Noggin (ended 2006)
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  • S 6 : Ep 17

    Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure

    Aired 12/20/06

  • S 6 : Ep 16

    Back to School With Franklin

    Aired 8/19/03

  • S 6 : Ep 15

    Franklin's Magic Christmas

    Aired 11/6/01

  • S 6 : Ep 14

    Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie

    Aired 10/17/00

  • S 6 : Ep 13

    Franklin Sees the Big Picture / Franklin Figure Skates

    Aired 6/26/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Richard Newman

    Mr. Turtle

  • Julie Lemieux

    Various (Uncredited)

  • Janet-Laine Green

    Narrator (Season 5+, Credited as Janet L-Greene)

  • Bryn McAuley

    Harriet Turtle (Season 5+, Specials)

  • Noah Reid

    Franklin Turtle (Seasons 1-5)

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  • show Description
  • Described by Doug Thomas of as "a little more hip than Little Bear and a little less talky than Arthur," Franklin is a delightful cartoon about Franklin Turtle, his family and his many friends. Although Franklin is a turtle, he's like any kid his age. He attends school, enjoys playing with his friends and likes to try new things on his own, although sometimes he still he needs some help from his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle. He has a goldfish named Goldie and a stuffed dog named Sam. There have been a few changes to Franklin throughout its run, including the introduction of a new opening sequence and the introduction of Franklin's baby sister. There were also a few cast and crew changes. However, the important things stayed the same. The program so far has aired six seasons, as well as a direct-to-video movie, Franklin and the Green Knight and two other direct-to-video releases. Additionally, a Franklin CD was released: Hey, It's Franklin, which contains the show theme song, music from Franklin and the Green Knight and music from the retired touring Franklin show, Franklin's Big Adventure. A number of Franklin television stories are also available as books, including some never broadcast on television. The show still continues today --- check the guide and further below for more details. Franklin is based on a series of books by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark and many episodes of the program are based directly on original Franklin stories. Others that were originally written for television were later released in book form. Franklin airs daily on Noggin cable/satellite. Noggin shows the program two times a day, including weekends. The showtimes are 11 A.M. and 5P.M. eastern time every day. Noggin seems to show episodes in no particular order, so check listings if you want to know what you're recording/watching. Check local listings for showtimes in your area. Also, check stores,, or your local library for videos and DVDs of classic episodes of Franklin. In Canada, Franklin is shown on Treehouse TV and perhaps still on CBC. Check listings for more details or if you live in another country, as the show airs elsewhere as well. On March 15, 2004, Noggin premiered the movie Franklin and the Green Knight on U.S. television. They then aired the fifth season of the program, which previously had aired only on Canada's Family Channel and more recently in other foreign markets. Airdates listed in the guide for the first four seasons reflect Nickelodeon airdates, airdates listed for the fifth season reflect Noggin airdates, although these episodes originally premiered several years earlier on Canada's Family Channel. Franklin's sixth season has aired on Treehouse TV and then repeated on the CBC. Special thanks to Jaden2 - her help has been invaluable in getting information on the sixth season up. For those in the United States, some episodes of the sixth season are now airing in repeats. The film Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure is also now available on DVD.moreless

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  • Quotes (1413)

    • The following quotes are from "Franklin Plays the Game".

    • Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could zip zippers and button buttons. But he couldn't kick a soccer ball straight and that was a problem because Franklin wanted to be the best player on his team.

    • Franklin: It's not that much fun. We haven't won one game.

    • Franklin: (using the words of the Narrator) I can count by twos and tie my shoes. I can zip zippers and .... um! Oops.

    • Beaver: Foul! Goose: Are you calling me a "fowl," Beaver? Beaver: No, not fowl like a bird, and not foul like stinky. The play is foul! Franklin: It means it's against the rules. Beaver: Yeah, silly. You can only touch the ball with your feet unless you're the goalkeeper. I thought everybody knew that. Goose: I knew that. But I keep forgetting. Beaver: That's okay, Goose. Just remember the most important thing. Goose: Yes, Beaver? Beaver: Always... give the ball to me.

    • Beaver: Just remember the most important thing. Goose: Yes, Beaver? Beaver: Always... give the ball to me.

    • Snail: Go Franklin, go Bear. This way, my favorite team can't lose.

    • Franklin: If only I had kicked straighter, I would have scored for sure. Beaver: As if.

