Fooly Cooly

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)
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  • S 1 : Ep 6


    Aired 8/13/03

  • S 1 : Ep 5

    Brittle Bullet

    Aired 8/12/03

  • S 1 : Ep 4

    Full Swing

    Aired 8/8/03

  • S 1 : Ep 3

    Marquis de Carabas

    Aired 8/7/03

  • S 1 : Ep 2

    Fire Starter

    Aired 8/6/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kari Wahlgren

    Haruko Haruhara (Eng.)

  • Barbara Goodson

    Naota Nandaba (Eng.)

  • Mayumi Shintani

    Haruko Haruhara (Jap.)

  • Jun Mizuki

    Naota Nandaba (Jap.)

  • Steven Jay Blum

    Masashi / Miyu Miyu (Eng.)

  • show Description
  • Naota Nanadaba is an ordinary twelve-year-old sixth grader who lives in the city of Mabase and feels that nothing interesting ever happens in his life. That is, until a mysterious woman on a Vespa motorbike, Haruko Haruhara, smashes into him causing him to change in ways he never would have expected. As Naota deals with his life and the awkward circumstances caused by Haruko, his brother's ex-girlfriend Mamimi Samejima, and many others, he soon discovers that his life may be changed forever; though in a town as normal as Mabase, will Naota manage to deal with these bizarre circumstances?Fooly Cooly, or FLCL, or Furi Kuri (フリクリ), is a unique series that combines many aspects of animation, an extensive soundtrack and some outstanding writing to make one of the most bizarre and hilarious anime ever created. FLCL is a six episode OVA (original video anime) created by Kazuya Tsurumaki of Gainax and released by Gainax and Production I.G. In 2003, it was licensed and aired on Cartoon network's Adult Swim programming block.Character Descriptions: Naota Nandaba (ナンダバ・ナオ太): Naota is a twelve-year-old boy who lives in the town of Mabase. He lives with his father, Kamon, and is often used by his brother's girlfriend, Mamimi. He is the main character in the series and is targeted out by Haruko in the first episode, in which the series deals with him coping with the circumstances going on around him. His name is derived from the Japanese word for "honesty".Haruko Haruhara (ハルハラ・ハル子): Haruko is a pink haired woman of unknown origins. Most people know her as "The Vespa Woman" since she is usually always on her yellow Vespa wherever she goes. After she runs over Naota with her Vespa and causes weird things to come out of his head, she decides to stick with his family as a housekeeper so she can keep an eye on him. She becomes more and more complex as the series progresses.Mamimi Samejima (サメジマ・マミ実): Mamimi is seventeen years old and is the girlfriend of Naota's older brother, Tasuku, who went to America to play baseball. She usually skips school and heads down under the bridge where she usually smokes and waits for Naota to come along.Eri Ninamori (ニナモリ・エリ): Ninamori is in the same as Naota and she was elected the president. She is the daughter of the mayor of Mabase, who is often caught up in scandal, which likely had an affect on her personality. While she may seem to be sophisticated, her father's charm and intelligence has rubbed off on her and she knows how to cheat to get her way. It is also implied that she is somewhat interested in Naota romantically and possibly even sexually.Kamon Nandaba (ナンダバ・カモン): Kamon is Naota's father and a freelance writer who more often than not just makes up stories to get people to buy his articles. While he may not always be successful in his endeavors, his store does sell other novelties of the past, such as Crystal Pepsi, which helps finance their household.Commander Amarao (アマラオ): Amarao works for the department of Interstellar Immigration as a middle man for negotiations between the government and Medical Mechanica. He has fake eyebrows made of nori which make him look manly and protect him from N.O. Amarao also seems to have had a past relationship with Haruko similar to that of Naota's. Canti (カンチ - Kanchi): Canti is a robot that came out of Naota's head. While he doesn't seem to have much use, he is often used by Naota's family to do minuscule and mundane tasks. He has a television for a head and can perform other various tasks as well, though whenever weird things comes out of Naota's head, it's usually Canti, along with Haruko, who do the fighting.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (76)

    • Naota: Nothing amazing happens here. Everything is ordinary. The huge factory that can be seen from our town, the Medical Mechanica Plant, all the adults got excited when it came here, like it was really a big thing. The white steam that billows out every day at the same time, it looked to me like smoke that signified some kind of omen. Smoke that spreads out and covers everything.

    • Naota: You know I don't like sour drinks.

    • Haruko: STOP! Mamimi: Huh? Haruko: Native girl must stop!

    • Mamimi: What's that? Naota: Homework. Mamimi: Then why don't you do it at home? Naota: It's not cool.

