Fraggle Rock

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Quotes (44)

  • Wembley: Hey Gobo, did Red fall this way? Whoa! (Falls over) Gobo: Yeah, sorta like that.

  • Uncle Matt: ...because it is a rock and Fraggles live there. Fraggles are a noble race: fearless, dignified, intellectual. They represent the very pinnacle of civilization and culture. A Fraggle is most assuredly the best of all possible creatures.

  • Boober: It's always exciting in Fraggle Rock. That's what's wrong with the place.

  • Boober: That walking stick protected me from ghosts, volcanoes, and dingy gray laundry. And now you broke it!

  • Gobo: Well, first up to get the mail, and now up to the Gorgs' garden. It's turning out to be a dangerous day. Wembley: Yeah, but we love it, right, Gobo? Gobo: Well, to tell you the truth, Wembley, sometimes I get sick of it. Wembley: Yeah, me too. Gobo: You sure do like to agree with a person. Wembley: Oh, I-I gotta agree with that.

  • Ma Gorg: Oh, what's the matter, your Majesty? Pa Gorg: What's the matter? I'm King of the Universe and nobody cares! Why won't anyone pay any heed? Junior Gorg: Well, if I had any heed I'd pay it to you, but I'm broke.

  • Gobo: This looks like a good magic stick, eh, Wembley? Wembley: It's okay with me if it's okay with you. Gobo: Oh boy, the Gorg's in the way. Shall we run for it? Wembley: It's okay with me if it's okay with you. Gobo: It would be hard to have an argument with you, Wembley.

  • Red: (In a fish costume) Red Fraggle, the amazing flying fish, will now execute the opening dive. Are you ready? Fraggles: Yeah! Red: Whoopee! (Lands on a rock) Wanna see it again? (Fraggles laughs)

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Notes (137)

  • Featured Songs: "Hip Hip Hooray", "Follow Me", "A Little Doozer Music", and "I Seen Troubles"

  • Featured Songs: "Here to There", "Recruiting Song (Heed the Drumbeat Now)", and "Fraggle Rock Rock"

  • This episode reveals that the Gorgs have never actually met anyone besides themselves.

  • Due to his personality of being indecisive and constantly agreeing with everyone, Wembley's name is derived from the Fraggle word 'wemble', which means "unable to make up one's mind".

  • Featured Songs: "Do It On My Own", "Pipe Bangers Theme", and "Please/See/Feel the Water Run"

  • Uncle Matt tells about the umbrellas.

  • Featured Songs: "Inny Minny Cow Cow", "Doozer Gong Music", "Without a Hat", "Pantry Chant", and "Lost and Found"

  • Featured Songs: "Workin'" and "The Fireman's Anthem"

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Trivia (17)

  • Red kisses Gobo on the cheek in this episode.

  • When Convincing John sings his first song, he mentions a Fraggle who becomes a "human being through and through." How could they know what humans are, since up to that point they've only been called "Silly Creatures?"

  • The character of Convincing John is performed by Jim Henson; the only other recurring character performed by him is Cantus the minstrel

  • Gobo is seen without his jacket for the first time.

  • Cantus the Minstrel is performed by Jim Henson.

  • Katherine Mullen, who performs the character of Mokey, also performed the character of Kira from the movie "The Dark Crystal", which was shown in the Traveling Matt segment of this episode.

  • This is the only episode where minstrels, Brool(the green haired minstrel who plays bass guitar) and Balsam (the turtle-like minstrel who plays congas) speak. They each sing a solo line in the song,"Music Makes Us Real". Brool speaks again when they hear the water dripping, Cantus tells Mokey to listen and Mokey asks,"Listen to what?" and Brool replies,"To the water sounds."

    Murray(the furry gray minstrel who plays guitar) always speaks in every episode and Brio(the glasses wearing minstrel who plays symbols) speaks in every episode except, "The Minstrels".

  • For this episode, Uncle Matt's postcard takes place at the Space Needle in Seattle.

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Allusions (8)

  • The family relationship between Traveling Matt and Gobo is uncle and nephew, respectively. This is much like Kermit the Frog and his nephew Robin from "The Muppet Show".

  • Doc gets a phone call from someone called Steve, an allusion to Muppet performer Steve Whitmire.

  • Gobo: After you, Major Disaster. This is a reference to the DC comics supervillain (later superhero) Major Disaster, who had the power to generate disasters with his mind.

  • The letter that Doc receives from someone named "Kermit" is an obvious reference to the most famous Muppet of all, Kermit the Frog.

  • The love potion the Trash Heap gives Wembley is called "Number Nine", in reference to "Love Potion Number Nine", a song by The Searchers.

  • The episode has many parallels (including the title) with the film "Marooned," which is about a desperate NASA effort to bring down a malfunctioning spacecraft before its crew's oxygen supply runs out.

  • The sound Gobo makes in this episode ("Woola woola woola!") is reminiscient of Fozzie the Bear's trademark "Wocka wocka wocka" sound.

  • When the Gorgs are discussing fairy tales, Pa mentions he likes one about a little girl in a red hood - referring, of course, to "Little Red Riding Hood".