up.

    Many scenes took place out on the water, in a high speed boat with Flipper flying ahead leading them to the troubled area. It was exciting for tv and for us children.

    I am glad to have been a part of the Flipper era.


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