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    Musical superheroes rock!

    By TriviaDude, Oct 25, 2006

    First off, I'm a sucker for music! There have been many other instances where superheroes (or any form of action team) had the guts playing music. You had...

    The Kid Super Power Hour (NBC 1981-82)

    GI Joe (see episode Cold Slither)

    The Flash (see episode Child's Play)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Coming Out of Our Shells stage show)

    But what started it all, The Impossibles! When the Impossibles weren't fighting off villians, they were the singing Impossibles (liked their 60's style music). They were the hottest H-B music trio until Josie, Valerie & Melody came along. If you saw the Way Outs episodes on the Flintstones, you might even say that they\'re Multi Man\'s prehistoric ancestors!moreless

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    Another classic Hanna - Barbera cartoon from the 1960's.

    By LostShield, Jun 27, 2006

    Another classic Hanna - Barbera cartoon from the 1960's. A scientist named Dr. Conroy develops a 30 foot tall robot that looked like Frankenstein's Monster. The robot would help the scientists young son Buzz whenever he got into trouble. Of course, he got into trouble every week, so he needed to call the robot. I think he had a special ring or something to call the robot. This was very similar to Jonny Quest and thos types of H B Shows. This one was about as good as any of their shows and of course was followed by contorversy over the violence.moreless

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    By YamataDragon, Jun 01, 2006

    Boring crap that is not enough to entertain a cochroach. **** this show is not enough to entertain anyone. It is stupid and pointless and not worth my time. They should never have aired this crap but they try to get it on the air so they can get a little bit of cash. But it is gone and that is all that matters.

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    Absoorbing for this 7-year-old when first released but now ...

    By pedroperfect, Feb 17, 2006

    Only the voice of Ted Cassidy (Lurch) as Frankenstein Jr gives this any interest nowadays.

    The late Mr Halliwell in his TV Companion described this as "witless". He's right - there's nothing to hold the attention of an adult. There are also large credibility gaps. Case in point: the Impossibles are fighting "Billy the Kidder" who attacks the boys with a cannon that appears from absolutely nowhere out in the desert. Definitely one of Hanna Barbera's lesser efforts (sad to say as it was a favorite of this writer and some of his companions at the time)Maybe worth a look for nostalgia purposes otherwise give it a miss.moreless

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    A nostalgic tear jerker for me! I never thought I would see this cartoon again, and then what happens? The Cartoon Network threw it out there for Babyboomers like me to reminice!

    By avengertom, Aug 28, 2005

    My nephew doesn't understand the attraction to this cartoon I have, but when I was his age it was the BOMB!! I recently aquired a great collection of this cartton and watched it alot, until I got it out of my system.I formed the "Bring back Frankenstien Jr. committee" for witch I had many members, all of wich I had to pay! But it was worth it! We made our voices heard to cable companys who did not have the Boomerang channel, witch carried the cartoon, to no avail! But we let them know the power of Frankenstien Jr.!!! Just short of terroristic threats, and threats of self harm if they didn't add the channel, The athorities, made me re-examine my approach! I'm sorry, I get carried away. Please forgive me. Anyway, This is a great cartoon, I highly recomend it for it's 1960's appeal, and the cool entertainment it provides!

    A boy genius who with his dads permission builds a superhero robot, and goes out with him to save all mankind from every evil threat there can be! Dangerous criminal masterminds, evil geniuses, alien marouders! KID POWER!!!!moreless

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