Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles

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Quotes (344)

  • Coil Man: I'll trouble you for that boy. (coils out and grabs the young Shah) The Bubbler: And I'll bubble him for it, bubble or nothing.

  • Fluid Man: Help, fellas. I'm in a puddle of trouble.

  • Shah: (to The Bubbler) You sir, are an unscrupulous buffoon! The Bubbler: Aw...Keep quiet!

  • Coil Man: Look! A monster! Fluid Man: Man, he's mean lookin' and I mean mean mean, man! Multi Man: Don't worry, go after the boy boys. I'll handle old paddy paws here.

  • Shah: (to The Bubbler) You sir, are a contemptible cur.

  • Shah: (to The Bubbler) You sir, are a sniveling snake.

  • Shah: (to The Bubbler) You sir, are a scandalous scoundrel.

  • Shah: (to The Bubbler) You sir, are a despicable cad!

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Notes (1)

  • When Big D calls in on the guitar, the bubbles produced each have a D in them.

Trivia (20)

  • In one scene, Coil Man's face is purple like his costume.

  • At one point, Coil Man's mask is light purple when it should be dark purple.

  • If The Impossibles are supposed to have secret identities, how come they signed their names on the autograph to their fans?

  • The parachute disappears when the dragon sub grabs the satellite.

  • When The Puzzler first squashes Coil Man, part of Coil Man's costume is flesh colored and it should be purple.

  • Frankenstein Jr. destroys the Junkzilla robot's left arm, but in the next scene the arm is like nothing ever happened to it.

  • How can Big D's picture cause bubbles underwater?

  • The older armored car guard's eyes and eyebrows disappear for a second.

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Allusions (1)

  • Titanic Sailor: Pyramid! Dead ahead, sir! The very same line was said in the movie Titanic to the captain "Iceberg! Dead ahead, sir!". Although this movie came out 40+years after this series.