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    Notes (227)

    • The personalities of many of the various characters are firmly in place in the premiere. Our star Franklin is an everyman turtle who is a friend to everyone. He's naturally outgoing and talkative, but can be shy or unsure at times. Also noteable is Beaver. She has a "valley-girl" pattern of speaking and a real mouth on her. She speaks her mind and likes to be best at everything, but is cute and has a charming personality, as well as the ability to be a good friend. Thus, despite her seeming flaws, she fits in well with her friends.

    • The only friend of Franklin's to ever get any known pet is Beaver. She got a hamster named Henry in the third-season premiere: "Franklin and His Night Friend / Franklin and the Two Henrys."

    • In "Franklin Wants a Pet," Mrs. Turtle tells Franklin that getting a pet is a really big decision and then launches into one of several mini-lectures throughout the series about how things cost money. Two points are of interest here. The first is that neither Mr. or Mrs. Turtle seem to have a regular job, given that they're never seen working on the show and both seem to be at home throughout the day. The second is that Franklin pulls out his piggybank with money, suggesting that he receives an allowance. This is confirmed later in the series. Exactly how much allowance he receives is never established in the series though.

    • "Franklin Wants a Pet" establishes that if Franklin falls over backwards on his shell, he can't get up without help - unless he's in the water.

    • In "Franklin Wants a Pet," Franklin tells Bear that he might be getting a pet, saying that it's a secret. Next, we see him talking with Beaver and she seems to know about it. Either he already told her, or Bear "blabbed" the secret to someone and the gossip-mill runs fast in Woodland.

    • Mr. Skunk's ice cream shop is shown for the first time in "Franklin Plays the Game," although we don't know that it's his yet.

    • In "Franklin Plays the Game," Goose's position as goalie is established, such that in the DVD "Back to School With Franklin," the idea of playing "out" is something new.

    • In the "Franklin Plays the Game," a calendar featuring a picture of a pie is shown in the Turtle family kitchen. In future stories, the picture stays the same, as if the month on the calendar is never changed.

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    Trivia (57)

    • In "Franklin Wants a Pet," Franklin states that he'd take care of any pet that he got and take it to the vet if it got sick. Traditionally, though, veterinarians are not equipped to treat goldfish. If the goldfish becomes ill, there's really little that can be done for it. Nevertheless, Franklin's fish, Goldie, has lasted throughout the series.

    • In "Franklin Plays the Game," after Goose catches the soccer ball with her feathers, Beaver grumbles, "You can only touch the ball with your feet unless you're the goalkeeper. I thought everybody knew that." That isn't really true, since you can touch it with any part other than hands/feathers, so long as you're not the goalkeeper. She even seems to know this later, when she talks about "great headers."

    • In "Franklin Goes to School," Franklin stays outside of the school after all his friends go in and then finds Snail hiding behind a bush. This is very, very strange, because apparently then, Snail did not take the bus to school. He certainly wasn't seen with anyone on the bus and normally, somebody carries him. Yet, in "Franklin and the Secret Club," Snail says that it would take him a week to walk to school if he ever missed the bus. Given how slow Snail moves, this might not be much of an exaggeration.

    • As Franklin is boarding the bus in "Franklin Goes to School," somebody off-screen tells Beaver to give something of theirs back and announces Franklin's arrival. Close-captioning on the DVD "8 Favorite Turtle Tales" credits the lines to "Girl," but it sounds like it's Bear saying them, or maybe Rabbit.

    • The usual Narrator's introduction in "Franklin Goes to School" talks about how Franklin could count by twos, but when he's writing on the blackboard at school, he can't even seem to remember what number comes after seven.

    • In "Franklin Rides a Bike," Bear says that he's good at soccer, hockey and football. The football is questionable, considering that never in any story in the series have the characters been shown playing football. This would have to be American football, since the kids are always seen playing American soccer and call it "soccer."

    • When Franklin goes to Bear's house in "Franklin's Blanket," Bear's clock reads 4 P.M. Yet Franklin seemed to leave for Bear's first thing in the morning. Either there was a large un-indicated time lapse, or Bear's clock is broken. It certainly appears to be, given that the hands don't move any.

    • Squirrel's presence in this episode is odd. He's not normally a part of Franklin's class and in the third season episode "Big Brother Franklin," everyone acts as if they've never seen him before. Porcupine's presence is even more bizarre. She has never been seen before and as the sixth season, has never been seen again.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Franklin says in this episode that he likes the idea of being a big brother. This will not be the last time he plays pretend in this role before finally becoming one in actuality in Franklin and hte Green Knight.

    • The name of the hockey player Bill Buffalo is a clever twist on Buffalo Bill (William Frederick Cody), who was famous for his "Wild West Show" in the 1800s.

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