    • Haruko: (after giving Naota mouth-to-mouth) All right, Taro is back. Mamimi: He's not Taro, ok? Haruko: Oh, that was close then, cuz if he was Taro, he just would have turned into another statistic, death by motorbike. I lucked out!

    • Mamimi: Legs spread, same width as the shoulders; body tight, then hit the ball like you're defeating the enemy. Here, the pinky finger is the key and then you just hit, hit, hit. Kakin! Bingo! Naota: What are you talking about?

    • Mamimi: He who conquers the left side conquers the world, chief.

    • Mamimi: (to Naota) Watermelons...or like a panda with a mean face. Or like sandals with pressure points drawn on them. Or the smell of a black board eraser. Or a Sunday morning when you wake up and it's raining. Well...I like him more than hard bread.

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    Notes (38)

    • Original Japanese Title: Furi Kuri

    • Original Japanese Airdate: April 26, 2000

    • Music List (all by The Pillows): Opening Song: "One Life" Haruko’s Introduction: "Runner's High" Haruko and Naota at Railroad Crossing: "Stalker" Manga Scene: "Come Down" Naota Runs to Mamimi: "Bran-New Lovesong" Mamimi Overflows: "Advice" Robot Fight: "Sleepy Head" Next Morning: "Little Busters" End Song: "Ride On Shooting Star"

    • In many of Gainax’s anime series, there is usually a pet with the same name said twice. For example, PenPen in Evangelion and PeroPero in KareKano. In Fooly Cooly there is MiyuMiyu.

    • The Vespa seen in the closing credit sequence belongs to director Kazuya Tsurumaki.

    • Original Japanese Title: Fista

    • Original Japanese Airdate: June 21, 2000

    • Music List (all by The Pillows): Opening Song: "Instant Music" Canti and Kamon in front of the Bakery: "Sad Sad Kiddie" Mamimi sees "God": "Hybrid Rainbow" Boathouse Ruins: "Carnival" At the Bridge: "Beautiful Morning With You" Firestarter Game: "Stalker Goes to Babylon" Haruko Talking to Superiors: "Stalker" New Robot: "Advice" Canti eats Naota: "Little Buster" End Song: "Ride On Shooting Star"

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    Trivia (20)

    • After the credits end on the first five episodes, there is a brief shot of the Kamon's bakery with Haruko's Vespa parked next to it.

    • Haruko's scooter is a Vespa 180SS, and her guitar is a modified Rickenbacker 4001 bass.

    • Mamimi calls Naota by his real name during Haruko's speech about how she struck him with her vespa, however, it must be heard very carefully in order to tell.

    • In the preview for the next episode, "Fire Starter", the kitten that Mamimi saves is white, but in the actual episode the kitten is black.

    • Mamimi sees Canti through a camera and thinks he is a god from her game. There is a halo floating above his head with no string. However, when it shows Canti not in the camera view, he has a string.

    • When Haruko is about to crash into the Medical Mechanica factory, she is riding her vespa and black underwear is seen in plain sight. When she crashes and she is examined by the perverted cop, it shows a shadow showing there isn't any underwear.

    • When Haruko gets electrocuted, and you see her skeleton, you can see that she has a robotic skull.

    • This is the first time we see someone other than Naota doing "Furi Kuri. Ninamori does it after Naota reveals that she cheated in the polls to get the lead role in the school play.

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    Allusions (40)

    • This episode makes references to both MTV and Koolaid, though both in separate scenes.

    • In the scene where Haruko is performing CPR on Naota, a reference is made to The Matrix, in which the scene goes into slow motion and the camera rotates into a full 360 degrees.

    • Kamon: It's that tominoesque thing, saying it's Gundam but it's basically just another giant robot anime, right? This is a reference to the Gundam series created by Yoshiyuko Tomino, in which he expressed that it wasn't another giant robot anime but rather a realistic show about war and humanity, though he later admitted that it really was just another giant robot anime.

    • Kamon: Is it Naota’s Gundam Hammer? This is a reference to the series Mobile Suit Gundam.

    • When Haruko is in front of the train waiting for it to pass, her face changes and it looks similar to that of a fox's. This is a reference to the Kitsune of Japanese mythology, which are notorious pranksters.

    • Mamimi: Legs spread, shoulder width apart. This is a reference to Ashita no Joe, a popular Japanese manga about a boxer that was created in the 1960s. Mamimi mentions this when she is talking about baseball, despite the fact that it’s a boxing technique.

    • In this episode, when Canti's beating the rugs, Naota is talking to Haruko, he mentions how his dad wrote a whole book on EVA (or Evangelion).

    • At the beginning of the episode, where we first witness Naota's new horn, Haruko mentions Star Search, where average people turned familiar celebrities of today were recognized. (such as actor/comedian Martin Lawrence).

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