Football Night in America

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    music too much!

    By CathyConnor, Oct 11, 2015

    Why do you have to have the background music so loud? It drowns out the rather hear the stats and information than that stupid music ... tone it back or better yet get rid of it

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    Please get rid of Chris Collinsworth

    By StickDriver, Nov 20, 2013

    I have been watching pro football since I was 9 (1955) and there has never been (until tonight), a game I refused to watch because of the broadcaster. I really wanted to watch the game between the Broncos and the Chiefs but find myself filing instead and getting angry about the fact that I can't watch-maybe if I turn off the sound and get the radiocast.

    Even at his most irritating, Dennis Miller could be entertaining with his oblique references to pop culture. Collinsworth is mundane, predictable, and prejudiced (to whomever is winning at the moment {unless Dallas or the Bengals}), and has shown himself through his commentary to be a total punk. I still can't believe Phil Simms will sit in the same room with him after Collinsworth called Phil's son Chris a punk for not wanting to play while injured. I don't remember Collinsworth the beanpole going over the middle very often to look up a safety like Jack Tatum or Andre Waters.

    Give him a show on the knitting channel.moreless

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